Monday Update On Young Love Sept 17

Monday Update On Young Love

Sept 17 Episode

Jaitsar haveli
Shiv remembers anandi’s words that she didnt love jagiya.He comes over to jagiya and says that he has hurt her very much.She has already faced distrust once and now when she hd just learned to trust again,he has hurt her faith again.He didnt understand how cud he doubt her hhappiness lies with her and noone else.He says that he has not just hurt anandi but going through this painful procedure to reject her,he has hurt himself in return.Tears in her eyes are because of me.He says that he distanced himself away thinking that she wanted to be with jagiya and him being attached to her prevented that.Didnt even ask her once what she wants.She is right in saying that we always decided what is right and what is wrong what is good and whats bad for her never really knowing wwhats her wish.But he makes up his mind that she has had enuff and now he is going to win her back and he knows that she respects him and his company matters a lot to her.He doesnt care whether she loves him or not coz he knows one day she will.And therefore,till she doesnt accept his love and love him in return,he will wait.everybody happy to hear this.

He comes over to jagiya and t5ells him that what he thought was wrong and he helped him only because he thought anandi’s happiness lies in it.But now that he knows that jgaiya is not a part of her life,he cant help him anymore.Ira wishes him luck and tells him to get her back in a cheerful mood.mahi asks whwre will he find her.He says that he knows where she would be and leaves in haste.

Bhairo comes upto jagiya and asks him that whenever he thought that his son has had enough punishment for his deeds and that he should forgive him and hug him,he goes on and does something that further alienates him from his father.Bhairo says he cant believe thsi sis his son and doesnt know what did he and sumitra do wrong in bringign him up that he is like this today.But comments that whatever happened was for good so that now jagiya realises that he may try all he can,but he cannot get back his past.Not everythign happens to his will and maybe thats his punishment and its not just for him but for them too.Jagiya doesnt say anything but goes to his room.Bhairo sits down helplessly on the stairs and laments that why does he always pose himself as an obstacle in anandi’s life.Dadaji comes up and consoles him not to worry.Bhairo concernedly says that they have to go after her to get her back and calm her down.Dadaji tells him to relax as shiv has gone and he has the faith that shiv would get their daughter in law back soon.He says that their blessings are with him and after all he is an armyman’s grandson who has never accepted defeat in his life.He’s sure that shiv will win and get her back.

Location: Under the banyan tree in the village
Shiv draws his jeep to a halt and while coming towards her,sees the anklets he had gievn her on the ground and remembers whn she had worn thm with pleasure.Anandi sees him and turns away.He picke them up and goes towards her.She tries to scurry but he stops her way and ask for her forgiveness saying that he realised that he made a huge mistake and broke their friendship that he only had initiated by trusting someone else more than her but he ask for a chance to clarify himself.he goes on to say that whatever he did was for her happpiness,he never thought that they would hurt her so bad in return.When jagiya talked to him,he felt that she was still confused and hence he wanted to make the descision easier on her by backing out of the marriage and lettign her go,to what he thought the first and only love of her life,jagiya.And if anandi in his shoes she also probably would have done the same.

But then he goes on to focus on his apology and apologizes.she says she wont be able to fogive him and that eh was right,he should marry a girl who’s more like him and have a better understanding quotient with him.Shiv say that she knows he just said that for giving a reason to walk out.Anandi says she’s going on what he said and therefore them being different people should part ways.He pleads her not talk like that,as it hurts him real bad.She snaps saying did he think how she was hurting when he said all those things.He understand her pain and wipes the tears off her face.He accepts his mistake and that he deserves punishment,but he tells him not to punish his love.He exztends the anklets and tells her to marry him.She looks up at him and walks away.Feeling dejected,shiv is about to walk away when she calls from behind and asks him wouldnt he want to know his punisment,with a non chalant face.He looks surprised.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
While both the afmilies are tensed and waiting for shiv’s return,they are surprised to see jagiya come down with his bags packed.He says tht he knows that he doesnt deserve forgiveness but would nevertheless asks for it,if they ever can forgive him.Since he couldnt win over their hearts and trust back,he has decide to leave forever,not just the haveli but also the village.Dadisa comes and pats his head,blesses him and he touches her feet.He also looks wioth emotional eyes at the other memebers of the family,bahiro turns his eyes away.Finally with a heavy heart,he walks out of the house.

Jaitsar haveli
Anandi comes storming inside the haveli and goes straight inside her room.Shiv follows him into the haveli and everybody as it is tensed,ask him what happened.He is speechless and before he can say anything,anandi returns with the suitcase taht contained her memories,asks shiv to come with her and moves out of the house with shiv in tow.

Location: Near the lake
They come to the lake and anandi opens her suitcase and throws its contents into the water while shiv watches on with puzzlement.She says that she had gotten rid of her past when she held his hand to move on in life,now she has gotten rid of its memories too.She tells shiv that now she has distanced herself from the final link to her past.Shiv starts smiling and pulls out the anklets from his pocket.Jagiya sees thsi from a distance and leaves dejectedly.She extends her legs and an elated shiv helps her wear the anklet with her smiling at him.Both the families too reach and they are happy to see them back again and are relieved.They approach both of the.Dadisa comes closer and tells shiv that he has a big heart and did what no ordinary man is capable of doing.Shiv is embarassed and asks dadisa to stop but she goes on to say that she might be eldest in age but she was proven far small today in maturity.Shiv ask her to stop saying it was not her fault as anybody in her position would have done the same for their grandson.She laments that the lord has gievn her the dividends of hr good deeds all her life by giving her a son in law like this.Shiv says that he cant and doesnt want to replace jagiya in their lives but wants a son’s place in her heart.Dadisa pats him and blesses him to be happy always.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Ira catches meenu looking at the uniform of her late husband and reminisceing and ask her about the same.She says that whenever there is any goog or bad happening in her life,she wants to be with him and share it with him.Meenu comments that she was scared today for shiv,that if his marriage didint hppen,then he would have been devastated as he loves anandi bad and wouldnt have been able to bear the pain.Her past stood in his way today.but anandi didnt weaken in front of it,as can be expected from a normal girl but she showed great courage by detaching herself fron all the memories of her past and she knows how difficult it is to do that since she’s been through it when her husband left and she took years to cope with her past and move on in her present.She says that anandi has proved that she is a girl of great courage,maturity and patience when she could do that in front of her living husband and her love for shiv forced her to move on in life.Ira too is proud of her daughter in law who didnt succumb to her weakness and happy that now meenu’s doubts too are removed and comments that this diwali has brought a lot of happiness and brightness in their life.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Seeing dadisa sitting on the swing alone,anaandi goes upto her and ask whats troubling her.She says that she wonders how anandi is not at all angry with her after what she did.Anandi asks her to stop but she says that she thought that she had overcome her weakness for jagiya,but yet again she let herself down to become selfish and draw the burden of her mistakes and wrong descision sin her life about anandi on her yet again.She has committed a big crime by asking her to forget everything and break up with shiv and go back to jagiya.Anandi tells her to stop thinking about that and stop askign for forgiveness since she didi it only out of love for jagiya and her and the entire family just like when she had broken off shiv’s proposal from urmi devi out of love for anandi. Dadisa says that she has been rendered small in front of her wisdom and shiv’s respect for her.She still says that she would never be able to forgive herself for being so selfish even though she has never cheated anybody.Anandi says that she has moved on in her life forgetting her past,aand she she has to be with her by doing the same.She says that sh took advantage of anandi and for teh first time she bows down in front of her greatness that she didnt retaliate back once.She blesses her and starts making plans for decorating the house and for sweets on the occassion of anandi’s last diwali in their haveli.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa is presiding over the preparations of diwali in terms of decorations and sweets when she stops to think of what special presents to give anandi’s in laws’ and comments that sumitra was best at handling this and enquires from bhairo about her when is she coming now that her sister is recovering.Bhairo tells her that sumitra said that badi masi is now better and even his son,kishor told him that they would soon send sumitra back to them now that she is recovering.Dadisa asks him to call,he talks about the time difference saying that it would be 4’o’clock in the morning there and hence they should wait some more.She then asks basant to call the decorator fo decorating the entir haveli for diwali.He does so and calls.Just then,shopkeepers come with a variety of presents,and on dadisa’s hint bhair gives them money and wishing them for diwali sends them off.Now dadisa is in a fix as to what to be given to whom.She decides for the silver dioyas to begiven to meenu and ira as they would love it.For the others,she ask gehna and anandi to help her make a choice.

Later in her room,revelling in the glory of her new found happiness with shiv,she remembers thir conversation earlier in the day,the windchimes’ voice distracts her,then her attention draws towards her anklets given by shiv and she starts playing with them like a teenager.While she is happy,she gets a call from shiv and an even broader smile comes on her face.