Monday Update on True Love 19th October 2020

Monday Update on True Love 19th October 2020

Akash’s flight is on its way to Jammu.

Akash and Rathore are on their way to Jammu railway station. Ali maula plays. Damini takes her bags and heads for Jammu. Meethi is at the door only. Fida comes and Meethi tells her that she couldn’t get down at Nangla. Fida looks sad as she recalls what she has to do as they approach Jammu. Meethi notices the look on her face.

Damini, Akash and Fida’s husband are on their way to Jammu.

Fida seeks forgiveness from Meethi which confuses her. Damini reaches Jammu. Meethi’s train is about to reach Jammu station. Fida is holding the control of the bomb as the train is shown to be approaching Jammu station. Akash and Rathore are still on their way. Fida’s husband is all smiles as he looks at the time.

The train blasts just when it is about to reach the station. Everyone at the platform starts running. Damini is shocked to see it. she screams for Meethi.

Damini is worried for Meethi and goes to look for her but collides with Fida’s husband. He takes the stairs without caring for Damini. The train starts. Meethi is still inside it. Her dupatta gets stuck so she pulls it off. Damini looks at the moving train in shock. Meethi comes till the door but the train has gained speed. Damini and Meethi shout for each other. Fida’s husband stops at the stairs to take one last look at the departing train. Damini is running with the train. She shouts at Meethi that she will meet her at Jammu. Train leaves.

Damini reaches Jammu station. Meethi’s train is about to reach Jammu station. Fida closes her eyes as she recalls her husband’s words about their mission.She is holding the control of the bomb as the train is shown to be approaching Jammu station.

The train blasts just when it is about to reach the station. Everyone at the platform starts running. Damini is shocked to see it. She realises that Meethi is inside it and calls out for Meethi in shock / despair. Title track plays as she recalls seeing Meethi in that very same train at Nangla station. She is holding out her hand toward the train. Akash and Rathore reach there just then. They too are shocked to see the train in flames. Someone pushes Damini while running and Rathore rushes to help her. read full updates daily only at He calls out for Akash and they are relieved to see her. She is crying. Akash asks for Meethi.

She tearfully points out at the burning train. Both the men look at it in shock. She tells them what happened. Flashback plays showing how Meethi got inside the compartment once again at Nangla. I kept on telling her to come fast but why did I let her go! Akash isn’t ready to believe that something has happened to his Meethi and tells her thus but she is very dizzy. Akash helps her in sitting while Rathore brings water for her. she looks at them and at the train in shock. She reprimands herself for letting Meethi go. They assure her that nothing would have happened to Meethi. we will find and bring her back. They run towards the train after telling her to wait for them there only. Damini keeps crying for Meethi.

Tappu is watching the news. She calls out for everyone. They all are shocked to see the news about train blast in Jammu Express. The blast was huge and has affected 4 compartments. There is no possibility of any alive person in those 4 compartments. They realise that Meethi was in the same train. Maiyya’s family is watching the news as well. Even Maiyya is worried for Meethi. Was she in this train? Tappu tells her dad to call Mr. Rathore. Divya tells Mukku and Tappu to calm down.

There is a possibility that they might not have boarded this train after all. Akash’s phone is switched off and so is Rathore’s. They are really worried now. Mukku fears the worst. Nothing will happen to Meethi. Nani calms her down. Damini is with Meethi and God hears her prayers very soon. Nothing will happen to Meethi don’t worry. Jogi is unable to send a message to them even. Seems like the network has been jammed. He decides to call Damini. They continue to watch the news.

Fida’s husband is in a bus and is all smiles while recalling the blast.

News reporters throng the minister of the state with questions. Bomb squad, police, ambulance is all around. AKash wants to go to the train on his own but no one lets him go. He shouts at them trying to make him understand his situation but in vain. Damini cries for her granddaughter.

Police inspector tries to make people understand the need of the hour as the victims have to be taken to hospital asap. Damini remembers her last moments with Meethi and how she was cutting all her ties with Akash and her hopes of coming back to him ever again.

Maiyya and Sankrant come to Thakur House. They too are very much worried for Meethi. We continue to call but they are not reachable. Jogi tells him about the jammed network. Maiyya is sad at the turn of events. Mukku tells her to stop her drama as Meethi left because of her only. Divya and Tappu try to calm her down but Mukku continues. I know Maiyya is very clever. She must have done something which would have forced Meethi to leave her home. Jogi tells her to stop. Both the families should be together this time and not against each other. He apologizes on Mukku’s behalf.

Tappu gets a call from Rathore. She asks for Damini and Meethi. he tells her to put the phone on loudspeaker. He tells them that they are at Jammu station only. You would surely have seen the news about a bomb blast here. Jogi confirms. Damini and Meethi were not in that train, right? Rathore replies that they both were together only. We have found Ammo. She got down one station earlier and is fine. Jogi asks about Meethi. What has happened to her? Rathore tells them that they haven’t found her yet but we will find her. Ammo is perfectly fine and we know that Meethi too will be. We are going to look for her now and we’ll call you later. They are shocked / puzzled as to why is Meethi not with Damini. Maiyya is in tears as she remembers how Meethi agreed to go out of Akash’s life for her. Mukku feels dizzy. Everyone rushes to her side.

The rescue operation work is on in full swing. Reporters are updating everything every now and then. Rathore and Akash continue to look for Meethi in every tent but in vain. They show Meethi’s photo to everyone but no one has seen her.

Rathore notices the sadness on Akash’s face. He is sad for he couldn’t find Meethi anywhere. Rathore tells him not to cry or give up. You cannot break like this. We have to find Meethi. Look at me, you cannot give up. You will find Meethi.


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