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Tuesday 1 January 2019

Episode 617

Inspector Gauri enters the crime scene. Sanchi is sitting on the floor and crying, Veer is lying on the bed half concious and Gauri warns Veer that she will bring the rich brats like him to justice.

Episode 618

Gauri grills Veer and asks him to reveals everything that took place in the hotel room. Veer tells her that, Satya and Sanchi wants to avenge an old incident.

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Episode 619

Tapasya tells Ichha that Veer was given a date rape drug due to which he is not able to remember anything. She insists to go to the police station, but Ichha stops her.

Episode 620

Raghuvendra tells Tapasya that it’s impossible to save Veer from the rape charges against him. On Tapasya’s insistance. Raghuvendra agrees to do whatever he can to free Veer.

Thursday 3 January 2019

Episode 621

Ichha cries her heart out remembering the lovely moments that she had spent in the house with Veer. She particularly remembers the love and care between her and Veer.

Episode 622

Raghuvendra shows Daija all the decoration done for his marriage and she appreciates it. He dances along with the guest. Daija is puzzled that Tapasya is pregnant but welcomes her anyways.

Friday 4 January 2019 

Episode 623

Raghuvendra gets ready to bring her bride, Tapasya from her house. Raghuvendra enters Veer’s home with all his wedding guests but Umed is pleading with them that there’s no bride in the house.

Episode 624

Raghuvendra’s entry in Bundela House surprises everyone. Sumitra shouts at Raghuvendra, how can he say he has come to take the bride when they don’t even know who he is.

Monday 7 January 2019

Episode 625

Ichha suggests Tapasya that she should marry Raghuvendra as she thinks that he cares not only for her unborn baby but also for her. Ichha tells Tapasya that Veer doesn’t love her.

Episode 626

Raghuvendra is back in his house depressed but not defeated, Daija asks him if his would be wife, Tapasya, will love him. When Sumitra questions Tapasya about Raghuvendra she ignores her.

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Episode 627

Inspector Gauri is not ready to free Veer till he confesses. Raghuvendra enters the police station and tells Gauri that Veer is not a criminal untill his crime is not proved.

Episode 628

Veer is back in his house and everyone is very happy for him especially Ichha and Tapasya. Gunwanti says they don’t have anything to do with Satya and Sanchi.

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Episode 629

Veer remembers the time spent in jail and all the nightmare that he had to go through. Veer tells Ichha that when he was inside the prison he felt that he is losing hope, Ichha gives him some hope.

Episode 630

Ichha tells Tapasya that she cannot give her more time and has to tell the family members the truth. Tapasya replies that Veer has just returned and she needs more time to inform him.

Thursday 10 January 2019

Episode 631

Divya is crying profusely before Tapsya and telling her that whatever Ichha has achieved today is all because of Tapasya. Tapasya tells her that Veer is caring for her and taking more care.

Episode 632

Divya is crying inconsolably before Jogi as she thinks that even after the baby is born Tapasya won’t have anything. Jogi replies that he was already opposed to the idea of sending Tapasya back.

Friday 11 January 2019 

Episode 633

Tapasya tells Ichha that since they have agreed to share the new born baby’s love they can share the husbands love too. Veer asks Tapasya if somethings wrong between her and Ichha.

Episode 634

Gunwanti is worried that her bangles are nowhere to be found but Umed assures her that she needn’t worry as she will find it. Jogi asks for forgiveness from Damini for ill treating her.

Monday 14 January 2019

Episode 635

Looking at Veer’s curiosity about the unborn baby, Ichha asks herself how’d Veer react when he’d come to know that the baby is not his. Gunwanti thinks the baby is Vansh coming back.

Episode 636

Veer and Tapasya are travelling in the car, Tapasya feels thirsty but as there is no water, Veer stops to get some water. Tapasya removes the ignition fuse making Veer to spend more time with her.

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Episode 637

Veer assures Tapasya about their friendship. Raghu overhears the conversation but Tapasya affirms that she loves Veer. Ichha wants Tapasya to reveal the truth to Veer but Tapasya doesn’t agree.

Episode 638

Tapasya puts a point that she is open about her opinions, but that Ichha has double standards. Ichha clears her doubt that a marriage is not a child’s play.

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Episode 639

Sumitra blames Damini for Ichha’s upbringing but Ichha points that Sumitra should not be talking about upbringing. Ichha declares to the family members that the child is not Veer’s.

Episode 640

It’s unbearable for Veer to listen everyone discussing his impotency. When Veer talks to Ichha in his room he is just not ready to accept the fact that he can’t become a father.

Thursday 17 January 2019

Episode 641

Ichha tells Tapasya that she doesn’t love anyone as she is only worried about her secret. Tapasya replies that everyone has seen her fake true love and everything will be clear soon.

Episode 642

Sumitra is very happy that Veer’s medical test is out and now its clear Veer is able to become a father. Tapasya expresses her joy at the news that Veer is able to become a father.

Friday 18 January 2019 

Episode 643

Veer tells Ichha that he was insulted infront of everyone and so she should ask for forgiveness but Ichha is hesitant. Veer is surprised that Ichha for the first time is not listening to him.

Episode 644

Ichha is shatttered from within that she is proven wrong infront of everyone and even Veer does not agree with her. In the hospital Veer brings a gift for Tapasya as a present to congratulate her.

Monday 21 January 2019

Episode 645

Chanda comes and tells everyone that Ichha is not in her room, everyone decides that they will not go and call her back. Divya comes to know Damini has left the house too.

Episode 646

Both Ichha and Damini set out to lead a new life. Divya has got a lot of toys for Tapasya’s child. Jogi calls and congratulates Tapasya and asks if the child is alright.

Tuesday 22 January 2019

Episode 647

Tapasya questions Veer about his worries and hands over the baby to him. Veer makes an excuse to leave but Tapasya makes him agree to come with her to the temple.

Episode 648

Veer declares that he wants to go for the DNA test. Sumitra becomes furious and tells Gunwanti that she will not tolerate anymore of her or Tapasya’s insult.

Monday 28 January 2019

Episode 649

Raghuvendra is furious that he is unable to get his daughter and Tapasya in his house. Raghuvendra tells Tapasya that Veer didn’t react when he pointed that he is the father of her child.

Episode 650

Ichha reminisces her childhood memories and tells Damini that as a child she was so naïve. Ichha asks Damini why she had packed her bags and was out of Jogi’s house when she came to meet her.

Tuesday 29 January 2019

Episode 651

Shattered by Veer’s reaction, Tapasya leaves her baby in an underprivileged home and goes to meet Raghuvendra. Tapasya asks Raghuvendra to accept her without her new born child and he agrees.

Episode 652

Chanda laments at the fact that Veer has thrown Tapasya out of the house. She thinks that Veer has been influenced by Raghuvendra. Gunwanti is worried about Baldev Singh’s reaction.

Wednesday 30 January 2019 

Episode 653

Ichha hears the sound of a crying baby and goes out into the rains to look for the baby. She finds a baby in the field. Seeing that no one is responding to her she keeps cajoling the baby.

Episode 654

Divya is crying her heart out, worried about Tapasya and her whereabouts in such heavy rain. Jogi reminds her that one day she’d mourn the fact that Ichha’s life got destroyed due to Tapasya.

Thursday 31 January 2019

Episode 655

Jogi thinks about Tapasya and her baby, he cannot forgive Tapasya but at the same time he also feels for her baby. Jogi feels that its no fault of the baby and decides to first search for the baby.

Episode 656

Avinash brings Ichha and Damini along with he baby to his master’s house. He asks Ichha to appear infront of his master without the wedding chain. Damini feels they should leave the house. Read next on True Love February Teasers 2019 Glow Tv

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