Sunday Update on My Identity 9th May 2021


Sunday Update on My Identity 9th May 2021

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Dayaben saying there is someone. Avni calls out Neil. Dayaben gets Avni’s bracelet and says I feel that Avni’s shadow touched me and passed. Avni says I was just following someone, look there, that man is always with Juhi. Neil gets angry. They hear Rangmahal’s doors will be open tomorrow. Ballu says you know women will come to take soil for Mata idol, you know that soil is taken from here. Neil and Avni come home. Neil says it means Juhi is there, she is in that hell, why did you go there, you know that place, you don’t know their profession, the dangers. She says sorry. Bebe comes and says I was so worried for you two. Neil goes.

Bebe says we will make Mata idol by hands for Durga puja. Avni thinks of Ballu’s words. Avni says I will get soil to make idol. Bebe asks her to wear such clothes sometimes, she is looking good. Neela asks Amol will he not have food. He says no, I had food in college canteen, I m feeling sleepy, I have to go for tests. He lies to her. Neela thinks why is this guy lying so much.

Avni messages her friend Madan. He replies he will get her audio tracking device. Neil comes. Avni asks what happened. He holds her hand and says sorry, don’t know what happened, I got angry seeing Ballu, I didn’t realize I have held your hand tightly, trust me, I didn’t wish to hurt you, sorry.

She says no need to say sorry, I know you can’t hurt me, you gave me a direction in life. He asks why do you take risk, I told you to stand near car, don’t think of going there again, I appreciate you have helped me a lot, its not safe to go there, this is my order, not a request, promise me, you won’t go there. She promises. He says I m sorry and goes. Madan messages her to meet outside.

Shweta asks Neil how did he leave from cafe suddenly. He says I got a lead and had to go. She says Ali is behind this. He says no, Ali is innocent, he is not dead, that dead body was to mislead us, Raghu pandit is behind this. He sees Avni going and says she went out again. Madan gives the packet to Avni. She thanks him and asks him to go. Neil comes and asks what are you doing here. She says I came out in fresh air. He says I m afraid to lose you. She says what can happen to me when you are there. He says Juhi also said this. She says don’t blame yourself. He says till I get Juhi and Ali free, I will not sit quiet, this case will end with Raghu pandit’s arrest. She thinks shall I tell him that I m going to keep audio tracking device in Juhi’s room. He asks her to let him handle this case, promise. She says yes.

Gurumaa comes to Dayaben to take help. They both argue. Dayaben says keep your diamonds, I just needed Meher to use her as bait to catch fish, I want Avni in rangmahal. Gurumaa says we both need each other, we will work together, join hands. They shake hands. Neil says we have to raid in rangmahal today, keep Avni away. DD says keeping an eye on her in too much. Neil says she can do anything to save me. Neil leaves. Avni looks on.

Amol says I m going college, I will get late. Neela looks on and follows him. Avni takes disguise of a dark complexion woman and leaves from the house. She reaches rangmahal and thinks none will see me in this crowd. Neil and DD study the case. Neil says why did Raghu pandit not do anything. Constable calls Neil and says Avni went out. Neil leaves.

Neela sees Amol. Gurumaa asks Juhi to accept rangmahal as her house. She throws ghungroo for her. Ali says how will I go out, Meher didn’t meet me, is Avni in any problem. Juhi dances on Hamesha tumko chaha…… and cries. Avni looks on. The people clap and throw money on Juhi. Ballu says our guest likes Meher and wants to do the deal. The man goes to Meher. Gurumaa stops him and asks him not to get angry, Meher is kohinoor of Rangmahal, wait for some days, till then she will be there, I will accept your token, so she is yours from now on. Ballu sees Avni and asks how did you reach here.

Avni saying I came to take some soil for making idol. Gurumaa says your husbands come here after evening and you suhaagans come here to take soil to make idols, don’t stay here for long, this is a place for Tawaif. Avni says none comes here by wish, even this girl would have not come here by her wish. Gurumaa says this is hell or heaven by perception, fate gets people here, this girl’s fate will take her somewhere. She asks Juhi to go and give soil to Avni. Amol comes to meet Dayaben in central jail. Neela thinks why did Amol come here. Constable asks Neela why did she come, he won’t let her go without permission. Neela says I m ACP Neil’s mum in law and tries calling Neil.

Juhi says you are so lucky, I have no family and house. Avni gives her an idol. Juhi gets glad. Gurumaa asks Avni to take soil fast and go. Juhi asks Avni who is she. Avni thinks to leave soon. Gurumaa asks Juhi not to go out and takes Avni. Juhi looks on and says who was this girl. She recalls Avni and Neil. She says Avni. Gurumaa says your eyes have a shine, I feel we have some connection. Avni thanks her and goes. Someone puts cloth on Avni and takes her. Avni says my husband is ACP, if he knows… She gets in lockup and sees Neil.

Neil thanks the staff. He asks Avni why does she invite danger. She says Juhi is in danger, listen to me once. He says try to understand why I m stopping you, you will be locked here till I catch Raghu pandit. She says we have less time to save Juhi, her deal is done. He gets shocked and asks what. She says yes, a woman has sold Juhi to a big client, that man will take her. He asks what. She says if I didn’t go there, we would have never known this, we have to save Juhi. He says no, I won’t let anything happen to Juhi. He frees Avni. He says I got peace after saving girls caught up in human trafficking racket, I feel ashamed that I couldn’t save Juhi, I have lost. He cries.

She consoles him. She says I understand how it feels to lose innocence, we can’t make her pain less, but its our duty to make her out of Rangmahal, you can never lose, we are together in this plan. He says we have to get info from there, but its tough to send informer there. She says I have kept an audio device, we will know everything, I have got that device from my friend, I have hidden it in Ganesh idol. He says planting audio device is a fraud. She says I know my way was wrong, but my intention was right, we have to get that pandit punished and free Juhi.

Dayaben says I was getting Meher free from Rangmahal, even then she cheated me and saved Avni. She checks her room and is about to see Neil and Juhi’s pic. Juhi comes there. Neil tries to connect to audio device. Juhi asks what are you doing here. Dayaben asks her the same. She scolds Juhi. Neil says why is sound not coming, did the device fail. Avni says don’t lose courage so soon. Neil says we have no clue to catch Raghu pandit, who is running this trafficking racket, tell me what did you see there. She tells him about Gurumaa, Juhi is always scared of her, Gurumaa has done her dealing.

They receive the audio. Ballu asks Juhi who has come here. Gurumaa comes and asks Juhi was she trying to run. Juhi says no. Gurumaa threatens to kill her. Avni says this is that woman’s voice. Juhi calls her pandit ji. Gurumaa says I m pandit, I don’t like turning back. Neil says it means pandit is a woman. Avni says it means she is Ragini pandit. Neil says maybe we were finding wrong identity till now. Avni says she can do anything, we have less time, we have to do something. Neil asks DD to get Ragini pandit’s info. Avni describes Gurumaa.

Neela says how dare Amol meet Dayaben, Avni has always managed him and this guy… Amol comes. She asks where did you go. He says college. She asks him to just say truth. He says to meet Dadi. She asks why. He says I doubt she tried to kill Neil, I lost my mum and dad, I just have my sister, I don’t want to lose Avni and Neil, I asked Dadi is she behind this. She asks are you saying truth. He says yes, I have stolen some money from your cupboard to get evidence, you can ask Neil, he was also there. She says fine, but you won’t hide anything from me. He promises and hugs her. He smiles.

Avni cooks food. Neil comes. She gets coffee for him. He says thanks, I worry for you a lot, I know you want to get Juhi freed. He feeds her. He says its imp to free Juhi, I always felt she is alive, but I can understand what you did for Juhi, I don’t know how to thank you, maybe there is someone like you in this world. She feeds him and stops him. She asks why did you lock me in police station. He thinks I started living after losing Juhi, but I get scared by the thought to lose you.