Wednesday Update 6th June on Young Love Glow Tv

Wednesday Update on Young Love Glow Tv

6th June

Friends asks Jagat how his paper went, Gauri covers him that saying that due to her health he was not able to sit the exams.

Sumitra waiting for Anandi and asks her if she wants anything, Sumitra is looking anxious but Anandi doesnt seem to notice and goes to her room to freshen up. Sumitra comes to her room with water and Anandi asks what was the need, she informs Anandi that DS has called everyone downstairs and leaves, Anandi wonder what the matter is with Sumitra and wonders if everything is okay in the house.

Everyone is sitting in the lounge and Anandi asks what the matter is. DS says the other day something landed near her feet and shows the keyring. She asks who is belongs to, Servant brings down a suitcase and DS opens it and it has all of Anandi’s and Jagat childhood stuff in it, Anandi says she wanted to remove Jagat from his life, DS replies just by throwing stuff away Jagat will be gone from his life. DS says to come out of this doom and its good that she has taken the first step. DS sits Anandi down and shows her divorce papers and from this she will be free to Jagat

Anandi takes the papers and she is teary eyed as she is signing the paper she recalls her past with Jagat, she signs and leaves, DS says that to leave Anandi for a while so that she can take care of herself and it will make her stronger. Basanth says that only half the job is done, the other half is making a new relationship for her and how will we tell her and make her understand. DS says she understand but this is the start and no one if going to force her to get married now she can take one step at a time. Bhairon says he will go and get Jagat’s signature, DS says that she will go as well and that it will be difficult to do but she wants to see Jagat’s reaction and how he will feel.

Anandi is out in some field and she looks around and remembers her past with Jagat.

Sumi is crying and gehena is consoling her to be strong for anandi as she is anandi’s biggest strength. They have to remove jagiya from anandi’s memory and have to bring some happiness for her. Anandi stands in front of god under a tree says that everything is finished from Jag’s side but she is the one who held some broken links till now. Now after divorce everything will be broken completely and there will be no complains of interferences in each others life. Now she will walk alone. She decides that now on development of jetstar will be her sole aim and she will deffo become something. Sumi comes there and taps on anandi’s shoulder. At the hospital jagat is taking care of gauri and discussed menu of dinner. Dean sees that and says that he is disappointed to see him discussing menu of dinner where he should have discussed about exam preparations. He is disappointed that a talented a person like jagat took his career so carelessly. He left leaving upset Jagat behind.

Anandi sees ds’s luggage and asks where she is going. Ds lied that she is going to Jaipur for some 1ega1 work. Anandi asks Jaipur or Mumbai, She says if she didn’t have the strength then she would have not sign the paper. Now jag has to sign the paper. Ds wonders how she will come to know! Anandi says she cant lie like her. ds effectionately pulls anandi’s cheek.

Jagat calls gouri to come for exam as he brings the auto. Gauri says he shouldn’t go with her as ppl will taunt him. Jagat says he will get bore. Gauri says today is her last exam and when she will come, will pamper him a lot. Eye lock belween them. Gauri gives a list to him to bring some household grossary things. Then she left, Jagat tensed to see the monthly list as he doesn’t have enough money. He wonders how he will manage with so less money as saving r about to finish and at least sometimes r needed for gauri to get a job. He recalls his harsh words to anandi and thinks from there is also no chance to get money. Then he sees a newspaper and thinks something.

Sumi and gehena r cooking. Anandi comes there and tells them that she is going to school. Gehena gives her lunchbox. Sumi tells her that if she doesn’t want then she shouldn’t go. But.anandi leaves saying she will manage. Sumi worries that anandi is doing all these forcefully. But gehena says anandi will be better if she will remain bury in her work. Now the last link will be broken by jag’s sign.

Wednesday Update on Young Love Glow Tv