Thursday Update on Unforseen Love July 19 Glow Tv

Thursday Update on Unforseen Love  Glow Tv

July 19 Episode

Raizada women wondering where Arnav went and find him drinking water, Nani stating that seems like he doesn’t want to trouble anyone. Doctor comes and Arav has a check up. He gets a injection out and the women are more worried about Aranv being afraid, but Arav just tells the doctor to hurry up like he is used to it. The doctor leaves and the little girls arrive for pooja, Arav enquires and Anjali informs them about the kanya punjan. Arnav is invited but he states that he doesn’t believe in all this, Anajli states that Arnav too thinks like this.
The girls ask him his name and state he is cute, this starts to annoy Arav. Khushi asks what he wants to eat, he doesn’t want anything, Khushi replies he will faint again and Arav whispers that he was better like that, he then states that he wants toast and juice and Khushi remembers how Arnav orders that as well

The women in the Raizada house start the pooja and Arav is reading the paper and looking annoyed at what is happening. Khushi brings Arav toast and juice. Mami states how Arav is like Arnav and even Nani and Payal states that they both have the same characteristics. Mami states that if Arnav ever had a kid then he would have been like that, Khushi is shocked hearing this. Sheetal comes and is worried about Arav, but he tells her not to overact. Sheetal thanks Khushi for taking care of Arav. Arav informs not to tell anyone that he fainted cause he is not weak. Arnav is amused hearing his reponse. Sheetal is offered tea but she refuses, then they notice that Arav is missing, Khushi notices that he is by the flowers that belong to Arnav. Arav gets one of the flowers and Arnav goes to him. Arnav tells him not to pluck it and Arav replies that the flower is dying, he explains what to do with the flower and that Arav does it too.

Anjali asks Sheetal about them attending college, Sheetal dismisses that they only had one class, Nani and family are adamant that Sheetal stay for coffee/tea. Sheetal calls Arav but they are both planting together, family are shocked seeing Arnav with a child working together. Sheetal is invited to stay for dinner, but Sheetal refuses to stay and states that they will come some other time. Arav and Sheetal take their leave.
Mami again states that with Arnav and Arav when they are together seem like father and daughter.
Arnav is with his plants and Khushi is looking at him deep in thought, she asks what he is doing and Arnav replies about the advice given Arav. Khushi states how Sheetal and him are both alike. Arnav states that they were seeing each other in college, Khushi misinterprets, he then explains that they used to date, he didn’t have many friends and they were good friends but after a while they realised it wasn’t love and they broke up

Khushi asks why he didn’t tell her and he replies that it was nothing to talk about and he had forgotten. Khushi wants to know how many women were in his life before Lavanya and who they were. Arnav asks if she is sure and the he starts off the list and gives a lot of names, Khushi is shocked to hear all this and states that they were all his friends, he smiles and Khushi clocks that he was lying and starts hitting him stating she got scared, he holds her hands and stops her, he tells her that before meeting her he didn’t realise what love was. Khushi and Arnav have a hug.
Arnav tells her that Sheetal is a single mother as per her application and Khushi wonders about this.

Arnav and Khushi sleeping. In Khushi’s mind it’s only how Arnav and Aarav are so similar.. how Manorama said if Arnav had any kid, then it would be just like Arnav. She cannot sleep and then suddenly wakes up. She says to herself, this mami ji (manorama) says anything. She gets up and starts walking from here and there, and says it doesn’t matter to him (pointing at Arnav who is still sleeping) but me.. I can’t eat.. sleep properly. She then takes out a tiffin box and sits down and starts eating. She talks with herself while eating.. everything was going so well until this kid came. She asks God to help her.. and then says, prove me wrong if I am thinking anything wrong. Arnav wakes up and goes to her. He asks why are you sitting here like this? He then sees her eating jalebis.. so asks her.. did you make jalebis this late? Khushi says, if I had gone to the kitchen this late, then everyone would wake up.

Arnav now sits down beside her. He asks her, you’re thinking about Sheetal right? I am telling you again that Sheetal has nothing to do with me.. will you stop behaving like other wives? Khushi says, what?

She says, I am not like other wives.. I don’t care. Arnav asks again, so you weren’t thinking about Sheetal? Khushi says, no.. why would I think about her? Arnav asks, then who were you thinking about? Khushi just takes a random name.. Bankilal. Arnav asks who is Bankilal? Khushi says, everyone has past.. which becomes ‘meant nothing’ today. She then says, I talked to you about this.. now it reminds me of my beautiful past. .. my old ‘chakkar’ (affair). Arnav says, that’s okay.. but Bankilal? Khushi says, what should I tell you about him? Whatever I say will be less.. his ‘manly’ body.. his big moustache.. his innocent smile for which I used to die.. ‘paan’ in his mouth and keep his mouth red.. Arnav says, what? Khushi says, he used to have ‘paan’ store.. and was making a sweet ‘paan’ for me. Arnav then imagines how Khushi’s past would be Bankilal. He cannot even imagine it. Khushi says, anyways.. it was my past. Arnav says, I am glad that it was your past. Khushi continues, and you said .. old affairs don’t matter.. so it meant nothing. Arnav says, yes it doesn’t matter to me.. are you sure,, you’re fine? Khushi thinks a little.. and says.. I am absolutely fine.. I am a new generation woman.. I am cool. Arnav says, that’s true.. you’re the coolest person I know. Khushi is smiling and then they have an eye lock. Arnav pulls her to him and tries to kiss her. But Khushi gets Sheetal’s face in front of her.. and she imagines Arnav trying to kiss Sheetal and therefore she slaps him. Arnav is shocked.

She asks him, aren’t you ashamed of doing such thing? Arnav is all confused.. he says,, you’re my wife. Why should I be ashamed? Khushi says, yaa I wasn’t asking… I was just saying. Arnav says, you’re fine right? and he hugs her.

It’s morning now. Khushi opens her eyes and sees Sheetal helping Arnav in getting ready. And Arnav kissing Sheetal on her forehead. Khushi screams.. Arnav ji.. what are you doing? She gets up and goes there.. and Arnav is getting ready alone there. Arnav asks, what? Khushi looks around and says, she doesn’t look good when adjusting your collar and asks him not to wear such shirt. Arnav says, my all shirts are like one.. why does it matter? Khushi says, don’t wear this one. It doesn’t look good on you. Arnav checks in mirror and says.. it’s different but its okay.

Next scene, Khushi is coming down and talking with herself.. Khushi Kumari Gupta stop thinking about such stuff else people will think you’ve gone mad. Anjali heard her saying something and asks her if everything is fine. Khushi says, yes.. there is no ‘chakkar’. Anjali asks, what happened? Someone knocks the door and Khushi goes to open the door. On the side, Nani, Payal, Manorama are preparing for Dusshera. Khushi opens the door and it’s Sheetal. Khushi closes her eyes thinking she’s again imagining Sheetal being here. She asks Sheetal to leave saying.. I know it’s just my imagination that you’re here… neither you were adjusting collar nor you’re here on the door.. go. Sheetal is confused and asks what? Nani asks Khushi.. what are you doing? and invites Sheetal inside. Khushi is shocked knowing Sheetal is actually here. Aarav has also came with her.

Sheetal says, I just came to take the prescription. I left it here yesterday. I have to buy medicines for Aarav that’s why. Khushi says, we kept it safe.. come inside. Sheetal says, I am getting late so I will just take the prescription and leave. Aarav tells Sheetal to hurry up saying I am hungry. Arnav also comes there now. Anjali asks Aarav, you didn’t do breakfast yet? Now you will have to leave only after eating breakfast from here. Sheetal is still saying.. we are getting late. Arnav invites them now and this time Sheetal agrees.

They all sit down now. Anjali asks Aarav, will you eat idli? Aarav says, no.. I just want toast and juice. Khushi says, I know. and then she goes to the kitchen to get that. Manorama asks Sheetal, why are you always in hurry? Sheetal says, we are shifting in new house tomorrow.. that’s why. Khushi comes back. She sees both Arnav and Aarav putting butter on bread and eating exactly same way. Aarav says to Sheetal, I don’t feel like going to doctor and our new house is very dusty. Sheetal says, I can’t leave you on your own and asks him to go with her. Nani asks her, why can’t you leave Aarav here? sheeta says, he’s just making excuses.. because it’s his favorite football team match today.. It turns out that Arnav also loves football. Khushi asks, you never said that you like football? Arnav says, because I never got chance. And then he says, I don’t have any meetin today so I can just stay home and watch football match. Khushi speaks in her mind, you have kept so many secrets.. God knows what’s left to tell.

Aarav says, mum thinks.. football is waste. Players just run behind ball. Arnav says, those who don’t play think like that only.. Aarav now asks Arnav, can I watch football match with you? Arnav says, of course.

Sheetal is apprehensive about leaving Arnav but everyone persuades Sheetal to let Arav stay. Khushi makes excuse about having a regular check up appointment so that she can spend some time with Sheetal

At hospital Khushi reassures that Arav will be okay as he is probably like his father. Doctor states that Arav has diabetes, Sheetal states how is that possible, Khushi tries to reassure Sheetal. Doctor replies that it if father has it then there is a chance that the son will have it. Khushi wondering what she is thinking is right?

Thursday Update on Unforseen Love July 19 Glow Tv