This is Love Teasers October 2018 Glow Tv

This is Love Teasers October 2018 Glow Tv

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Monday 1  October 2018

Ruhi invites Suhail to lohri celebration without informing Ishita or Raman. Aaliya rejects the gift of bangle given to her in order to avoid doing puja with Adi.

Ishita sees Suhail removing his disguise and feels something is wrong. Shagun threatens to tell Mani about Adi and Aaliya’s breakup if Aaliya doesn’t help her regain closeness with Mani.

Tuesday 2 October 2018
Ishita trails Suhail to the police station but could not go in without permission. Abhishek and Raman couldn’t find anyone at the flat. Suhail is talking to someone.. Ishita tries to find out who.
Ishita collides with Suhail and is shocked to see Niddhi. If Suhail is connected to Niddhi then he is a risk to Ruhi.
Wednesday, 3 October 2018
Simmi finds permeet in a hotel room with a waitress. Abhishek finds out that Suhail is Niddhi’s younger brother.
Ishita goes to meet Niddhi in jail where Niddhi confesses her plans to make sure Ruhi falls madly in live with Suhail and ends up in jail.
Thursday,4  October 2018
Shagun and Mani confronts Vikram but he jumps out of the window before they could get anything from him. Pihu tells everyone how she saw Suhail killing a man sometime ago.
Inspector Abhishek tortures Sohail and grills him about the murder. Meanwhile, Ishita slaps Ruhi for trying to kill herself. Will Sohail confess to his actions?
Friday,5 October 2018
Pihu testifies against Sohail in the court, but Ruhi shocks the Bhallas by testifying in Sohail’s favour! What will Raman and Ishita do now?
The Bhallas are shattered when the judge sends Ruhi to the juvenile remand home. Later, Omprakash slaps Raman when he blames Ishita for Ruhi’s imprisonment.
Monday 8  October 2018
Aditya asks Ishita to get Ruhi out of the remand home. Meanwhile, Inspector Abhishek asks Ruhi to reveal the truth, but she refuses.
Ruhi signs a letter when Sohail visits her at the remand home. Inspector Abhishek tells Raman and Ishita that Ruhi has signed a letter to appeal for a fast-track judgement.
Tuesday 9 October 2018
Raman and Ishita are shocked when Ruhi refuses to meet them. Meanwhile, Param assures Raman to help Ruhi get out of the remand home.
Param shares a plan with Raman and Romi to free Ruhi from remand. Raman finds Sohail’s blackmail letter in Ruhi’s cell and assures to get her out.
Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Raman threatens to shoot himself when ACP Abhishek checks Raka’s truck. However, a shock awaits him when ACP Abhishek opens a trunk placed inside the truck!
Omprakash pulls up Raman for insulting Ishita. Meanwhile, Ishita and Shagun threaten to kill Nidhi and ask Sohail to write the confession letter.
Thursday,11 October 2018
The Bhallas are surprised when Ruhi returns home, while Inspector Abhishek informs Raman that Sohail has confessed to his crime.
Raman refuses to apologise to Ishita. Santosh scolds Ishita when Omprakash and Romi decide to leave the house with her. Will Ishita change her decision?
Friday,12 October 2018
Aditya tells Aliya that Ishita has left the house with Ruhi and Pihu. Later, Raman confesses his love to Ishita.
The doctor informs Mani about Shagun’s pregnancy. Later, Omprakash slaps a drunk Raman when he tries to take Ishita with him.
Monday 15  October 2018
Pihu gets injured while trying to save Raman from the attackers, and Ishita blames Raman for it. Meanwhile, Simi agrees to marry Gaurav.
Raman, Ishita and Ruhi are delighted to learn about Shagun’s pregnancy. Raman apologises to Ishita for his mistake and requests her to return home.

Tuesday 16 October 2018
At Santosh’s insistence, Ishita returns home. Later, Raman confronts Santosh. Why?
Raman is shocked when Ishita decides to stay at Mani’s house to take care of Shagun. Later, Mani meets Nidhi in the jail. Why?
Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Nidhi’s associate threatens to harm Mani’s aunt if he refuses to follow her instructions. Meanwhile, Raman decides to bring Ishita back.
Ishita thanks Raman for sending her rose on Rose Day. Later, Ishita shares her concerns about Raman with Shagun.
Thursday,18 October 2018
Worried for Pihu, Raman breaks into Mani’s house and answers his phone call. He learns that a woman is blackmailing Mani. Who is she?
Friday,19 October 2018
Ishita and Raman get into a heated argument regarding Mani. Later, Raman rejoices when an idea strikes him. What is in his mind?
Pihu’s principal talks about her studies with Ishita. Disguised as a woman, Raman asks Shagun to interview him for the post of the governess.
Monday 22 October 2018
Raman in a woman’s disguise impresses Ishita but is shattered when Shagun tells Ishita that she has found a better candidate.
Raman decides to secure his job as Pihu’s nanny by offering Poonam a job in his company. Later, he scolds Poonam for hurting Pihu.
Tuesday 23 October 2018
Gulabo agrees to become Pihu’s nanny. Meanwhile, Nidhi threatens Mani to get her out of the jail.
Nidhi threatens Mani to get her out of jail. Meanwhile, Raman decides to make Ishita’s V-Day memorable!
Wednesday 24 October 2018
It’s a double whammy for IshRa as it’s Valentine’s Day and their wedding anniversary too. Meanwhile, why is Mani driving an ambulance?Nidhi tells Mani about her escape plan. Meanwhile, the bomb explodes in the police van! Will Nidhi escape?
Thursday 25 October 2018
Ishita is shattered when Raman fails to keep his promise again. Nidhi changes her appearance to hide from the police while Mani requests her to leave him alone.
Nidhi threatens Mani to give her a job in his office. Meanwhile, Santosh and Ishita visit Raman’s office after hearing a lady’s voice over the phone. Who could it be?
Friday 26 October 2018
Nidhi asks Mani to stop Aliya and Aditya from going to Chennai. Meanwhile, Raman and Ishita go on a coffee date.
Unaware of Nidhi’s identity, Shagun allows her to stay in the house. Meanwhile, Ishita slaps a goon for eve-teasing, while Gulabo attacks him.
Monday 29 October 2018
Shagun’s family plans to celebrate her Seemantham ceremony. Adi insists that Alia let him attend the function. Later, Gulabo gifts Ishita a sari for the occasion.
Adi and Romi disguise themselves and attend the Seemantham ceremony. Gulabo helps Ishita to wear a saree and later, insists that Ishita dance with her.
Tuesday 30 October 2018
Adi, Romi and Raman struggle with their get-ups with all the women around during the ceremony. Adi and Alia get romantic. Meanwhile, Pihu finds out Gulabo’s truth. Will she tell Ishita?
Pihu learns Gulabo’s secret. Meanwhile, Nidhi fails in her plan to intoxicate Shagun as Ishita stops her from eating the dessert.
Wednesday 31 October 2018


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