True Love February Teasers 2019 Glow Tv


True Love February Teasers 2019 Glow Tv

Raghuvendra and Tapasya are worried Meanwhile Ichha is horrified by Avinash read complete True Love February Teasers 2019 below.

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Friday 01 February 2019 

Episode 657

When Damini asks Ichha how could she remove her wedding chain. Ichha shows her the chain which is hidden. Ichha assures Damini that she has to do it so that she can appear before Avinash’s master.

Episode 658

Tapasya is heart broken and furious over Raghuvendra and thinks he is keeping her baby away. Raghuvendra tells her that he didn’t find the baby at underpriviledged home.

Monday 04 February 2019

Episode 659

Sumitra is throwing tantrums at Raghuvendra’s home because she wants to know the whereabouts of Tapasya. Raghuvendra tells Divya that Tapasya should have gone back to Thakur house.

Episode 660

At Avinash’s house, Ichha is going through some books, when she finds a picture of Avinash along with his elders. Ichha is stunned when Kaka tells her that the man in the picture is Avinash.

Tuesday 05 February 2019

Episode 661

Ichha is happy to sees a boy named Kanha who is making Kaka run around, refusing to drink milk. It’s a mystery to Ichha when Avinash appears and tells Kanha with a stern voice to drink the milk.

Episode 662

Raghuvendra complains to God that why isn’t he able to find his daughter. Tapasya is worried and accepts that leaving the baby with an unknown person was a big mistake.

Wednesday 06 February 2019

Episode 663

Ichha insist on going to find her daughter but Raghuvendra tells her that tomorrow he would take her to search for their child. Raghuvendra also tells Tapasya that Divya and Sumitra were there.

Episode 664

Ichha is horrified when Avinash gets angry with Kaka regarding Daadu’s health. Avinash warns Kaka that Daadu shouldn’t get well and should only get out of the bed as a dead man.

Thursday 14 February 2019

Episode 665

Tapasya tells Raghuvendra that she wants to marry him right now. Raghuvendra tells her that they will go to Thakur house and convince Tapasya’s parents to accept them.

Episode 666

Raghuvendra meets Jogi and tells him that Tapasya is about to start a new life and that Jogi should bless them. Jogi makes it clear to Raghuvendra that Tapasya has spoiled Ichha’s life.

Friday 15 February 2019 

Episode 667

As Raghuvendra goes out of his house, Sumitra secretly enters his house and meets Tapasya, she tells Tapasya to quickly move out with him before Raghuvendra comes back.

Episode 668

Madhura, Veer’s assistant, asks him about fire in the cabin and he answers her that even he doesn’t know how the cabin caught fire. Veer wants to drop Madhura home but she insists otherwise.

Monday 18 February 2019

Episode 669

Raghuvendra keeps staring at Veer because he is the guy who had despised Tapasya. Damini tells Ichha that she met Daadu and he has told her to stay for a few more days to look after Kanha

Episode 670

Ichha is happy to care about the new found baby and Damini is supporting her. Ichha starts feeling drowsy and Damini blames Ichha that she is not taking care of her health.

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Episode 671

Ichha comes to know that she is pregnant with Veer’s child but she is confused whether to give the news to Veer or not. She thinks that he must be happy with Tapasya’s child.

Episode 672

Raghuvendra brings Sumitra so that she could meet Tapasya. Tapasya doesn’t answer the question, whether Sumitra is responsible for everything wrong that has happened in Tapasya’s life.

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Episode 673

Damini calls up Veer to tell him that Ichha is pregnant, but he is not able to answer her. Veer dials back the same number from which Damini had called but he is unable to talk to her.

Episode 674

Raghuvendra gives an advertisement in all the newspapers about the lost baby. He informs Tapasya that they are unable to trace their child. Raghuvendra tells Tapasya that he is not going to lose hope.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Episode 675

Avinash is back in his house but nobody comes to his service. A servant comes and Avinash catches him by his throat so that he should reveal the whereabouts of Kaka and Ichha.

Episode 676

Veer remembers what Ichha had told him, that our mind is trying to tell us something but we don’t listen to it. Veer is feeling good about himself which means that he will get back Ichha soon.

Friday 22 February 2019 

Episode 677

Tapasya is getting ready for the marriage and Raghuvendra enters her makeup room. He tells her he doesn’t believe in omens, and that it was important for him to talk to her.

Episode 678

Veer gets a call and he prepares to go out. Sumitra is worried that Tapasya is still not back for the marriage ceremony. Damini accidentally meets Divya and gets surprised.
Monday 25 February 2019

Episode 679

Tapasya blames Veer for loosing her baby. Veer questions her presence there when she should be at the wedding. After more accusations by Tapasya, Veer goes away.

Episode 680

As a marriage ritual, Raghuvendra applies vermilion on Tapasya’s forehead. She remembers Veer saying that atleast the new man in her life would bring in some stability.
Tuesday 26 February 2019

Episode 681

Jogi observes Damini through his car’s rear view mirror and gets surprised seeing her standing on the road. She avoids him and tries getting away but Jogi follows her.

Episode 682

Ichha is making Kanha recite a prayer when Damini enters and shows her the apology letter printed in the newspaper. Ichha is unable to decide if she should meet Veer or not.

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Episode 683

Ichha drops her file at the cafe and attracts Avinash’s attention who then chases her out of the cafe but she hides behind a wall. Veer walks into the cafe as he is eager to meet Ichha.

Episode 684

Back in Bundela house, Gunwanti is busy with preparations for welcoming Ichha, she tells Chanda that she will ask for forgiveness from Ichha. Baldev Singh walks in and joins them.
Thursday 28 February 2019

Episode 685

Tapasya is happy to show Sumitra some new designer sarees by her favourite designer. Sumitra is not interested. Sumitra cautions Tapasya to keep a watch on Raghuvendra.

Episode 686

Veer has decided to leave the country and Gunwanti, Umed and Baldev Singh are seeing him off. Veer is about to leave when he hears Ichha callling him and for a moment he is unable to believe it. Read on March Teasers on True Love 2019 Glow Tv


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