Saturday Update on Evil Eye 8th May 2021


Saturday Update on Evil Eye 8th May 2021

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Piya touches Ansh and he gets a shock and a wound. Ansh tries to heal it but can’t. He touches Piya again and gets a shock. Piya says what is happening?

Naman tells Nishant that he is leaving but he will come back soon.

Piya gets ready for a hot black saree. Ansh comes and hoots. He brings a necklace for her, she says it’s very pretty but gets worried, he says nothing can stop us. He puts a necklace on her but gets a shock and falls away. Piya says we have to talk to Nishant about this.

They come downstairs to see a party for their anniversary. Ansh tells Piya to not let others know as they will get worried. Saanvi asks them to pose for a picture. Ansh touches Piya and gets a shock but he controls it and doesn’t show it. They stand together. Chitali asks them to cut a cake together. Ansh holds Piya’s hand and cuts a cake with her, they feed cake to each other. Piya comes to Nishant and asks him to come with her.

Piya tells Nishant and Saanvi about the shocking thing. Nishant says it used to happen when you were not married to him as he was an evil power but now there might be an evil power keeping Ansh away from you.

Piya’s maasi and her daughter come to Piya’s house. A mysterious man with the arrow mark on his neck is there. Piya’s cousin asks who is he? He puts them under a spell and says I am your husband now. Let’s go inside. Cousin says let’s go.

Nishant tells Ansh that if he is unable to heal the wound then power causing this is way more powerful than you. Piya says this is painful for Ansh, he is not showing any pain because of the family. Saanvi takes Ansh’s fingerprints on a dough. Nishant says we will test it.

At the party, Ansh and Piya dance tere liye without touching each other. A mysterious man comes there in a mask and looks at them. He uses his powers to create a crack in the floor. All are scared. Piya meets her Bua and greets her. Piya introduces her family to Bua. She comes to the mysterious man and says I didn’t recognize you, are you Ansh’s friend? Piya’s cousin comes there and says he is my fiance. A man takes off his mask and says I am Dev. Piya’s cousin Ruchi leaves from there. Dev pulls closer and says be careful, your one wrong step can take you away from your family, he shows her the crack in the ground. Piya is uncomfortable and leaves.

Nishant and Saanvi make a potion and puts it on Ansh’s fingerprints. Suddenly their dayan book pages start turning. Nishant says if its reacting then Ansh’s handprints had Devik protection embedded in it, this is a rare potion and only Devik can make it protect themselves from evil powers, I didn’t know Piya had it, Ansh is a davansh that’s why he can’t touch Piya. Saanvi says why would Piya use it against Ansh?

Piya tells the family about Ruchi and her playing in childhood. Ruchi says Saanvi used to not give her toys to me. Dev makes plants turn pink. Chitali says anything can happen in our house. Naman comes to Piya’s house. Nishant calls him and asks him to remain alert. Dilruba shows him devik protection liquid lying on the floor.

Dev comes to her and stabs her in the kitchen.. it all turns out to be Piya’s dream. He asks her if she needs this knife? He gives it to her. Ansh comes there and asks Piya to come. Piya is tensed and looks at Dev.

Bua tells family that she is arranging Ruchi and Dev’s wedding. Piya says she is very young, Bua says its good for her to marry. Bua says we will stay in a hotel. Vedsheree says Piya is like a daughter to us so you can stay here.

Piya tells Ansh that I feel Ruchi should understand her life first, she is very small. Ansh asks her to not worry, he is with her. He moves closer to her and tries to kiss her, labon ko plays. Piya shies away. They both look at each other. He is about to kiss her but kids come there and says the family is calling you.

Piya gets Nishant’s call. He tells her about the protective shield. Piya says there is nothing like that. Chitali takes a knife and sees its Piya’s knife. Ansh says its rejoined. Piya says there is another Devik and that person made it fine. Ansh says then why didn’t he meet Piya? Piya recalls Dev’s weird act and says I know who Devik is.

Naman asks Nishant if a man can be devik too? Nishant says yes but question is if there can be two deviks in one life.

Chitali says we don’t know for sure if Devik is Dev. Piya says we have to find out if he has a mark on his neck. Dev comes there. Chitali says we were thinking of a surprise for Ruchi. Ansh looks at Dev’s neck but can’t see the mark. Ansh offers him a new shirt.

Piya asks Ruchi when did she meet Dev’s family? Ruchi looks on. Flashback shows how Dev told her a story. Ruchi says we met him in a wedding and liked him.

Nishant says there is nothing written about another devik. Dilruba says you are looking in the witch book. Nishant says she is right, we have to look in the devik book.

Piya tells Ansh that Dev doesn’t seem normal. Piya says we don’t have proofs but I am sure that Dev is Devik, I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

The family goes with Dev and others for a function. They all stand in mandir to do the pooja. Nishant calls Piya and tells her he has a way to find out.