Monday Update 4th June on True Love Glow Tv

Monday Update  on True Love Glow Tv

4th June

Mai sees Ichcha in the kitchen and tries consoling her, telling her Vansh will accept her soon. She tells her to eat, since she hasn’t eaten anything since the before the wedding. She declines and leaves. Veer walks in and asks Mai why she couldn’t have just told Vansh the truth in the first place. Taps is in her room when her parents walk in. Divya asks if she wants to go shopping but Taps says no, and that she wants to spend the whole day with her. They both leave and Jogi looks on, wishing for Taps’ happiness.

Ichcha comes with juice for Vansh, who refuses. While walking away Ichcha faints and is comforted by Vansh. Veer walks in on this. Vansh sees Veer standing there and distances himself from Ichcha. Later on opposite sides of the bed Ichcha and Vansh are thinking of each other. The next morning Veer tries calling Taps again and Taps is overjoyed seeing Veer is calling her.

Veer calls Tapasya. Tapasya gets all Happy but she decides to tease him, They greet each other “Good Morning”. She starts her drama and asks veer abt Mai & Baba and new Bride and Groom, Than she asks Veer is everything OK? He replies nothing is fine. She says and says that what you wanted from me, I have told Vansh Bhaiya on Phone. He interupts and says Vansh Bhaiya is not a fool, u will have to come Bundela Haveli. She replies that please tell Vansh Bhayya everything, For fre days Vansh will be angry but later he will accept you and Ichcha. She continues that it will be a lie to come their for few days and acting good. He says that come home Forever. Tapasya says that we will be living in a false married relationshi for whole life? Veer says we will make this relationship true and Divorce papers are now Junk. We will live like husband and a wife. Than she continues that my Father also hates lies like yourself and my Father will not allow me to come over your house. Veer says that he will convince Jogi Thakur. Call Ends.

The scene shifts to Breakfast table at Thakur’s house. Jogi asks abt Tapasya, Nani replies that she is taking bath. Damini and Thakuraein talks abt Ichcha and her happiness. Jogi says that u will watch your self once she came back home for Phakpheras. Veer comes and everyone see him. They ask him abt Phakpheras, but he refuses and ask Jogi Thakur to talk to him privately. Damini gets confused. She asks abt Ichcha. Veer says she is fine and everyone is fine. He makes excuses and says I am here for my own work. They sat in Library and have flashbacks where Nani tells everyone that Veer wants to divorce Tapasya. Jogi Thakur asks that I allowed Tapasya to be part of wedding because Mai asked her. But why she should go there again and what relation she have with you. Thakur advices Veer to start a new life with Tapasya. Veer also says that “Yes, I am here to do that so”. Jogi asks him why u have changesd ur decision. He says that I dont need a divorce. Thakur asks the reason behind this union.

Nani and Tapasya were over hearing and now they are concerned for reason, suddenly Nani saw Damini and asks Tapasya to take breakfast for Thakur and Veer. Nani takes Damini away. Jogi says that I want to know the reason suddenly Tapasya comes and everyone start looking at each other. Jogi says that “this relationship’s foundation was wrong, Why you both want to give this relation an another chance”. Veer says that earlier, “I was angry and Decision of divorce was also mine. Than I realize that I am doing wrong and I decided to change my relation.” Tapasya continues that Veer has realized how much we love each other.


Monday Update on True Love Glow Tv