Wednesday Update 6th June on This is Love Glow Tv

Wednesday Update on This is Love Glow Tv

6th June

The Episode starts with Romi giving interview to the magazine editor. The man congratulates him for success. Mihika stays with Romi. Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi and Ishita smile seeing Romi giving his interview. Romi says we just wish our customers to be happy and loyal. Ishita thinks Raman used to worry for Romi, if he saw Romi answering with confidence, he would have been happy. The man asks Romi about sales figure falling. Romi asks what. The man asks him did you not check sales report. Mihika says Romi read the sales report and answers the man. The man tells Romi that you are a lucky man to have a brilliant wife. Romi says ya thanks and gets upset.

Adi meets Mani and says I want to discuss about you and Shagun. Mani says I understand, tell me what is it. Adi says I want you to take care of
few things. He checks the list and asks Mani about his insurance, investment, you have any major loan, tell me, and I have to check your medical reports. Mani smiles and says I don’t have any such disease to worry about, anything else. Adi tells Mani that Shagun knows normal food cooking and other little things. Mani laughs and says don’t worry Adi, we will handle everything together, welcome home, I want to become your friend, can we? Adi smiles and says ofcourse.

Mihika tells Romi that she is proud of him, and this article will be good for his company. He asks whats your problem, what do you want to show, that you are more smart and educated than me. She cries and says no, I was just helping you. He says I don’t need your help, stay away from my work. Mihika cries and leaves. Simmi asks her whats happening. Mihika says I did what you said, I helped Romi, he feels I helped him to show him down, what will I do to please him, is it my mistake if I m smart or if I have business sense, what shall to do, I don’t want him to get away from me. Simmi consoles her. Ishita hears them and goes.

Adi talks to Aaliya and says I don’t have any problem with Mani and Shagun’s marriage. She is upset. He asks the reason. She says I want to be alone for sometime, I m sorry. Ishita asks Romi about his behavior. He says its our matter, stay away. Ishita defends Mihika’s act. She asks him to support each other and encourage in relationship, not to degrade each other, its your choice to encourage her or pull her leg, get her down and get higher. He says enough of lecture, I think I did mistake by coming here to stay, I won’t stay here now, you all be happy. Ishita tries to explain and he leaves.

Adi recalls Aaliya’s words and is worried. Guard talks to him and Adi shouts on him. Guard says sorry and goes. Adi says whats happening to me, why is this new problem happening, I got worried seeing Aaliya worried, we are friends, why do I feel I m ready to do anything to make her smile, I don’t understand, why am I feeling this for her, whats Aaliya becoming for me.

Romi is at bar and drinks. He sees his past life of fun and carefree times. He waves to himself. His carefree avatar reminds him the old times, party, girls and fun. Romi says I do remember that, but such days are gone, all life passes to prove that I m capable, I m worthless, its true, degree should be there, I feel scared that people will judge me wrong. His carefree avatar says you never cared for it, you are making this state because of your wife, you became loser, Raman was right that Romi will become loser one day, I m getting laugh on you. Romi gets angry and throws a glass. A girl gets wounded by the glass. The guys scold Romi. Romi says I did mistake, I m sorry. The girl says its fine, and comes to Romi. She says let him go, its not his mistake. She leaves with her friends.

Abhishek asks Balwinder to give list of people who are connected to Ishita and whom we doubt. He sees Shagun passing in the car. Manager makes Romi sit in lobby and asks guards to arrange a car for him. The girl comes there. Romi says I m sorry. She says its fine, I know you, I came here to meet you. He says you got hurt. She says yes, its still aching. Manager says driver is arranged, would you know to go. Romi says no, we are not going. He asks the girl to come with her, they will talk in peaceful place, we will book a room. She agrees and asks him to come. He is drunk and she holds him. Manager says Romi came alone and such girls meet every night. Romi books a room by Mr. and Mrs. Romi Bhalla’s name. Ashok looks on. Romi takes room keys. Ashok smiles. The girl holds Romi and takes him. Ashok says whats Romi doing here, who is this woman with him.

Ishita checks Pihu’s fever and asks Mrs. Bhalla about Pihu’s allergies or what medicines suit her. Mrs. Bhalla says just Shagun knows that. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita to call Shagun. Ishita says I tried, she is unreachable. Simmi shows Pihu’s medical file. Abhishek calls Ishita and asks for Shagun. Ishita says she is out of Delhi. He says I have seen her today, did she not come home. She asks when. He says half an hour ago, she was in taxi. She says I will talk later. He says fine, tell Shagun to talk to me about kidnapping matter. She thinks why did Shagun lie, maybe she is stuck in work or Abhishek saw someone else.

Ishita telling Kanhaiya’s story to Pihu and feeding her. Ruhi smiles and gets tearful eyed. Ishita says now Pihu has to take medicines, till then her health won’t get fine. She makes her eat medicines and drink water. She makes Pihu sleep by continuing the story. Pihu sleeps. Ishita asks Ruhi what is she seeing. Ruhi says I m seeing how you made things fine, you are Pihu’s Ishi Maa. Ishita cries and says Pihu wants her Shagun mumma.

Mihika gets Ashok’s call and says I have to talk to such man because of him. Ashok asks for Romi, he had meeting at hotel. She says Romi left, he maybe on the way, does he know about meeting. Ashok says yes, he has set meeting, where did he go. She says his mood was bad. He asks do you worry for him. she says ofcourse, he is
my hand. He asks her to come here then, they will find him together. She says I will come. She thinks where did Romi go.

Pihu talks in sleep and misses Shagun. Ishita hears her and leaves. Ruhi asks Ishita about Pihu. Ishita says Pihu is not fine, she wants Shagun. Ruhi says Shagun is not in Delhi. Ishita says no, she is in Delhi, Abhishek told me. Ruhi asks why is she not with Pihu, we should call her and ask. Ishita calls Abhishek and asks for Shagun. He says I got her location, I will send you, meet me there. Mihika reaches hotel and tries calling Romi. She says Ashok has habit to create drama, where is he. Ashok smiles seeing her and acts. Mihika asks Ashok are you sure Romi was coming here. He says yes, I checked conference hall, maybe he booked room. Receptionist says yes, Romi Bhalla checked in. Ashok asks Mihika to come, we will check.

Ishita and Ruhi reach place. Ishita says I came here with Raman, how can Shagun be here. She asks Abhishek are you sure of this location. He says yes, why. She says this is Anil’s place, that kidnapped who committed suicide. He asks what is Shagun doing here. She says I know she has reason, I want to know why she lied. Shagun comes there. They see her and ask what is she doing here, Pihu is asking for her. Shagun says I came to meet Anil’s sister to get to know about kidnappers. Ishita asks why did you like about being out of Delhi. Shagun says yes, I lied so that you bond with Pihu, which would be not possible if I stay at home. Ishita cries and thanks her. Shagun says you also did many sacrifices for me and my children, I did not tell Pihu that you are her real mum, I wanted your bond with Pihu to improve. Ishita hugs her. Abhishek asks for Anil’s sister, police did not get her. Shagun says I did not get her, who is that woman, who wanted to hurt Ishita. He says don’t worry, we will find her. Ruhi asks her to come, Pihu is unwell. They leave. Abhishek thinks am I doing some mistake.

Ashok knocks the door. Mihika says maybe Romi is not here. Ashok knocks again and says Romi is here. Romi opens the door and sees Mihika and Ashok. He gets shocked. Mihika asks what are you doing here. Romi says I was over drunk and took room to rest, thinking I will go home later. Ashok asks are you alone. Romi says yes, what nonsense. Ashok says I don’t believe you. They get inside room and see room vacant. Ashok thinks where did that girl go.

Ishita asks Shagun to meet Pihu. Shagun says I will meet her in morning. Ishita says she is ill and wants to meet you, she is missing you. Shagun says I know what I m doing, don’t push me. She goes. Ruhi asks Ishita what happened to Shagun. Ishita says I will talk to her.

Romi talks to Ashok and asks what is he doing. Ashok says I have to go to washroom. Romi asks why now. Ashok thinks it means that girl is in washroom. Romi tries to stop him. Ashok goes to washroom and checks everywhere. He does not see the girl. Ashok comes and Romi asks him to come, is there anything else to see. Ashok tells Romi that meeting is not happening now, and leaves. Romi tells Mihika that he forgot his wallet and goes back to room. Mihika gets sad.

Shagun says I don’t want to talk to you Ishita. Ishita says I know you are doing this to make Pihu close to me, you don’t punish her this way. Shagun says I m not punishing her, let me do this my way, Pihu will get habitual to you. Ishita says this is wrong, she missed you. Shagun says she is habitual to me, she should get habitual, I m doing this as Pihu should get habitual to you, she is your daughter, not mine. Ishita says Pihu is your daughter, no one can snatch her from you, don’t think this ever. She hugs Shagun. Shagun thinks its easy to trap you in words, I know how to play my cards. She smiles.


Wednesday Update on This is Love Glow Tv