Monday Update on Cost of love 10th May 2021


Monday Update on Cost of love 10th May 2021

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JD getting angry seeing ahaan and Pankti on news. He breaks the glass and scolds the glass. He says just Pankti and I will be paired, Ahaan will get nothing. He sees Sheetal and gets frustrated. He leaves. Pankti sings Tu aashiqui…. and smiles. JD switches off the tv and shouts on everyone that Sheetal is ill. He asks them how can they see Pankti, she is responsible for Sheetal’s state. Ahaan says the day was good, you will become good singer soon. Anita says Pankti is my investment, and investment always grows.

Ahaan stares at her. Anita says I mean, our investment, she has a good voice. Ahaan hugs Pankti and says I will come to meet you soon, I love you. She says I love you too, take care of Sheetal.

JD asks don’t you love Sheetal. Aparna says we do, so we are here, but you reached studio, you would have cried there right, don’t cry. She asks Manav for the kerchief. She gives kerchief to JD to wipe his tears. JD says you don’t know we have to do much for work, we all have dual face. She asks him what’s his real face, if he is crying for Sheetal or if he is the one who made Pankti a mistress. He shouts Aparna. Sheetal moves her hand. Nurse sees her.

Manav says I know you weren’t forced to come there, when everyone knows Sheetal’s state. Vikram says maybe JD himself went there to become the judge, maybe he felt he can go to Pankti as mom is ill. JD slaps him. They get shocked. JD says remove me from your life if you think I m responsible for this. Ahaan comes and asks will this change the truth. Vikram says this happened because of you and Pankti. Ahaan says stop it Vikram else…. Vikram asks what else, you love such a girl who changes men like clothes, you are feeling bad now, what will happen when she shuffles between your and dad’s bedroom. Ahaan says shut up and punches his face. Vikram also beats him. Aparna and Manav stop them. JD looks on.

Nurse comes and says Sheetal’s body has a movement. They all get shocked and run upstairs. Ahaan asks Sheetal to open her eyes. Nurse talks to doctor. JD comes and asks nurse to do something. He talks to doctor. Doctor says don’t worry, this happens, no need to do anything. JD asks will Sheetal get fine. Doctor says it will happen as you want, she won’t come out of coma, just pass the fees to me. JD says don’t worry for money, make Sheetal fine, thanks. He asks Sheetal to open eyes. Poorva talks to Monty on call and says thanks, I m very happy for Pankti.

Monty says I have a good news, Jaishri production house wants to meet Pankti, she will sing title track in their next film. She gets glad. He asks for something. She says you have everything. He says I was talking about your love, I m happy to know that I have your love already. Aparna sees nurse giving injection and asks what’s in it. Nurse says doctor suggested this. Aparna says why is it not affected. JD recalls doctor’s words, that Sheetal’s state will get bad by the medicine. Aparna says wait, let me check. She stops the nurse.

JD says Manav, explain Aparna to trust doctor. Manav says let them do their work, its not the right time. JD smiles. Nurse asks them to go out and let madam rest. Ahaan sees Sheetal. Anita takes Pankti’s pics. Pankti asks her to stop it. Anita says get habitual, stars have to get many pics clicked, its special moment of first success, when my first film released, people ran after me with cameras, I was worried, but you don’t worry, else Lord takes everything back. Poorva comes and says Pankti’s stardom will get permanent, Monty said Pankti may sing in next film of Jaishri productions. Anita says I was also going to do a film for them, its fine, my daughter will get this chance. She hugs Pankti. She says you won’t need anything now. She goes to get sweets.

Poorva asks Pankti to tell Ahaan, call him, he will be happy. Anita says if Pankti gets this break, she won’t need to look back, I won’t need to bear JD’s torture, I have to get Pankti out of JD’s clutches. Aparna asks Ahaan was his behavior good with Vikram. Ahaan says he said bad about Pankti. She says this had to happen, people will talk against her, what will you do. He says I will fight with everyone.

She says there is just one way to shut up people, success, just support her. Vikram comes and says fighting is of no use, I have no problem with Ahaan, but I won’t leave Pankti. Ahaan raises hand. Aparna stops him. Vikram says forget that girl, everything will get fine. Pankti calls Ahaan. Vikram says tell her that you have nothing to do with her, you love Sheetal right, end this right away.

Ahaan refusing to leave Pankti. Richa asks Vikram to come with her, its not the time to discuss all this. She calms down Vikram. He says mom is in this state because of Pankti. She says mom needs us. He says I know, I don’t like Pankti, Ahaan finds me his enemy, am I so bad. Richa says no, you are very nice so I love you, don’t get angry. She hugs him. Vikram smiles wickedly. Poorva and Anita surprise Pankti. Pankti sees the cake and smiles.

Anita jokes that she has recently become a mum. She hugs them. Pankti cuts the cake. She gets happy and hugs Anita. Aye dil…plays…. Pankti goes to check at the door and closes eyes to talk to Ahaan. Ahaan reads her message and smiles. Pankti opens arms for Ahaan. JD stares at her. She says our dreams are getting fulfilled Ahaan, Jaishri productions gave me a chance to sing. JD gets close and says congrats Babu. She opens eyes and gets shocked seeing him. He starts talking dirty and catches her. She asks what are you doing here. He reminds he is her owner. She says Ahaan has ended the deal, leave from here. Ahaan calls her. JD says I stayed away from you and you forgot your manners, I have to teach you manners again.

Ahaan tries calling her. Poorva says Pankti will get one crore by singing songs. Anita says we will make Pankti sing every day. Poorva says you started talking of money again. Anita says sorry, why is it so silent outside. JD drags Pankti to her room and plays loud music. He ties her to the chair. Pankti screams. Anita says what’s happening. Aparna sends nurse and sits with Sheetal. She checks the medicines box. Nurse comes back. Aparna sits back. Nurse says I forgot my phone and leaves. Aparna sees the medicine bottle and says if anything wrong is happening here, I will find it and not let you get hurt Sheetal.

Pankti asks JD to leave her. JD says I have to reform you. She reminds him the affidavit Ahaan submitted in court, if anything happens to her, he won’t get saved. JD says court, police and everything is in my pocket, I had come to give you something. Ahaan calls Pankti and Poorva. He says even Poorva isn’t answering, I have to go and see. Aparna comes and asks him to find out about the medicines, and not ask their doctor. She says I feel doctor is giving wrong medicines to Sheetal on JD’s orders. He asks her not to worry.

JD shows Holi colors and reminds their old time. Pankti cries. Anita says we shall go and see Ahaan and Pankti, they aren’t married yet, come. Poorva says please, if they know we are spying on them, what will they think, they would be just dancing. Poorva checks her phone and sees Ahaan’s missed calls. JD says you would remember everything right, you would be missing those moments right. Poorva says I got Ahaan’s missed calls, if he is inside, why would he call me. JD says I m ready to give any price for you, its a deal, now sing a song for me, but your voice will be exclusive for me. Poorva asks Pankti to open the door.

JD shouts and asks them to leave. Anita says please open the door, leave Pankti. He says shut up, else you will responsible for this. He asks Pankti to sing. Poorva says I will call Ahaan. JD stops the music. Ahaan talks to Aparna on call and says I checked this with other doctor, he said this medicine is fine for Sheetal. She says I still feel something is wrong. He asks her not to worry. JD applies colors to Pankti and wishes happy holi. He asks her to sing now. Ahaan throws the bottle. The wrapper comes out. Ahaan sees Poorva’s missed calls and calls back. She says JD is here…. He gets shocked.