This is Love February Teasers 2019 Glow Tv


This is Love February Teasers 2019 Glow Tv

Mani’s Murder, Ishita To Prove Raman’s Innocence read complete teasers for This is Love February Teasers 2019 Glow Tv

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This is Love February Teasers 2019 Glow Tv

Friday 01 February 2019

Episode 1197

Raman gets angry with Aditya for misbehaving with Santosh and asks him to apologise to her. Ishita scolds Aliya for her behaviour.

Episode 1198

Raman and Aditya’s argument leads to Raman slapping him in front of the family. An upset Aditya decides to start his own business.

Monday 04 February 2019

Episode 1199

Aditya is desperate to learn about Raman’s business partner, Kiran’s background. Santosh wants Ishita to impress Raman.

Episode 1200

Shagun plans to organise a party while Raman spends some time with his client, Kiran. How will Aditya react on meeting them?

Tuesday 05 February 2019

Episode 1201

The police arrest Santosh, Madhvi and Ishita for drinking and creating a scene at the hotel. Will Raman come to their rescue?

Episode 1202

The investors cancel the business contract with Raman learning about Ishita’s drunken behaviour!

Wednesday 06 February 2019

Episode 1203

ditya brings gifts for the Bhallas and invites everyone to the launch of his maiden business venture.

Episode 1204

Aditya throws a success party. Raman gets upset on seeing Taneja and Roy. Aditya and Aliya mesmerise everyone with their dance performance.

Thursday 07 February 2019

Episode 1205

Aditya snubs Raman in his speech and praises Tanuja and Roy. What’s on Aditya’s mind?

Episode 1206

Raman and Shagun argue over Aditya. Ishita decides to send Adi and Aliya on their honeymoon.

Friday 08 February 2019

Episode 1207

Bala warns Kiran to stay away from Raman. Aditya and Aliya leave for their honeymoon trip.

Episode 1208

Aliya meets her college friend, Nikhil and the two spend some time together. Aditya doesn’t like being ignored by her.

Monday 11 February 2019

Episode 1209

Aditya plans to get rid of Nikhil to spend time with Aliya. Riya locks Pihu up in the school while Ishita and Ruhi look for her.

Episode 1210

Kiran and Raman try to clear Ishita’s misunderstanding about them. Aditya lashes out at Aliya for spending time with Nikhil.

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Episode 1211

Aditya, Aliya spend a romantic evening. But she serves him seafood, unaware that he is allergic to it!

Episode 1212

Aliya warns Nikhil for making fun of Aditya who suffers from an allergy. Santosh and Madhvi set out to expose Shagun during the award ceremony.

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Episode 1213

Raman is angry with Santosh for exposing Shagun, while Shagun lashes out at Ishita for conspiring against her. Aditya is disappointed with Aliya.

Episode 1214

Raman aims to build Bala and Kiran’s bond but Ishita hesitates. Aditya feels dejected as Aliya goes missing!

Thursday 14 February 2019

Episode 1215

Mani thrashes Aditya for slapping Aliya and hits Raman! Is this the end of their relationship?

Episode 1216

Nikhil and Aliya accuse Raman of killing Mani and get him arrested. Is he guilty? Who is the real murderer?

Friday 15 February 2019 

Episode 1217

The Bhalla family is traumatised to learn about Mani’s murder and Shagun’s disappearance. Where is Shagun?

Episode 1218

As Shagun is the only eyewitness of the mishap, Ishita decides to look for her to prove Raman’s innocence. Will she succeed?

Monday 18 February 2019

Episode 1219

Aditya and Bala find Shagun admitted to a hospital with a severe head injury. Will she survive?

Episode 1220

Shagun undergoes treatment after she fails to regain her memory, while Ishita struggles to free Raman from jail.

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Episode 1221

Shagun is stuck in the past, while Raman and Ishita strive to revive her memory. Aliya confronts the Bhallas.

Episode 1222

Ishita convinces Aliya to stay back at her house. On learning about Shagun’s memory loss, Ashok visits the house with a marriage proposal. How will Ishita and Raman handle him?

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Episode 1223

Shagun vents out her anger on Santosh. Worried about Shagun, Ishita and Raman consult a doctor.

Episode 1224

Ashok misleads Shagun after learning that she is mentally unstable, and blackmails Raman. Ishita strives to keep Ashok away from Shagun.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Episode 1225

Ashok warns Ishita, while she challenges him. He keeps an eye on Raman and Ishita and misleads Shagun. Bala is eager to find out Ashok’s secret.

Episode 1226

Aliya, Ishita and Madhavi plan to revive Shagun’s memory. Ashok misleads Shagun about Raman and Ishita. Why Ishita visited Mani’s house?

Friday 22 February 2019

Episode 1227

While Ishita and Raman try to remind Shagun of her past, Ashok uses Ishita’s plan against them. What is he up to?

Episode 1228

Shagun suspects Ishita and Raman’s activities and follows them till Mani’s office. Will Shagun recall her past?

Monday 25 February 2019

Episode 1229

Raman and Ishita worry when Shagun recalls Mani. Later, what makes Roshni slap Ashok?

Episode 1230

The police interrogate Raman and Ishita about Banwari Lal’s murder. Meanwhile, what is Aditya trying to hide and why does Shagun panic on seeing him?

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Episode 1231

Raman gets furious at Ashok for accusing Aditya of murdering Mani, while Ishita strives to find the killer. Nikhil builds his bond with Ruhi.

Episode 1232

Shagun’s condition turns critical after bitten by a snake set free at the Bhalla house. Will she survive?

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Episode 1233

Inspector Vijay takes Raman into his custody in order to keep him safe from his enemies. Things turn awry when Aditya accuses Ruhi of murdering Mani.

Episode 1234

Aditya and Ruhi tell Ishita what they saw on the night of Mani’s murder. Ishita is shocked on learning the same.

Thursday 28 February 2019

Episode 1235

Ishita gathers trivial information about Mani’s murder while Shagun undergoes hypnotherapy treatment. Will she be able to prove to Inspector Vijay that Raman is innocent?

Episode 1236

Nikhil takes care of an intoxicated Ruhi. Shagun confronts Roshni but Ishita brings the situation under control. Ashok fakes his love for Shagun.

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