Wednesday Update 7th June on True Love Glow Tv

Wednesday Update  on True Love Glow Tv

7th June

Taps continues giving her bhashan on truthfulness and tells Vansh how ashamed she is of him of not trusting his own wife and brother. She takes Vansh’s hand and places it in Ichcha’s. Later, Vansh goes into Ichcha’s room and asks forgiveness and Ichcha tells him that what happened doesn’t matter. In Veer’s room, Taps forces him to remove her necklace for her. She remembers Nani’s advice of not annoying Veer to the point where she loses control over him. Taps thinks to herself that she will never allow Vansh-Ichcha to grow closer until her relation with Veer is better.

The next morning Taps stands outside Vansh-Ichcha’s bedroom where Ichcha is making tea for Vansh and he pulls her close to her. Taps seems annoyed.

The next morning Taps and Veer walk in on Vansh-Ichcha romancing in the dining room. Umed and Dadaji also arrive there and Vansh-Ichcha separate. At breakfast, Dadaji brings forth the idea of pakphere and Taps asks if she and Veer can go to and all agree. At Thakur house, all are busy with preparations. Taps-Veer and Vansh-Ichcha arrive and are welcomed with poojas. Vansh asks if he can stay and Jogi agrees. Veer decides to stay back as well. In their room, Ichcha and Damini are showing Ichcha’s childhood pics to Vansh. Taps comes there and says that her mom is doing the same. She asks Vansh if he’s ever seen Ichcha’s school and suggests that all four go visit it. Later, Nani questions Taps intentions. Taps tells her that since Vansh loves the past so much, this little visit will illustrate the beginning of Veer-Ichcha’s love story.