Thursday Update on Young Love July 19 Glow Tv

Thursday Update on Young Love  Glow Tv

July 19 Episode

Sumitra and Anandi are still talking on skype and Sumi telling Anandi she wants her to be happy now. She is strong and should remain so. Sumitra states that she is upset that Jagat is her son and why Anandi wasn’t her daughter instead. She wants Anandi to be strong again and wants to remember a smiling Anandi.

Police Inspector talking to Shiv about signing papers. DS apologises that they are keeping him from her duties. Shiv states that he is thankful to them for letting him help Anandi as Anandi would not have let him help. Anandi comes in with the laptop and gives it back to Shiv and thanks him, Shiv states he didn’t do anything

Anandi states the idea was Shiv’s therefore she is thankful and it meant a lot, Shiv replies that she found it meaningful is enough. Bhairon gets a phone call and it’s the lawyer telling them to go to court, Shiv takes his leave, and everyone gets ready.

Anandi is sitting at court and recalling Sumi, she thinking that he got happiness and sadness in equal quantity, but still the memories and him bring a smile to her face, she recalls her past scenes with Jagat. DS thinking about when Anandi first came she never imagined that this day will come and she will see Anandi like this, she recalls Anandi coming to haveli for the first time and other scenes. Bhairon thinking why Jagat is doing this and why did he bring happiness to her to only take it away. DS goes to Anandi and Anandi asks DS that she must lots of memories of Jagat, and he must have loved DS the most like she did and how will she manage to forget the memories

DS explains she wont be able to forget jagat nor any other members, but with what he did those memories wont remain at heart, and when the feelings are gone the memories are no longer sweet and only remain memories in a corner. DS tells Anandi to not look back at the memories and to look forward and make new relations, not everyone is like Jagdish. Lawyer comes stating that they are next but Bhairon thinking Jagat is not there yet, he makes a call to Jagat and a police officer picks up the call and states that Jagat is in jail as he got drunk and misbehaved with an officer as well. They will only let jagat out on assurance. Bhairon informs family what happened and they need to go to the police station, he asks the lawyer for a extension for the time being.

Gauri is worried why Jagat is not picking up the calls and wonders what is happening. She thinks to call either Bhairon or Anandi but dismisses it. She seems worried. She thinks that they could be in court and it’s the hearing time.

Shiv wondering if the divorce has happened. Police call and state that family are coming to release the prisoner and it would be helpful if Shiv comes and signs the papers, Shiv agrees that he will come

Singh family arrive at the police station, Bhairon is hesitant to say he is Jagdish’s father. Bhairon is asked to sign papers which he doesn’t want to so Anandi says she will, officer asks who she is and if she is the wife that he is off to divorce, he states this is the first time he is seeing the women who a guy is about to divorce giving security assurance. Police officer telling Jagat to learn to control himself, Anandi signs the document. Shiv arrives and is shocked, at first Anandi looks angry but once the officer explains Anandi looks down as if she is embarrassed. Officer explains how Shiv didn’t file a case, DS explains that Jagdish is Anandi’s husband and Shiv is shocked. Jagat is looking angrily at Shiv.