Wednesday Update on True Love July 18 Glow Tv

Wednesday Update on True Love  Glow Tv

July 18 Episode

Ichha in crying mode ;She is sitting on the floor and thinking about Vansh ;Damini comes there to console her when Ichha tells Damini that “I was coming to your house that day.,.Vansh was suppose to pick me up in the evening..I had prepared food with my own hands..everything was going so right..then all of a sudden Veer called me up in the auto when I was coming to your house..he kept telling me those same things about Vansh..after that Vansh called me up and told me that he saw someone’s real face today..I m now sure Veer only killed Vansh..trust me Ammo..he killed my husband” ;After telling this Ichha cries her heart out in Ammo’s arms and keeps saying that Veer only killed Vansh ;Ammo consoles her and rests her on the bed.,.after few minutes she goes to sleep..(If Ichha ever loved Veer truely..then she should hv thought about it more logically..she should hv remembered the number of sacrifices Veer did for Vansh..then why on earth Veer will kill his brother now ??he could hv done that during her marriage with Vansh na ?? ..)

At night Damini-Jogi-Divya r sitting in the hall area and discussing about the tragedy when Damini tells how Ichha kept blaming Veer on which Divya tells Damini that right now Ichha is in a state of shock and so she is behaving this way;Divya even insists Jogi that tomorrow they should take Ichha to a doctor on which Jogi asks both Damini and Divya to give Ichha some time to come out of this shock ;Jogi then tells them that right now noone should put pressure on her or ask her any question regarding this issue as she needs some time to come out of her depression ;Jogi feels that whatever happened with Ichha was very wrong and horrible on which Damini tells Jogi that things will turn even more horrible if the truth does not come out in the open as both the families will b suffering ;Damini then sarcastically questions Jogi whether God is really there or they just keep praying to God because Damini feels that when Ichha did no wrong to anyone ever ,then why always she goes through all the pains in life

Veer is shown sitting in jail in depression;He gets the flashes of Ichha putting the blame on him and those words of Ichha where she said that he killed his brother keeps echoeing in Veer’s ears because of which he ends up crying his heart out alone in jail ;In the background “Tanhayee” song is being played

Umed and Tappu comes to meet Veer in the jail;Umed tells Veer that they will arrange for his bail by tomorrow on which Veer asks Umed to take care of Mai and other family members;Tappu jumps in between father-son convo and tells Veer not to worry as she will take care of everyone ;Tappu also tells Veer that she will talk to her father and arrange a best lawyer for him sinse she knows that he is innocent (Why can’t Tappu confess her own crime and bail her husband out if she is so much concerned for him );Just then Inspector Avinash comes there and takes Umed to a corner and asks him whether its true that Vansh’s wife Ichha once loved Veer and was suppose to marry him ;Hearing this Tappu once again jumps in between

and tells Avinash that its a rumour sinse she and Veer were always in love from the beginning and thats why got married ;Veer then asks Tappu to go home and look after Mai as there is no point staying here anymore and give justifications when the inspector will never listen to them ;Umed and Tappu then leaves but after they leave,Inspector Avinash gives a doubtful look to Tappu (The Inspector got a doubt because he was questioning Veer’s dad there when suddenly Tappu comes there and interrupts and herself speaks up on behalf of Umed …this is what u call putting the axe on your own feet

At night Sid in his house is telling to himself that now he got the proof against Tapasya and so now he will expose her in court in front of everyone (I hope this time this useless guy does something instead of just blabbering nonsense sitting in his house );Tappu in her room is lying on the bed and thinking about Vansh’s words which he said before shooting himself;She imagines how Vansh’s blood was all over her face and body..and thinking about all that she gets scared and goes through her usual guilt trip (How many times we will see this scene of Tappu feeling scared and then in the end going scotfree again )

Next morning,Daddaji and Umed comes to the police station with Veer’s bail papers when they also comes to know from Avinash that he is a childhood buddy of Veer ;Avinash tells them that he was only doing his duty by keeping Veer in the custody;Avinash then asks the constable to release Veer ;Just then Avinash gets the information on phone that all the proofs related to this Vansh’s murder case has finally been gathered from the old-fort ;So then Avinash asks the police guy to bring those proofs to him asap;By that time Veer is brought in front of Avinash when Avinash asks him to go the front office and sign those bail papers;So while Veer goes to sign the bail papers,those proofs r brought in front of Avinash;It contains the same red-dupatta which Tapasya was wearing that day as one of the proofs ;In the flashback,its shown that when Tappu runs away from there,her dupatta falls there only ;Inspector Avinash sees that dupatta when Umed asks Avinash whether they can take Vansh’s belongings with them which is present in those proofs;Veer overhears this and comes running to Avinash’s cabin to check out those proofs ;But by then Avinash has covered those proofs inside a box because of which Veer is unable to see that red-dupatta ;Avinash tells them that they cannot take away anything from there till the investigation is on;Episode ends (So along with Sid,this red-dupatta is a new hope now )

Wednesday Update on True Love  Glow Tv