True Love Teasers October 2018 Glow Tv

True Love Teasers October 2018 Glow Tv

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Monday 1  October 2018

Sumitra asks others to carry on with the holy prayers. Gunwanti sneaks out of the prayers and encounters Tapasya who seems weak. Sumitra reveals to her that she’s pregnant with Veer’s child.

Gunwanti visits her spiritual guru and learns that Vansh will come back in her life. Divya breaks the news to everyone that Tapasya is pregnant. Gunwanti visits the Thakur mansion.

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Tapasya refuses to go with Gunwanti and asks her to take Ichha instead. Veer’s family decides to keep the news of Tapasya being pregnant away from him. Masoom tries to learn Tapasya’s truth.

Ichha tries telling Veer about Tapasya’s pregnancy. Chanda informs Ichha that she cannot enter the kitchen. Jogi Thakur scares Tapasya with the news of him hiring a top gynaecologist for her.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Jogi Thakur wants Tapasya to go to his choice of gynaecologist. Veer shares with Ichha his concern over Gunwanti’s decision. Veer assures Ichha that he won’t let anybody come between them.

Tilakdhari orders Kasha to take away the drink made by Ichha. Sumitra uses Pushkar to tackle the problem created by Jogi Thakur. Veer argues with Tilakdhari over the injustice done with Ichha.

Thursday,4  October 2018

Ichha drags Veer away from the argument he was having with Tilakdhari. Jogi Thakur comes across Pushkar and Rohini in the hospital who plead for help. Damini asks Jogi Thakur to forgive them.

Pushkar and Rohini come back to Jogi’s house where they greet Tapasya, who is about to become a mother. Pushkar thanks Jogi and asks for forgiveness from him for his mistakes.

Friday,5 October 2018

Gunwanti declares that Tapasya will come back in the house but Veer is against it, infact he tells her that if she comes then he will leave the house. Gunwanti blames Ichha.

Damini informs Jogi that Veer and Ichha are leaving their house. Sumitra, who was eavesdropping, insist Tapasya to immediately go to Veer’s house to stop them.

Monday 8  October 2018

Ichha persuades Veer to let Tapasya stay in the house and assures him that Tapasya won’t play any games . Ichha tells Veer that she has full faith in their love and nothing can separate them.

Gunwanti has chosen a separate room for Tapasya. Sumitra talks to Tapasya on the phone and is delighted that Tapasya got back into Veer’s house but also criticises Ichha’s move.

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Rohini and Masoom are fighting over footwear that suits better on Tapasya. Divya clears their doubt and tells both of them to pack her stuff in the car. Jogi is concerned about sending Tapasya.

Gunwanti tells Ichha that Baldev doesn’t like things that she touches. Tapasya tries lifting the heavy bag so that Veer would help her but Ichha spoils her plan by calling a servant instead.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tapasya acts as if there is some problem in her stomach which worries Gunwanti. When Gunwanti tries calling for help, Tapasya understands that the truth will be revealed and behaves normally.

Tapasya tries winning Ichha’s heart by pleading to Gunwanti that she should allow Ichha to use her cooking gas. All this happens when Tapasya feels like eating a dish prepared by Ichha.

Thursday,11 October 2018

Gunwanti blames Ichha that because she mixed something in the food that Tapasya’s health has deteriorated but Ichha denies adding anything. Veer is not happy with way Gunwanti is treating Ichha.

Veer’s hatred unbearable for Tapasya. She asks for help from Ichha saying she has a got severe headache, but Ichha thinks twice before helping her. Ichha does help her.

Friday,12 October 2018

Tapasya secretly watches Veer and Ichha’s love and care for each other and gets jealous. As if in trance, Tapasya dares Ichha to reveal Veer’s intimate details to avenge her jealousy.

Ichha is stunned and gets cautious after Tapasya dared to to reveal her real feelings about Veer. Damini informs her that Sumitra is coming there to take care of Tapasya.

Monday 15  October 2018

Seeing Veer happily eating a sweet dish made by Ichha, Sumitra gets consumed by jealousy. When Pushkar asks about the US air tickets to Damini she snubs him by saying that she is unaware.

Tapasya gets jealous when Veer and Ichha starts feeding each other at an eating joint. Divya taunts Damini that she doesn’t care about others and takes her own decisions about the house.

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Gunwanti is becoming unbearable for Tapasya as she is always behind her to make her do the things that she doesn’t like. Gunwanti tells her that she cannot go out as it’d be unhealthy for her.

Veer questions Tapasya about Sunanda’s brother. Sumitra tricks Ichha into adding sesame seed in Tapasya’s food. Rohini makes Damini write the expenses to run the house.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Gunwanti lashes out on Ichha for mixing sesame seeds into Tapasya’s food. Sumitra manages to turn the situation in her favour. Veer shares with Ichha his doubts about Tapasya’s pregnancy.

Tapasya shares her concern with Sumitra regarding the lies they have told. Tapasya argues with Sumitra over working out. Veer notices Tapasya and follows her into the gym.

Thursday,18 October 2018

Veer notices Tapasya in the gym. Pushkar gets petrified when Jogi Thakur enters the mansion. Sumitra and Tapasya think of ways to stop Gunwanti from accompanying them to the gynaecologist.

Sumitra manages to stop Gunwanti from accompanying them to the hospital, but Veer volunteers to come along. Chanda stresses the possibility of Veer and Tapasya becoming a couple.

Friday,19 October 2018

Umed helps Ichha restore her confidence on Veer. Tapasya asks Veer to not accompany her. Sumitra, Veer and Tapasya are taken aback when the doctor confirms Tapasya’s pregnancy.

Jogi Thakur asks Damini to maintain accounts on the household expenditure. Gunwanti order Kasha to stop attending Ichha and serve Tapasya. Tapasya freezes when she learns that she’s pregnant.

Monday 22 October 2018

Episode 518

Tapasya experiences a mixture of emotions as she mulls over the fact that she’s pregnant. Kasha talks to Tilakdhari about the injustice Ichha is facing. Gunwanti confesses of hating Tapasya.
Episode 519
Veer and Ichha want to accompany Tapasya to the hospital, but Sumitra denies. Veer finds it hard to accept that Tapasya’s actually pregnant. Pushkar and Rohini try to win over Jogi Thakur.
Tuesday 23 October 2018
Episode 520
Sumitra assures Tapasya that she would make Ichha suffer. Veer shares with Ichha his problem of shifting his care towards Tapasya. Damini talks to Ichha about Veer’s divided concern.
Episode 521
Veer and Ichha are to leave for their dinner, but Tapasya stops them from going. However, Veer acts smart and makes her stay home. At the dinner, Veer is accused of being a car thief.
Wednesday 24 October 2018
Episode 522
Veer meets Satya who saves him from the accusation. Tapasya grows more upset while Sumitra tries giving her hopes about the future. Satya invites Veer and Ichha for a game of pool.
Episode 523
Veer finds Tapasya and Sumitra in the hall, but that doesn’t stop him from going to his room with Ichha. Noticing Jogi Thakur and Damini bonding, Pushkar thinks of calling Divya back home.
Thursday 25 October 2018
Episode 524
Tapasya comes to meet Ichha and narrates her the beautiful moments which she and Veer shared together. Satya meets Veer for their business collaboration. Gunwanti asks Ichha to apologise to Tapasya.
Episode 525
Ichha tries informing Veer about Tapasya wanting to leave the house, but fails. Tapasya and Ichha have an argument over Veer’s love. Tapasya notices Veer and heads to leave the house.
Friday 26 October 2018
Episode 526
Veer stops Tapasya from leaving house and taunts her of being careless towards their unborn child. Chanda hands over the necklace to Ichha and makes her doubt Veer’s love.
Episode 527
Veer and Ichha meet Satya and Sanchi and spend some bonding time together. Tapasya informs Sumitra that she is now carefree as Veer eventually would come to her. Pushkar’s plan to trap Damini fails.
Monday 29 October 2018
Episode 528
Umed questions the support received by Tapasya but Tilakdhari shuts him up. Sumitra makes Ichha give oil massage to Tapasya and brutally taunts her. Jogi Thakur gifts Damini a mobile.
Episode 529
Gunwanti taunts Iccha for being a maid’s daughter and stops her from celebrating Damini’s birthday. Iccha arranges a surprise for Damini by calling her students to celebrate Damini’s birthday.
Tuesday 30 October 2018
Episode 530
Ichha and Jogi Thakur throw a surprise birthday party for Damini. Chanda provokes Sumitra against Ichha. Veer accidentally dashes Sanchi with his car. Ichha informs Satya about the same.
Episode 531
Veer and Ichha get Sanchi to the hospital. Jogi Thakur panics and grabs Damini’s hand to rush to the hospital. Satya controls his anger as Ichha tells him about the accident.
Wednesday 30 October 2018
Episode 532
The police interrogate Veer very rudely at the hospital. As the police take Veer to the police station, Satya stops them and doesn’t file a complaint. Chanda provokes Gunwanti against Ichha.
Episode 533
Everyone is shocked to learn that Sanchi has lost her eyesight. Sanchi panics when she realises that she has become blind. Sanchi’s accident reminds Ichha of her father’s death.

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