Monday Update on Complicated Love 19th October 2020


Monday Update on Complicated Love 19th October 2020

Mauli asks how one can betray a friend who helped her in her bad times. She believed Nandini could do anything for her, but could she betray her as well? Nandini explains she couldn’t realize when it happened. Mauli says she had been the cheapest of people existent on the world if she did it deliberately. Nandini turns her face away crying. Mauli asks why she turned her face. She must reply why she betrayed a friend who supported her in her worst time.

She holds Nandini’s hand asking weren’t they best friends? Nandini only cried. Mauli jerks her hand away saying she can’t believe it’s the same girl she met at the age of ten, and considered like a sister. She always considered her friend for life, and never knew she would be her worst enemy and would snatch her world from her. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen between her and Kunal, but she breaks every connection between herself and Nandini. She held their childhood photo and tears it into pieces, throwing them onto Nandini’s face.

She swears to the Fire burning in the nearby temple, and ends up everything between herself and Nandini. From now onwards, Nandini is the woman who ruined her life, and snatched her husband from her. She walks away from Nandini.

At home, Mauli walks towards Kunal who still lay on the couch injured and unconscious. Mamma was asleep on the same couch. Mauli sits beside him. Kunal dreams about his fight with Rajdeep. Mauli was about to touch Kunal’s forehead when he utters Nandini’s name. Mauli backs up furiously.

The next morning, Nandini was in her room. She decides to leave a message for Kunal, but deletes it thinking someone else might read the message. It would put him in trouble. She thinks about giving a missed call, then jerks the idea again. She wonders what to do, she is much worried.
Mauli sat in the window of the balcony. Dida signals Mamma who comes to place a hand over Mauli’s shoulder. On the breakfast table, Mamma makes a sandwich for Mauli. Dida and Mamma insist on her to eat it. Mauli holds the sandwich. Kunal walks out of the room then. Mauli recalls him uttering Nandini’s name even in unconsciousness. She walks into the room. Kunal tries to stop her but Mamma interrupts him not to converse with her. She didn’t allow Kunal to call her as Mamma as well. Dida also goes to her room annoyed.
Sweety finds Jyoti in the market. She gives Jyoti a hint about Kunal’s vulgar act, she feels bad for Mauli who is the pitiful. Jyoti wasn’t ready to listen to a single word against Kunal. Sweety says Kunal had an affair with that Nandini under Mauli’s nose, and here she is defending that vulgar son in law. She must have loved her daughter more than her son in law in life. It’s Jyoti’s fault as well, what were she, Dida and Kunal’s mother doing when Kunal was having an extramarital affair?
Mauli tears her and Kunal’s photos in the room. Kunal comes in and tries to snatch them from her. Mauli asks why? This was all a lie only, they as a smiling couple. Kunal snatch the photos saying it’s not a lie. Mauli says if it was true, they wouldn’t have been in such condition. She turns to leave. Kunal requests her to stop, he needs to speak. The photos she just torn were all true, they were a happy and best couple. He never realized when he fall astray. He was ready to bear any punishment from her, except for calling those moments a lie. Mauli turns towards Kunal, tears fell off her eyes. She was about to speak when Kunal’s phone bell rings. Mauli watch it was ‘Nandini’ calling.

Jyoti comes to Mauli’s house. Mauli walks out of her room crying. Jyoti says she already warned her, she always doubted Nandini’s intentions but her daughter might have got some sense now. Mamma asks Jyoti to sit and speak calmly. Jyoti blames Mamma for supporting Mauli and giving refuge to Nandini in their house. Mamma asks why is she scolding Mauli, she is already distressed. Jyoti says Kunal is a man, he is used to astray whenever his needs aren’t meant at home. Kunal had walked out of the room and hear this conversation. Mauli accepts her mistake, she must have taken care of Kunal more than she did. Kunal asks Jyoti not to scold Mauli, he is at wrong. Mauli was a blessing for this house, and did her best here. Its better she doesn’t blame Mauli, but scold him. Jyoti suggests Mauli to compromise with Kunal. Dida asks Jyoti to let them understand the matter and resolve the issues. Jyoti takes her bag to leave, suggesting Mauli that she must save her house. Mauli was crying.
Nandini await Kunal’s call and was worried what if his condition had worsened. She wonders what Mauli must be going through. Its all because of her. She comes to the temple corner in her house and prays for help, she can no more bear the pains. Not everyone must be punished for her sins.
Mauli sat on a couch with blank eyes. Mamma bring tea for Dida and Mauli. She goes to get tea for Kunal. Mauli wipes her tears thinking about Jyoti’s suggestion to compromise with Kunal. She asks Mamma to let her take tea for Kunal. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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