Tuesday Update 5th June on True Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update on True Love Glow Tv

5th June

Veer tells Jogi that he’s taken this decision with the best interest of Vansh, Ichcha, Taps and himself. Jogi tells Taps to leave the room so he can discuss with Veer. Jogi tells Veer that he still is unsure of letting Taps go back. Taps and Nani are nervous hearing this from outside the room. Nani goes downstairs to Divya and tells her that Veer has come to take Taps back for good, but Jogi is still unsure. She convinces Divya to go persuade Jogi to listen to Veer.

Ichcha is sitting in her room when Vansh comes there to get his phone. He leaves seeing her and Mai comes there and lets him know Veer has gone to get Taps. Vansh says that he knows Veer will tell her to lie, but Taps can never lie. Later Vansh is sitting outside and Ichcha goes to him to call him inside. He screams at her to stop faking and tells again that he can only trust Taps.

Divya goes to Jogi and tells him that since both of them have realized their mistake, they should allow them to mend their relationship. She calls Taps into the room and declares that from now, the past is forever behind them.

Taps comes downstairs all decked up with Nani by her side. Nani forces Veer to apply sindoor to Taps’ forehead and then after a few hugs and tears, Veer-Taps leave. In the car, Taps rehearses her dialogues for Vansh and warns Veer to play along or else Vansh will get suspicious. When they get home, Taps suggests they walk in hand-in-hand and Veer obliges. Vansh is shocked seeing Taps and Veer home together; Ichcha also comes there. Vansh asks Taps to tell him the truth behind Veer-Taps’ relationship. She walks up to him and gives him a big bhashan about truth and how his love for Ichcha is so weak that it is dependent on her word.

Tuesday Update on True Love Glow Tv