Saturday Update on My Identity 8th May 2021


Saturday Update on My Identity 8th May 2021

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DD telling Neil that he is following a lead and ending call. Neil says what lead, DD is not telling me. DD tells Avni that whenever he lies to Neil, she is with him. Ali scolds Juhi. She says you don’t know the life I have here, I also had a life and a lover, what did the dreams give me, this Rangmahal life, they snatched everything. Ali asks will you ruin other’s life. Dayaben thinks Gurumaa shouldn’t know I have sent her kohinoor. She says Amol will help you, come.

Juhi says if pandit ji knows I cheated her. Dayaben says none will tell her, we will come back soon. She fixes tape to Ali and goes with Juhi. Ali thinks Meher signed to tell Gurumaa about Dayaben’s plan. Neil says what’s happening, Avni is not answering. Shweta asks him to hurry up, it can get late for Shraddh. Dayaben calls Amol. He asks her to get that girl.

Ali makes the table fall. Ballu comes and asks what are you doing, do you want to say anything. Neil asks Avni where is she. Avni says I m fine, I can’t say anything. Neil moves and shraddh food falls down. Neil says sorry I have to rush. Shweta says I wanted to do Juhi’s shraddh so that her soul gets peace, crows have come but none is touching pind bhog, it means her shraddh got incomplete.

Ali gets hurt Gurumaa asks Ballu to get doctor for Ali, we have to keep him alive. Ali says Dayaben took Meher and left. Gurumaa shouts Dayaben, I will ruin you. Avni waits for Juhi at dargah. Amol looks for her. A lady asks Avni to think of one who is dear to her and make a mannat, it will get fulfilled. Avni thinks of Neil. The thread falls. Juhi holds it. Jo bandish thi……plays…. Avni and Juhi tie the thread. Amol asks Dayaben to wait, he will keep an eye. Juhi says there is big danger, come with me. Avni asks who are you. Juhi says Meher.

Avni says say truth, what’s your real name. Juhi says Meher, what else. Dayaben sees DD. Juhi says I need to talk something imp, come. Avni says no, tell me truth, maybe I can help you, we are in Lord’s house, say the truth, don’t lie. Juhi says you can’t help me, I have to help you, come with me, I have to tell you about your friend. Juhi sees Neil and recalls him. DD sees Neil. Dayaben says how did they reach here. Amol says Neil can see, come. DD thinks was it Dayaben. Juhi cries seeing Neil. She turns and leaves. Neil sees Avni and follows her. DD follows Amol. Amol asks Dayaben to sit fast. They leave in the car. DD runs to see and thinks why did I think she was Dayaben. He notes the car number.

Neil holds Avni and asks what are you doing here, what are you hiding, tell me. Avni calls out Juhi. Juhi stops and turns. Neil gets shocked seeing Juhi and cries. He sees Juhi and Avni on either sides. Avni stops Neil. Neil runs after Juhi. Juhi cries and runs away. Avni runs after Neil. Neil fails to stop Juhi. Juhi leaves in the car. Neil runs after the car and shouts. He cries. Ballu scolds Juhi. She cries thinking of Neil and shouts no. Ballu asks what happened. Neil says Juhi you are alive, how can this happen, how did I do such a big mistake, why did you run on seeing me, in which problem are you, I have to do something, this can’t happen, I won’t let this happen again. Avni says we can catch them.

Neil runs to his car. Avni says Neil, are you listening. Neil drives off. Avni cries. DD asks what happened, Neil didn’t take you along. She says I have to save Juhi, someone’s call was louder than mine, he didn’t hear me, we have to go police station. Neil checks fine and says its wrong. Constable says post mortem reports are here. Neil says I have seen Juhi. A man sees them. Avni comes. Neil asks Avni did she see Juhi, how did she know that Juhi is coming here, why did she not tell him, how can she hide such a big thing. He sees the staff and says sorry, I was in tension, I left you alone, forgive me, you can understand how many questions came in my mind seeing her alive. She says its okay, I can understand, I will answer you, we will find Juhi together, come with me, I will explain everything.

Neil asking DD to give Juhi’s accident case file. She says don’t know how is she, the number is not getting tracked. Avni calms him down and says we all want to reach Juhi. She checks some file. Neil looks on and thinks how are you so good, you are helping me knowing Juhi’s place in my life, you are trying to make me meet Neil. DD gives him coffee. He asks are you thinking the same, how can anyone be so good, if there was anyone else, she would have given divorce. Neil says she is helping me find Juhi, I know Juhi was much imp to me, but now Avni is in heart, none can take her place, Juhi was my past and Avni is my present and future.

Avni asks them to come. She says I did such research on tackling Dayaben too. She tells about spotting Juhi. Neil says you went to Jaguda and then got a message from Ali, you went there as you were called there to see some body like Ali, it was a show, like I was shown a body like Juhi. She says it means Ali can still be alive. Neil asks DD to call the lab, DNA report would have got ready, anyone can try to change report, tell lab incharge that just we will get the report.

Ballu gets Meher back. Gurumaa scolds Meher and holds her neck. Juhi cries and says first listen to me, you can then punish me. Ballu says that policeman Neil was running after her. Juhi recalls Neil. She says I was running from Neil and Avni, if I had to take help, I would have taken help from Neil, Dayaben has sent me there. Gurumaa gets angry, Dayaben and Amol are on the way. A man informs her about Neil getting in tension after seeing a girl. Dayaben says Neil may have seen Juhi, he can reach Ali and me. Amol says don’t take tension, I have paid a man to change reports. Neela calls him. He asks did reports come. She asks what reports, where are you. He says I m submitting project in college. She says why is he lying, he has just 10 % attendance, college has sent letter.

Amol meets the lab guy and thinks if Neil gets DNA report, they will reach Dadi. He sees fire alarm and rings it. Everyone runs. Neil asks Avni and DD to wait there, fire alarm can be fake. Neil reaches the lab and takes reports. Someone kidnaps Amol. Neil checks reports. Avni asks what is it. He says DNA report didn’t match Ali, it means he can be alive, it means Juhi’s reports were changed, we felt she is dead, its all my fault. He goes.

Avni goes to him and says it was not your mistake, don’t think much. Neil hugs her and says I couldn’t save her, don’t know how 5 years passed. She says think how can we save her, trust me, everything will be fine. Dayaben says I will ask Meher and Neil’s relation. She gets a call. Amol asks her to save him. Gurumaa asks her to come to Rangmahal if she wants to see Amol fine, else gets flowers for his funeral. Dayaben says I m coming, don’t do anything. Neil says we have to reach Jaguda fast, send DD to meet me. He sees Juhi’s pic. He sees Avni. He says don’t say you are coming with me, no, they are dangerous people, you have no experience, I can’t take risk. She says I have habit to take risk, I m coming together, we decided to go together. She says fine, you will consult and take decision. She nods.

Dayaben comes to Rangmahal. Gurumaa scolds her for using Meher for her work. She asks her to fall in her feet and apologize by keeping head. Dayaben keeps head in her feet and apologizes. She thinks let me find Meher’s truth, then we will see who touches whom’s feet. Neil, Avni and DD reach there.

Neil says Juhi and Ali can have risk, wait for my orders. He asks Avni not to go anywhere. Avni gets inside a car dicky. Gurumaa welcomes some men. Avni goes in. Dayaben says I will make Gurumaa pay for this, come. They leave. Avni passes by. Dayaben says I will go and see who is there, you go and hide. Dayaben goes to see. DD says there is much security guards, its tough to go in. Neil asks what’s here, why is there much security. Dayaben and Avni see each other and get shocked.