Thursday Update True Love 10th January 2019


Thursday Update True Love 10th January 2019

Saanchi telling the lady inspector Gouri about Veer molesting her and how he should b hanged till death for this crime ;Inspector Gouri then rudely asks Veer about why he did all this and how he ended up in this Saanchi’s room in a drunk state on which Veer in a half-unconscious state tries to explain the inspector about how he is trapped by Saanchi but the inspector does not believe his words and tells him that she will make sure he pays hard for this crime as she knows how to deal with rich spoilt brats like him …

Veer is handcuffed and brought downstairs when Daddaji and Umed r shocked to see Veer arrested ; Umed sees that Saanchi too is coming downstairs along with the inspector and so Umed guess that its all done by her and so he goes to Saanchi and asks her why she did all this when Veer always treated her like his younger sister ;Saanchi still continues with her fake crying act in front of everyone .. Media surrounds Veer and questions him about why he did all this and what r the reactions of his first and second wife on his latest rasleela ;Veer is not in a condition to say anything as he is still not fully conscious and so the police takes him away ;Umed too is asked questions by the media but he ignores it and goes behind the police …

 At Bundela house,Divya is consoling a worried Tappu and asking her to sleep but Tappu keeps showing her worries for Veer .. In the police station Veer in the lock-up is given third degree treatment by the police and asked about why he did all that with Saanchi but poor Veer in half-unconscious statement is not able to say anything ;Veer keeps remembering Ichha and a sad background song is played here .. Umed is still in police station trying to release Veer out of this mess when Ichha calls him up and asks him about Veer when Umed lies to Ichha that they r still searching for Veer and as soon as they come to know about his whereabout,they will inform her ;After putting down the phone ,Ichha still looks very much worried about Veer whereas Satya is shown coming to the police station.

Umed and Dadaji come to bail Veer out, but Gauri refuses to sign the papers. Satya comes there and after asking Gauri to make sure that the rich pay for their crimes this time, leaves with Sanchi. They call up Ichcha and when she questions him abt Veer’s whereabouts, he tells her to turn on the TV. On the TV, they show the scene w/ Veer and the reporters. Dadaji-Umed walk in and Ichcha breaks down. Taps asks if they can get bail, but Umed says they have already tried everything and nothing can be done till tomorrow. In jail, Veer remembers Ichcha and all the times she warned him against Satya.