Monday Update on True Love 19th October 2020


Monday Update on True Love 19th October 2020

The new guy checks the bomb in his bag in some other compartment. He gets a call from his boss. Tell me when to blast it. Fida, my wife, will do the blast. She will be the Fidayin (female suicide bomber).

Police inspector is interrogating a guy about the suspicious lady (Fida). He shows him a pic asking him to recognize the lady in the picture. You only had sold him a ticket in black. The guy explains that he sells it for money. He doesn’t do a background check. Inspector slaps him for being so careless as he has put several people’s lives at risk. He asks for details. The guy replies that that lady had booked tickets for three destinations – Jammu, Jaipur and Jaunpur. She said she was going on honeymoon with her husband. Inspector tells his constables to alert the teams of all these 3 locations. I wonder where the blast will take place and how many people will lose their life. All the passengers including Meethi and Damini from the Jammu Express train are shown.

Rathore is sure he will find Meethi. Mukku is sad thinking they had just met and now all this has happened. Tappu doubts Maiyya. Rathore has spoken with Akash. He realised that there were some differences regarding a baby. I don’t want to know what it is. I only want to go there and I am sure if we will all sit and talk then everything will be alright.

Fida wonders what God wants. I have become your friend in a few hours. She and Meethi affirm that they will remember this friendship for life. Meethi asks her what she does. Fida and her husband are alert. Fida answers that she is a Fidayin, a suicide bomber. All three of them are shocked by her answer. Fida continues to stare at her but then breaks into a smile. Meethi agrees that she was scared. Fida says I have accepted you my friend by heart. Meethi still doesn’t like this joke. Fida comments that life has made a joke of her. Fida’s husband wants to talk to her so she excuses herself for a minute. He leaves with his bag with Fida following her. they both stand near the door and talk.

Meethi finds it odd. Fida’s husband talks, behaves so strangely. What’s in his bag that he cannot leave it behind? Fida is so friendly while he (isn’t). Damini finds Fida like a riddle. She says something but the meaning is altogether different.

Fida’s husband holds her hand lovingly at first and then pushes her outside a little to scare her. Damini coughs. Meethi decides to get water from pantry. Fida is reminded about their mission. Meethi is heading towards them only. We are Fidayin who cannot befriend just about anybody. Fida remembers her mission well. I am ready to forsake my life for you, for our love. I haven’t forgotten that I am a suicide bomber. He tells her to focus on their mission. Heaven’s door has been opened for us. She assures him she wont be shaky while dying. He looks away. She tells him what Meethi had said about not making someone loose their focus for your sake. He is irked by Meethi’s name. Who is she? You can see logic in her words when you have just met her? Meethi reaches there and is concerned for Fida. Is everything alright? Fida’s husband leaves with her bag.

Sankrant gets tickets for Akash and Rathore. Maiyya tells Akash to think one more time. Meethi has left on her own. What’s the point of going after her now? He is sure his love is strong enough. I will reach no matter where she is. Servant brings a cd for him. maiyya and her sisters look worried. Pavitra takes the cd and tells a lie. She diverts his attention telling him to leave as he is getting late. Sankrant and Kajri go to drop him till the gate. Gomti was scared what if the truth was out. Maiyya isn’t worried about herself as the relation is over.

Ali Maula plays as the scene shifts on Meethi, Damini and Fida. Meethi remembers when Akash had confessed his love to her for the first time. Fida looks lovingly in her husband’s direction. Meethi is lost in thoughts about Akash wanting his own baby and how she could never become a mom. Fida’s husband leaves with his bag. Fida simply gets up and follows him while Damini and Meethi look on in wonder.

Jogi blames himself for everything. Nani tells him against it. Why to blame ourselves when someone has left on their own will? Hope they are fine wherever they are. But right now we should worry for Mukta. She is our own kid. We treated Meethi like our own. If she would have thought the same way then she wouldn’t have left us like this. Mukku and Kanha tell her to stop. Nani tells him that she isn’t talking to them but Jogi. Both Damini and that Meethi are selfish. Kanha cannot take it anymore and tells Jogi thus. If she says one more word then I too will leave this home. Nani doesn’t care. Jogi requests Nani to be quiet. Tappu tells her what Akash’s Maiyya had told her. She said maybe you said something to Ammo or Meethi which hurt them badly. Nani calls Ekadish chameleon. Rathore ends the discussion his style as it is of no use. He and Jogi leave for the airport. Divya takes Nani aside.

Divya tells her to be quiet. Nani finds her weird. Your husband is shedding tears for a maid and you are telling me to be quiet. I am like this only. Blunt but what I say is truth. You too know this. Damini could have told you before leaving this house if you were so much to her. Even a tenant does that. Nani doesn’t wait for a reply and leaves before Divya can say anything.

Damini finds something odd. Fida is too good but her husband (is not). I find something weird the way he is talking to Fida. He doesn’t look like a good man. He never looks in the eye when he talks. He is acting like a thief. Meethi tells her to let it be. What do we have to do with someone else’s married life! She gets emotional as she thinks about her life. It is enough that we got a good friend to talk to. We will anyways head to our individual chosen paths. How far is Jammu?

Fida is told that they are very close to Jammu now. It is our target. You will wear this bomb and blast this compartment while I will be in the fourth compartment from this one. You have to press this red button as soon as we reach Jammu. Remember that there should be no mistake. We will die together for our mission. There is only some time left for us to be together again in heaven. She is all passionate to do anything for their love. he vows to live and die together for their mission. She nods.

Jogi and Sankrant have come to drop Akash and Rathore at the airport. Jogi wishes best of luck to Akash as this will be the toughest test he will have to bear to get Meethi. My blessings are with you. Sankrant wonders what if Meethi and Damini get down before reaching Jammu. Jogi is sure Damini is taking Meethi to Vaishno Devi. There is no other reason for them to go to Jammu. Akash will reach there earlier so he will head to station directly from there. The train will take much more time in reaching Jammu.

Fida comes back to her seat. She asks Meethi about their plan to go to Katra. They both nod. She tells them that a road outside the station has been affected. Why don’t you get down at Nangla as you can get direct conveyance for Katra from there! Both the ladies are confused. Meethi asks her how she knows about Jammu. Fida lies that her husband had told her. His friend told him. We will anyways get down at Jammu for we have to catch another train. You will get down at Nangla right? I wont misguide you as I have considered you my friend. She keeps asking them the same question again and again. Meethi agrees but notices the emotions / tears in Fida’s eyes. They are concerned for her. fida repeats her suggestion. Her husband takes his seat again. The tea vendor comes to give him tea but he finds it too sweet and gets angry.

Fida is worried about his behaviour. He again leaves with his bag but something drops from his pocket this time. Meethi notices and tries to call out to him but he doesn’t care. Meethi gives the sim card to Fida. Flashback is shown where Fida is explained its significance. This sim card carries the master plan to ruin India. Flashback ends. Meethi is curious if it contains something important. Fida nods. She asks them if they are all set to get down at Nangla. The train will stop for 2 minutes only. They only have two suitcases to pick. Fida wont let go of the opportunity to help her friend. Police constables come in to check the compartment and Fida looks worried. She is relieved as soon as they are gone but Damini feels something ominous. Fida’s husband comes back and smiles at her. He signals her to come with him. she gets up and follows him.

He boosts Fida saying that the police will only check their bags not them. She nods. He helps her in wearing the bomb. She isn’t scared to die as they will be leaving together. She gives him the sweater that she has made for him. it is very cold in heaven. He takes it from her and gives her something to wear over the bomb. He touches her face and she closes her eyes with pain / happiness. Ali maula plays in the background. He walks out from there and she looks at the clothes in her hand and the bomb.

Meethi is lost in thoughts and is crying silently. Suddenly an announcement brings her out of her reverie. They are about to reach Nangla.

Fida is wearing a kurta over the bomb and looks at the people in the compartment as she passes by. She comes back to her seat. Meethi points out at her clothes and compliments her on her beauty.

Train reaches Nangla station. Meethi wants to hug her but Fida cannot do it this time. If life gives me another chance then I certainly will. Meethi will always remember her. fida too has learnt a lot from her. I wish I will be able to follow it. they bid goodbye to each other. Damini and Meethi get down at the station. Fida is sad to see them go. Meethi runs off to get pakoras for Fida as she loves it. police are at alert too.

Fida’s husband parts from her to go to the fourth compartment from hers. She nods.

Meethi takes pakoras and goes inside to give them to Fida. She is shocked to see Meethi and is touched to see that Meethi has brought pakoras for her. Fida removes her taveez and ties it around Meethi’s hand. Remember that thousand lives can be saved. Train honks. Damini is worried for Meethi and goes to look for her but collides with Fida’s husband. He takes the stairs without caring for Damini. The train starts. Meethi is still inside it. Her dupatta gets stuck so she pulls it off. Damini looks at the moving train in shock. Meethi comes till the door but the train has gained speed. Damini and Meethi shout for each other. Fida’s husband stops at the stairs to take one last look at the departing train. Damini is running with the train. She shouts at Meethi that she will meet her at Jammu. Train leaves. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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