Friday Update on Unforseen Love July 20 Glow Tv

Friday Update on Unforseen Love Glow Tv

July 20 Episode

Doctor handing medicine for Aaray to Sheetal while Khushi is lost in her own suspicion. Flashback of what Manorama said and Doc saying daibetis is heriditery.
After they come out of doc Khushi ask Sheetal does she or Arrav’s father has daibetis ? Sheetal feels akward and she doesn’t answer. Sheetal says she should go to house and get Aarav back.
Arrav and Arnav is watcing the football game. Anjali and Akash sees them and says Nani doesn’t they look like Son-Father. Khushi and Sheetal reaches home.
Sheetal tells Arrav has daibetis to everyone.
Everyone is sad.
Sheetal tells Arrav to bring bag to leave. Suddenly Sheetal’s mobile rings.

The landlord says Sheetal he wont be able to hand keys of new apartment today. Sheetal now has no place to stay.
Khushi is in confusion whether she should stay here or not ? finally she ask Sheetal to stay there.
Sheetal first refuses, then when whole family insists she agrees .. she leaves to bring her luggage from hotel.

Arnav scolds Khushi why she asked Sheetal to stay. He expalins her she was his ex.girlfriend…
He goes to bedroom. Khushi follows him and tries to ask DID he and Sheetal ever… got intimate but cannot ask … after asking here and there questions.

Khushi finds a perfect place to think properly. So she hides inside cupboard to think. All flashback of events where everything pointing Arnav is Aarav’s father.
Arnav searches for Khushi and finally finds she is inside cupboard as she is loud thinking.
Khushi says she is cleaning cupboard… Arnav tells her to come out.

Khusi tells she will go to clean kitchen. Arnav tells her to watch tv and leaves.
She watches TV where some anchor tells her how to know hidden secrets of your husband. Khushi is glued … to VASHIKARAN technique which the anchor mentions in the show.

Khushi closes Arnav’s eyes and brings him to a dark room. Arnav asks what are you doing? She says, I just wanted to spend some time alone with you only. Arnav says, we were alone in room too. Khushi says, but I needed a quiet place. She then makes him sit down and says, I read in a magazine.. for a happy married life, husband-wife should play a game in which you look into eyes of each other. Arnav says, what the.. Khushi stops him and says, today no what the.. She says, look into my eyes today.. and if you blinked, then that means you were thinking about something else. Arnav doesn’t want to do but Khushi gets sad and asks, can’t you do this much for me? Arnav has no choice but to agree.

She says, when you look at me like this, i feel ‘kuch kuch hota hai’. She then says, we will play another game as well. I will say something and you will say a word that comes first in your mind right away. Khushi says first word, Khushi. Arnav says, pagal (mad). She then says, Arnav. Arnav says, me.
Khushi’s word – Arnav’s word
– love – faith
– relationship – strong

Khushi then stops for a bit. Arnav tells her, concentrate else you will lose. Khushi says in her mind, that’s what I wanted.. you to concentrate fully on this game so I can prove my doubt wrong.

Khushi now takes out a chain and put something like a pendant and then starts hypnotizing Arnav. She says, you’re feeling sleepy. Arnav says, okay.. if you say so. Khushi says, you’re sleeping.. sleeping.. sleeping. She now asks him to take a girl’s name. Arnav says, Khushi. Khushi says, some other girl who is very close to your heart. Arnav says, okay. Khushi asks, okay means is thre anyone? Arnav says, yes. Khushi asks, whose that witch? meaning.. what’s her name. Arnav says, she’s very beautiful. Khushi gets nervous.. she now asks, her hair? Arnav says, blonde.. Khushi asks, her face? Arnav says, innocent.. she’s very beautiful. Khushi is getting Sheetal’s face in front of her eyes. She now asks, does she love as well? Arnav says, a lot. She loves jalebis a lot. Khushi gets shocked/angry this time and stops hypnotizing. She shouts, what? she likes jalebis.. she is very beautiful? Arnav says, you’re also innocent.. beautiful.. you also like jalebis. He asks Khushi, what are you trying to ask? Now I am really feeling sleepy and I want to sleep. Khushi says, but I wanted to ask you that.. Arnav doesn’t let her say anything and carries her and takes her to their room.

It’s morning now. Khushi is in the living room with other family members and is still angry about last night as Arnav didn’t let her ask anything. Sheetal now comes to Raizada house with Aarav. Nk calls junior to Aarav, and Aarav says, I am not junior.. my name is Aarav. Nk says, it might be.. but we all know that you’re junior ASR. Nk then tells Sheetal, you’re looking ‘acchi’ (good/beautiful). Sheetal asks what? Nk says,’achi’ .. good morning.. He then welcomes her inside. Arnav now comes there and says, good you’re on time. Sheetal says, I am trying to find keys.. I won’t stay here for long. Sheetal now says, I have to go for Aarav’s school admission.. and it turns out that he is going to same school where Arnav used to go. Khushi says in her mind, for school admission form.. you need to give father’s name.. I won’t get better chance than this. Khushi tells Sheetal, I will also come with you. Arnav says that he will drop them. Nk says, I am also free.. I will also go there with Sheetal ji… and then he says, I mean.. with Aarav. Anjali says, you promised Nani that you will go to temple with her on monday. Nk says, I forgot.

Aarav, Khushi and Sheetal are in principal’s office now at the school. Principal asks him, wht’s your favorite hobby? Khushi whispers, to show an angry face to everyone. Aarav stares at her and then says, reading.. I love reading. There are libraries in your school right? Principal says, of course. Khushi then says, I am ASR’s wife. Principal says, oh this is Arnav Singh Raizada’s kid? I thought so. Khushi says, no Aarav is Sheetal’s son.. and Sheetal is Arnav’s friend. Principal says, actually I have been Arnav’s teacher and Aarav is just like Arnav. Khushi says, sure.. just like both of them are made in same factory. Principal now asks Sheetal, Aarav’s father didn’t come? Sheetal says, he couldn’t come. Principal then gives a form to fill out. Khushi tries to see what she is writing, but she is unable to see. Sheetal stares at her.. Khushi then make water excuse. It’s time to fill father’s name now but Sheetal skips it and returns form to principal. Principal says, you forgot to fill in father’s name. Aarav says, I want to go to bathroom. Khushi takes him with her.

Sheetal now tells principal that she’s a single mother. Outside, Khushi asks Aarav, did you really want to go to the bathroom? Aarav says, yes.. and don’t think that my mum couldn’t take me to the bathroom.. she felt like that she could tell principal about my dad after me leaving from there. Khushi then says in her mind, nothing matters to this kid.. and she thinks to ask him directly but then decides not to ask as she doesn’t know much about Aarav. She says, i will have to go round and round to ask him. Khushi tells him, today weather is so nice.. cold. Aarav says, I don’t like cold weather. Khushi says, I don’t like cold weather either.. and she starts her gossiping. Aarav is not interested in listening all that.. he says so what should I do? Khushi says, nothing.. end of conversation. Khushi now takes out another topic about her family and in that she asks him, your mum doesnt have angry face.. then are you like your dad? Aarav says, yes.. mum told me .. I am just like my dad.. I walk like him.. I talk like him. khushi is getting tensed.. she asks him.. what’s your father’s name? Aarav says, can I go to the bathroom and he leaves from there.

While he’s in the bathroom, Khushi again comes to the prinicipal office and hides behind the door and tries to see what Sheetal is writing. She wonders.. this long to fill out one line.. she then counts how many words are there in Arnav’s name.. and says, of course it will take time. Khushi’s leg comes between the door and she falls outside the office. Aarav comes there and says, you know you’re.. Khushi says, ya ya I know I am strange. Sheetal and Principal come outside, they ask Khushi, are you fine? Aarav says, she is fine.. stuff like this keep happening with her. Khushi goes to get her purse. Principal congratulates Sheetal and says, your son’s admission is done.

Khushi is alone inside principal’s office and she picks up the file to see Aarav’s dad name, But at the same time, principal comes there and takes away file. She asks Khushi, do you need anything? Sheetal and Aarav are outside.. Khushi says, just wanted to see how the form is.. in future there will be my little kids too.

Arnav meets Sheetal and Aarav outside. He says, my work finished earlier so.. He asks about admission. Aarav says, i got admission. Arnav shakes hands with him and says, you will have lots of fun here. Khushi comes outside and sees them. She asks to herself, is this for real? same attitude.. same way of thinking.. same angry face.. and on top of that.. Sheetal is not telling me about Aarav’s father.

They are back to house now. All are gathered in the living room. Nani is holding Aarav in her lap and Aarav is annoyed. Manorama is reading the newspaper and she tells everyone how kids got changed in the hospital and now parents don’t know whois whose kid. Nk says, it’s not difficult to find out.. because of technology and doing DNA test.. you can find out whose kid it is.. just with a hair or blood. Khushi says, for real.. is it that easy? Sheetal seems worried. Khushi says in her mind, this is the solution.. I don’t need to ask anyone anything now. She says, now I need hair of Aarav and Arnav.