Thursday Update 7th June on True Love Glow Tv

Thursday Update on True Love Glow Tv

7th June

The Episode starts with all four of them (Vansh Veer Ichcha and Tapasya) reaching at Ichcha’s school. Tapasya makes dirt faces like she has visited a garbage place. She teases Ichcha and Veer saying that Ichcha has some important memories from this place. Veer thinks of the scene where he convince Ichcha to take admission in the school and a scene where they met outside of school. Then students attack Ichcha seeing her after a long time. .Then some students recognizes Veer, this hits Vansh hard. Tapasya saw some students and asks Vansh to draw something for the poor students Vansh gets a bit angry or confused, Tapasya figures this out. A student asks Vansh to draw an Elephant.

Then all four of them came back home. Due to lack of furniture, Tapasya and Ichcha sits beside their husbands on the floor. Damini brings Laddo but Nani’s Bahu took the dish and starts eating. Meanwhile Vansh was trying to flirt with Ichcha. Veer then asks Jogi for a leave. Damini asks them to stay but Jogi refuses and tell her that its rasam (tradition of Phakpheras). Vansh takes Ichcha to a side while everyone moves towards the door.

Vansh then tries to kiss Ichcha, but Ichcha keeps on blushing and shying. Damini saw them and gets happy. Then Veer also saw them and somewhere he gets sad. Everyone also see them and Nani says to herself  that Indeed Vansh is Mad. Vansh than also take a leave, he was asking to stay but Veer replies him that Mai will be waiting at home.

In the last part they showed Amu (Damini) revealing her fears and worries abt the wedding night and the next day and also tell Ichcha that she is really happy to see Vansh loving Ichcha. Only few girls gets such a loving husband. Ichcha starts crying and lay down on Amu’s lap.

Vansh calls Ichcha, but is embarrassed when Damini picks up. Damini hands the phone to Ichcha. Ichcha-Vansh have a romantic conversation on the phone. The next morning Veer comes upon a file abt Damini Paatshala then calls someone and tells them to give the land he was going to use for the school to a trust. He leaves and Vansh walks in, and is shocked seeing the file. Veer shows up later and is confused not seeing Vansh around. There, Vansh is at the school and walks up to the kids and asks where their teacher is.

Taps goes to talk to Jogi, but Ichcha interrupts and brings him kheer. A jealous Taps doesn’t allow Ichcha to spend time with Jogi and drags her away to get dressed. Later, Ammo is dressing Ichcha up when Taps shows up passing sarcastic comments. She mentions that Veer was looking for Vansh. Damini leaves on hearing the damad has arrived and Ichcha warns Taps from messing up her relationship.

Thursday Update on True Love Glow Tv