Thursday Update on True Love July 19 Glow Tv

Thursday Update on True Love  Glow Tv

July 19 Episode

Ichha crying her heart out and rudely asking Veer to get out of the house;Ichha then runs upstairs while Veer goes out in devastating mode ;Veer is then shown driving his car and crying; He then stops the car in the middle of the road and starts drinking(from where he got that Desi-Whiskey bottle ?? ); In the background “Tanhayee” song is being played while Veer is drinking and crying.. Sid is shown roaming somewhere and telling to himself that he learnt from Tapasya only how to go to the extreme limits to get someone’s love and so whatever he will do now, he is sure Tapasya will not mind it (I m sure Sid will again end up making a fool of himself ) Nani calls up Tappu and gives her the entire update of what had happened in the house when Veer came there to take Ichha; Nani tells Tappu that whatever happened is good because now Veer will never take Ichha’s name from his mouth ;After putting down the phone, Tappu tells to herself that she knows the truth but what will she do now (wow her hubby was in jail because of her, and she is asking this silly question to herself )

Drunk Veer reaches home; Tappu sees Veer in that condition and so she gives him support and brings him to their bedroom(ok get ready for Veer’s cheerharan now ).. Tappu sees that Veer is fully wet and so she tries to wipe off his hair with a towel when Veer sarcastically asks her whether she can wipe off all those accusations that Ichha made against him ;Hearing this Tappu asks Veer to calm down on which he tells Tappu that how does it matter if he calms down or not because Ichha thinks that I killed my brother ;Veer keeps on chanting that “I killed my brother” with pain in his words and extreme emotions and tears in his eyes Veer then tells Tappu that she was right when she asked him to go to US but he had refused that time ;Veer also keeps talking about all the instances that had happened before Vansh’s death;He tells Tappu how Vansh had called him to the fort but when he went there,

Vansh was already lying down on a pool of blood and then Veer wonders how it all happened on which Tappu blurts out from her mouth that “I know how it happened” ;Hearing this Veer is shocked when Tappu twists her words and tells Veer that “I know u always cared for your brother and did everything for his happiness..so I trust u completely” ;So then Veer in dejected tone asks Tappu why Ichha din’t trust me on which Tappu tells Veer to ignore Ichha’s words as she has just lost her hubby and is not in her senses ;Tappu then holds Veer’s face with both her hands..wipes off his tears and tells him that she trusts him completely on which Veer asks Tappu if she is with him;So then Tappu tells Veer that she is always with him ;Tappu keeps wiping off Veer’s tears and tells him that she will go to any limits to prove his innocence as she knows that he is really innocent and she complete trusts him (Oh really ..so then why don’t u confess your crime first ) Veer then rests his head under Tappu’s neck…Tappu then rests Veer’s head on the bed..Sinse Veer is drunk..so he almost closes his eyes and is not in his senses..

Tappu then lyes over Veer’s body ..kisses all over his face…then the camera is blurred which is an indication that maybe they finally consumate the marriage (Watch this scene at your own risk..u might end up breaking your TV set today )

Meanwhile Ichha in her house is standing near the window. Crying and remembering Vansh Next morning Jogi comes to Ichha’s room and reminds her how she used to give courage and strength to her school students and so now she needs to bring that same courage ,strength and confidence back in her life to fight against all odds ;Hearing this Ichha once again cries her heart out and tells Jogi that she has lost the battle ;Ichha also tells Jogi that “My life was much better when I was in my childhood..at least that time I had a hope to grow up and be like you..but now I hv no hopes..my life is filled with sorrows and darkness all around” ;Hearing this Jogi tells Ichha that she just needs to move ahead in life and conquor the brightness thats waiting for her ahead in life ;But Ichha keeps crying and keeps telling Jogi that she is defeated ;Damini too is standing there and feels helpless and emotional after watching Ichha’s condition (This was the only good scene in the entire episode as the dialogues given by Jogi were quite good and had an impact )

At Bundela House,Tapasya gets up from her sleep in the morning and gives all sorts of happy and satisfied smile after the last night ;She finds one of her earring on the bed and blushes ;In the background “Jaadu hai tera hee jaadu hai” song is being played while Tappu keeps dancing in her room as if she got all the happiness in the world now ;Tappu then tells to herself that “Finally I got my happiness..I got my Veer fully..He is only mine now” (woww a death has just happened in the house for which she is responsible ..but here she is busy celebrating just because she slept with her hubby for the first time..what exactly CVs trying to show here ?? ) Veer in the balcony is giving all sort of guilty looks and roaming restlessly around the balcony;He asks himself “What hv I done..this should not hv happened” ..Episode ends(Ok so even Veer knows what happened last night..this means in the future if Tappu gets pregnent, Veer will happily accept the baby ..grt ..this show can go to the dustbin now )

Ichcha is still in her room crying, when Damini comes to her, trying to make her feel better. Suddenly Nani calls them downstairs, alerting them that the police have arrived for questioning. She tells Damini to make sure Ichcha doesn’t say something stupid again. They go downstairs and the cop begins interrogating Ichcha. He asks her about her earlier almost-marriage to Veer, which Ichcha confirms. Ichcha goes on about how she had moved on but now realizes that Veer never had, and that’s why he kept calling her about getting Vansh’s treatment done. The cop then asks her about what happened on the day of the murder, and if she saw the gun going off. She then tells him that Vansh had called her that morning, wanting to tell her about something he had found out about somebody. But by the time she reached there, he was lying on the ground hurt with Veer next to him, gun in hand. Ichcha cries that she knows that Veer killed Vansh.

Jogi asks the cop to please stop questioning for today and come back another day. But the cop asks Ichcha one last question, whether Veer was in love with her. Ichcha says yes. The cop leaves and Damini takes Ichcha upstairs. Nani passes her usual rude comment, but Jogi warns her to behave herself.

In the Bundela house, Taps is making tea and is dreaming while her phone rings. Chanda enters to get water and reminds Taps about her phone. Taps ignores the call, seeing its from Sid. The phone rings again and Chanda goes forward to see it, but Taps grabs it away, saying it’s her mom’s call. Chanda leaves. Taps goes to Veer’s room to give him tea. Veer apologizes for last night, saying he was not in his senses. Taps tells him that they are husband and wife and he need not say sorry. He reminds her that he doesn’t love her, and leaves. Taps is furious. She tells herself that Veer came once to her for her support, and she’s sure he’ll come back again as long as Ichcha’s hatred for Veer remains strong as ever. She vows to make sure Ichcha continues to hate Veer. She checks her phone when she gets a text from Sid. In the message, he asks her to remember if she forgot anything that day at the crime scene because he has a proof with him. Taps suddenly remembers losing the dupatta. She is worried. End.

Thursday Update on True Love July 19 Glow Tv