Friday Update on Cost of love 7th May 2021


Friday Update on Cost of love 7th May 2021

READ= Thursday Update on Cost of love 6th May 2021

JD insulting Pankti, Anita and Poorva by his dirty words. Pankti asks him to leave. JD says Sheetal is in this state because of you, and you are showing me attitude, you were talking to your lover boy right. Pankti shouts and says I m engaged now. She shows the ring. He asks really, then we will break it. He holds her hand to remove ring. He says your price is more than this, remove the ring, come on. Anita stops JD. He pushes Anita away. The ring doesn’t get off. Pankti says this is relation of love, linked to soul, you can never break this. JD repeats her lines and smiles. Anita says Pankti and Poorva will fight with every problems. JD taunts her for the training given to her daughters.

He says you think I don’t know anything, I have info about everything happening here, what does Pankti think that she is a free bird, she should also understand that I m a hawk, my eyes are always sharp. He sees Anita and goes. He calls someone and says whatever I said should happen. Richa asks did mom get such severe attack before. Vikram says no, we were perfect happy family, this happened because of Pankti. He throws the glass. She agrees with him. He says I will ruin her life now, Pankti will never get Ahaan, I won’t let this love story complete. She worries. He crushes the glass by his feet. Ahaan sits with Sheetal. He calls Pankti. Pankti asks Poorva to check. She gets ready. Poorva answers and says we got late, we are leaving.

Ahaan says okay, ask Pankti to call me, say best of luck to her, take care of her. Poorva says sure. Aparna comes and says Ahaan doesn’t trust anyone, he should be with Pankti. Ahaan says I won’t leave Sheetal. Aparna says I will be with Sheetal till you come back. Ahaan asks really. She says yes. He thanks her and goes. Vikram stops him and asks where are you going. Ahaan says Pankti has audition today. Vikram asks did your love for Sheetal end so soon, that too for that cheap girl. They argue. Vikram asks him to throw out Pankti from his life. Ahaan says don’t talk such about Pankti. Richa stops Vikram. Ahaan says time will show who will win and who will lose.

Poorva asks Pankti to go fast, all the best. Pankti goes for auditions. Pankti gets a note from Ahaan. She gets another note and reads you are the best, bestest…. the most bestest. She sees the person and asks what’s this. Ahaan turns to her. She smiles seeing him. He hugs her. He says I thought to explain you, you are the most bestest singer, I can’t praise you in words.

She asks how did you come here. He says mum has sent me, I wanted to cheer you, are you confident. She says yes, I will win or lose, but not run away. He says just talk of winning. Pankti comes for the audition on stage. Ravi welcomes her. He asks what’s wrong, if you get nervous, what will we do. Pankti talks to judges and says I m learning singing since childhood, but I had to leave singing mid way, I came here on my friend’s saying, he told me that this is the best stage to display talent. Everyone claps. Ravi calls Ahaan on stage. Ahaan comes there.

Ravi welcomes him. Ravi says we know everything about you, you are very popular, thanks for introducing new talent. Ahaan says rising star is big chance to connect to entire India, you will know why I got Pankti here. Vikram asks Kaira what’s happening. Kaira says I was seeing Pankti’s performance. He scolds her. He says mom loves you both like me, you don’t value her, Ahaan went with Pankti. Kaira says we all worry for Sheetal, its wrong that you blame Ahaan and Pankti. Richa asks is this right that Ahaan went to Pankti, we were happy till Pankti came here, mom clearly said she won’t accept Pankti. Manav asks them to stop it, Sheetal would get hurt hearing them. Ravi welcomes JD as special guest. Ahaan and Pankti get shocked seeing JD. Everyone looks on.

JD joining the judges. Kaira taunts Vikram. Manav stops her. Aparna worries. Anita says one can’t run from JD, he reaches anywhere. Ravi explains the rules to Pankti. Ahaan says JD is not judging this competition, entire India will make you win, chill and be confident, sing well. Vikram goes. Aparna prays for Pankti. Everyone sees her on tv. Pankti sings Tere liye…….Tu aashiqui….. Ahaan and everyone smile. Ahaan, Aparna, Manav vote for her. JD doesn’t give his vote. Ahaan looks on. Other two judges give their vote. Aparna says she needs 5 % votes to win. She prays. Shankar gives his vote to Pankti. Pankti wins. Everyone claps for her.

Aparna and Kaira smile. Anita says superstar daughter of superstar mom. Pankti cries. Ravi asks her to smile, congrats, she has won. He says Pankti wasn’t nervous, as Ahaan took away all the nervousness backstage. Ahaan comes and hugs Pankti. Ravi says experts have also given votes, except JD, why. JD says I see everything as business point of view, I didn’t like her voice, anyways if she has come in this industry, I would like to say Babu Dheere chalna zara sambhalna/go slow stay careful, there are many cheats in this way.

Ravi says India is with you, you can just run to your destination. Judges praise Pankti. Ravi says when Shankar likes a performance, he does a gesture. Shankar signs. Ahaan and Ravi dance. Pankti holds Ahaan’s hand and says he is the reason of my win, my life, when life gets tough, I keep fighting, don’t know why, he is the reason of that courage, of that hope, if I m Pankti, he is my tune, we are complete when we are together. Everyone claps. Ahaan hugs her. Ravi says you couldn’t win JD’s heart.

JD says big personalities have said this for Pankti, I can do just one thing. He goes to Pankti and wishes her all the best. Poorva and Monty congratulate Pankti. Girls take selfie with her. Poorva and Monty leave. Poorva gets a call from Anita. Anita says I have seen on tv, Pankti has won. Poorva says yes, she is with her fans. Anita says let her stay busy, I was planning surprise for her, I may take some time, I don’t have habits of good mum. Ahaan stops JD and asks him to click a pic of them. Pankti looks on.

JD gets angry when Ahaan and Pankti pose. Ahaan asks Pankti to smile now, she has won. JD clicks their pic. Ahaan taunts him. He asks how many hurdles will you pose in her way, you can’t stop her, accept your defeat, as I m standing by her, I will take her to the destination. JD sees them holding hands. Ahaan and Pankti leave. They come home. They get surprised seeing the party. Reporter says we will talk to rising star winner Pankti today. Poorva congratulates and says this surprise is for you. Pankti asks how did you manage this. Poorva says mum has done this. Anita hugs Pankti. She says you have become rising star.

She makes her wear a crown. Everyone claps. Reporter says Anita ji, your career has sun, but Pankti’s career is risking. Anita asks him to ask some good questions. Pankti says ask decent questions. Reporter asks how do you feel after this win. Pankti says I feel its a good start, I hope I get a chance to do good work. JD sees Pankti and Ahaan on news and gets angry. JD touches Pankti on tv screen. Pankti says Ahaan was with me, so I have won. Reporter compliments them. JD says there is just one man in your life.