11th January Friday Update On Young Love


11th January Friday Update On Young Love

All ladies in haveli are packing gifts for anandi. Ds was packing more n more stuffs for shiv and anandi. Sumi n ganga are smiling. Jagiya came down. He waited for bhairon so that they can go. At that time ds got bhairon’s call that he was stuck there n cant came soon. He asked jagiya to go.jagiya wonders who will go to anandi’s home. All wonder too. Jagiya saw their dull faces so he agreed to go there to give gifts but won’t stay longer. He went. Ds said once basant n gehena will go to jaipur then they will go to temple to pray for them.

At KB, All things are ready. Anandi went to pray to god. Dadu asked shiv to have tea as anandi will take time to pray. Shiv said he wanted to pray to. Anandi prays that the moments with shiv will be the sagun of her life. She prayed to keep everything fine there. Shiv stood behind n prayed that to give strength to anandi to bear the cold climate in kashmir. Anandi understood the joke n said god shud give him strength to bear the “baraf gola” which she will throw. Shiv said he will be lost somewhere that she wont able to throw. Anandi smiles and said shiv can’t go away from her. He will return to her anyhow.

Ganga was playing with mannu in haveli. At that time her MIL n FIL(ratan’s parents) came there. Ganga stunned to see them as they are in jail. Her MIL started shouting at her saying harsh words that for her ill fate they are facing all things. But they are on bail. Padma got bail too but only rattan is still in jail. Now ganga will help. When ganga refused. Her FIL took mannu and both threatened her to get rattan out of jail. Ganga tried to get her baby. Her MIL stopped. At that time, DS n sumi came from outside. Both her inlaws changed colors n gave baby n started to beg for forgiveness. Her MIL begged sumi n DS too by saying they craved to see mannu that’s y they came here. Ganga got angry n said they are doing drama.

Her MIL said her motherly love is not fake but they want their grandson n if ganag wants then she can leave in BH. Ganga refused straightly. Her FIL said rattan is repenting , he wants to say sorry to ganga n wants to see mannu once. Ganga didn’t believe. Sumi asked ganga to think again once. As they are saying sorry, so she can give them a chance.
Ganga told sum not to trust them as they are doing drama. They don’t have any kindness inside them. Ds said due to the bitter past she can’t believe them. She wants to get separated from rattan then she can help to get their son back to them. She has her mannu then she can give rattan to them too. Her inlaws beg again. Ganga stunned.

Ganga’s saas-sasur continue their drama. They say if you want to get married again, then you can.. but give another chance to him. Ganga says never… I had to go through so much pain because of him. I will never be able to forgive that animal. Don’t act in front of these good people. Ganga’s saas now threatens her and says you know very well what we can do. Dadisa tells her, I won’t see anyone threatening anyone in my house. Bhairo comes and says, do whatever you can.. as long as we are with Ganga.. no one can do anything. If Ganga doesn’t want to forgive Ratan Sing, then no one can force her. Ganga’s saas says, he is my grandson.. and no one can take away this right from us. Dadisa says, thanks for showing your true color and stopping me from doing the wrong thing.. Bhairo asks them to leave otherwise he will have to call police. Ganga’s saas again threatens her saying we are going now.. but we will see you some other time.

Ganga apologizes Dadisa for all this drama in their house. She says, they understand this language only.. what else could I do. She tells them everything that happened when she was alone in the house. They said Ganga if she doesn’t take Ratan out of the jail, then she will lose Manu. Ganga tells everyone if it was just about Ratan, then she would bail him out.. but it’s not like that.. if Ratan comes out of the jail, then he will again separate her from Manu. Dadisa says females need to learn from Ganga how to fight for themselves. Jagya’s mother apologizes to Ganga for listening to those people. Ganga says you’re human being so you got in their talk.. I am very thankful to you all for allowing me to stay here.

Shiv and Anandi are leaving for Kashmir. shiv’s father tell them to call straight away when they reach Delhi. Anandi realizes that she never called Dadisa and said her that they are going Kashmir. Shiv says, we will call them after reaching Kashmir.. they will also get surprise. Other hand, Jagya enters Udhaipur and wonders if Anandi got used to this place or no. Their cars pass each other, but don’t see each other.

After checkup of Basant’s wife.. doctor tells something to Basant (they don’t tell us what it is right now) and they get worried.

Sanchi is in a cafe with her friends. Some guys are watching her. They flirt with her. Sanchi’s friends tell her to go somewhere else. Sanchi says, leave it.. these people just know how to bark.. they won’t bite. A guy gets up and goes to her. He says, want me to show you if I can bite or no? Sanchi says, don’t even try to threaten me. have seen many like you.. leave from here, else.. Guy holds her hand and says, otherwise what? What will you do? Sanchi asks him to leave her hand.. Jagya comes and asks the guy ,don’t you know simple hindi? She said leave her hand and go away.. He holds his tightly and takes it off Sanchi’s hand and then pushes the guy.

Sanchi then asks Jagya how he’s here. Jagya says there is exhibition here. They are having a conversation and guys who were flirting Sanchi watch them. Sanchi says, you came here and didn’t even tell us? How would you feel if I came to your place and left without meeting you. Jagya says, I was going to come in night.. everyone gave gifts for you. Sanchi says, so if they didn’t give gifts, then you wouldn’t come, right? Jagya says no it’s not like that. Sanchi says in her mind, Jagya talks so sweet and seems like he doesn’t know that Anandi is not her in Udhaipur.. She decides not to tell him either otherwise he may not go to her house. Sanchi’s friends are smiling.. they introduce themselves to Jagya. Sanchi says, if you are done with hello hi.. then can we leave? I am taking him to our house now.

One of her friends whisper to her, so he is your Mr. Perfect? Sanchi takes Jagya’s hand in her and says let’s go. Jagya says, but all gifts are in hotel.. I said am coming in night na.. Sanchi says, no.. we are going right now only. We will first take gifts from the hotel and then go to home. They come to hotel room. Sanchi is telling Jagya about her routine. She sees gifts and asks, what is this? Jagya says, I said na.. gifts. Sanchi says, yes.. but you didn’t say its for whole Udhaipur. They smile. Jagya says, let me pack everything.. then we will leave. Sanchi says, let me help you out.. Jagya’s slippers come in her way and she is about to fall down, but Jagya catches her. He apologizes her and says, I should have put slippers away. Sanchi says, no mistake is mine.. I should have seen them. She says they will go in her car instead Jagya’s. Jagya jokes with her saying, I hope you’re a good driver. Sanchi says, if we reach home in one piece then you can call me a good driver. They leave.

Shiv and Anandi are in Delhi in a taxi. Anandi asks if there is any mela seeing so much crowd. Driver says, there is mela whole year. Anandi sees chole bhature stall and says she wants to eat them now. Shiv says we will eat when we are returning.. Anandi says, no I want to eat right now. Driver says, let her eat.. it will only take 5 mins. They come out of the car. Anandi eats and Shiv watches her and smiles. Anandi says, I never ate such tasty chote bhature. Shiv smiles.