Tuesday Update on Young Love 20th October 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 20th October 2020

Deenu seeing smoke coming out from the hut and thinks if it catched fire. He runs inside the hut and finds Akhiraj burning the cows dung to make magical vabhoot. He says it is cheapest medicine to make, and is not harmful too. Deenu says you take it out through magic. Akhiraj says it is a trick. Nimboli shows the toy animals to Shivam and plays with him. Shivam recalls his bad behavior with her and feels bad. He recalls Dadisaa informing him that Nimboli is Nandini, his sister. Shivam looks at her. Nimboli says she kept these toys safely which was gifted to her when she was small. Shivam says I haven’t seen these toys before and asks her to bring it to Jaitsar. Nimboli gets sad and says she doesn’t know when will Mangla bring her to Jaitsar. Shivam says I will ask my mum to talk to Mangla. Mangla comes and stops him. She asks Nimboli if you want to go to Jaitsar. Nimboli nods no, and says she don’t want to go without Maa. Mangla asks Shivam to wait few more days.

Akhiraj tells Deenu that he will hide the tablets between his fingers and will shake his hand and makes it a powder. Deenu says you are magical and great. Akhiraj laughs at the blind faith of the people. Kamli says she wanted to come, but she has some work. Anandi asks her to tell the way to Anand’s baba. Mangla and Nimboli comes out. Kamli says Mangla will go with you. Mangla refuses. Nimboli insists to go with them. Mangla agrees and says she will come. Nimboli asks her to come. Harki thinks to alert Akhiraj and goes out of house. Nimboli and others sit in the car and leave. Harki comes to Akhiraj’s hut through the jungle. Nimboli, Anandi, Dadisaa, Mangla and Shivam come in the car. Akhiraj sees Harki. He then sees Anandi coming with others, and gets tensed. Harki alerts him. They sit down.

Akhiraj gets silent. His devotee asks who he has become silent. Akhiraj starts his pravachan and is scared. Anandi gets suspicious. Dadisaa asks what happened to you? anandi says I have heard his voice before. Akhiraj asks them to do work with calm mind and increase love. Shivam and Nimboli laughs hearing him talking wrongly. He says I mean to say Ahinsa is good. Deenu asks them to take his blessings one by one. He blesses everyone. Anandi folds her hand. Akhiraj says Kalyan ho. Harki says it is Akhiraj’s test now as he has to hide his anger. He tells Anandi that your happiness left incomplete in this world and you have sacrificed something to do big. Dadisaa asks him to bless her daughter and asks when will her troubles end. Akhiraj says when she dies. Everyone is shocked.

Akhiraj says she is a maa, and the troubles attached with her kids will go after her death. He gives them cow dung’s powder as prasad. Anandi takes it. He gives to Dadisaa also.
Deenu asks them to go as others are waiting to take his blessings.

They come back home. Kamli says I will make tea for you all. Anandi says I came to drop them. Nimboli says she will return to Jaitsar. Mangla says I will take you to Jaitsar. Dadisaa says we will come and take you both. Kamli greets them. Dadisaa asks Nimboli to take care. Nimboli hugs Anandi. Shivam emotionally hugs her. Nimboli waves them bye and gets sad. Kamli looks at Nimboli. Nimboli asks when we will go to jaitsar. Mangla says very soon and take her inside. Kamli senses something is wrong.

Harki coming to meet Akhiraj. Akhiraj asks why did you come to meet me. Harki says I came here after Deenu went. Akhiraj asks why did you come here? Harki removes blanket. Akhiraj is stunned to see her in colored clothes. Harki says so much time have passed and you didn’t blessed me. Akhiraj hugs her. Harki cries. Akhiraj says my blessings are with you for forever. He says I will give you something today. He gives her a bundle of notes. Harki asks if this money is for me. Akhiraj says this is for you and Kundan and says he will be happy. Kamli says he will be happy.

Jagya and Dr. Anant do a case study of a child. Shivam and Anandi come back. Dr. Anant asks how is your sister? Shivam says she said that she will come with her Disa. He goes to talk to Abhi and Mannu. Dr. Anant says he will go and make the arrangements for operation. Jagya asks if they met Anand maharaj. Dadisaa says he was good. She gives him vabhoot. Anandi tells Jagya that she felt strange meeting him and felt as hearing him before. Jagya says you haven’t met him before. Anandi says that is what I was thinking. Jagya asks her to rest. Harki comes to Kundan and asks what he is searching? Kundan says he is searching for 20 Rs. note. Harki says I will give you money. Kundan says don’t give me change. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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