Monday Update 4th June on This is Love Glow Tv

Monday Update  on This is Love Glow Tv

4th June

The Episode starts with Shagun going to meet Niddhi in jail. Niddhi asks her not to act, I know you were behind Ishita’s kidnapping, I knew you came to me and offered friendship, it was all false drama, Anil had to take blame on himself, I knew its you, as you are bigger enemy of Ishita than me, as she has ruined your life, she snatched your husband and children, anyways you act well, you are playing with Bhalla family’s trust, you are a good actor. Shagun says you called me here to threaten me, you can tell anyone, no one will believe you. Niddhi smiles and says no, I just called you to praise you, I did not tell anyone as I knew no one will believe me, I will be silent, you did my work well and no one doubts on you, Bhallas love and trusts you.

Ishita gets Mani home. Mrs. Bhalla
asks him to sit and serves him food. Mani talks to Raman and Mr. Bhalla about his business, he shifted to Delhi. Raman asks Ishita to come and talk to him about some project, and signs her. Aaliya tells Romi that studies and degree are imp, it gives confidence. Adi says yes, education is must, Papa asked me to finish MBA. Romi says fine, but you can’t pay bills by degree.

Raman asks Ishita what did Mani say. She says Mani is thinking to talk to Shagun. He says Shagun refused for marriage, she said she went out, if she tells something to Mani, it will be bad. She asks what shall we tell Mani. He says what can he say now and worries. She says lets go and handle him. Raman says Mani, I need to talk to you, everyone will get bored here, come to my room. Shagun comes and greets Mani.

She says I m sure Ishita tried to convince you, do you want to marry me, do you want to keep friendship for life with me, I know my decision surprised you all, Raman and Ishita always thought of my good, Raman explained me to settle in life, we all need a companion, I don’t know Mani well, but I know him a bit and he is mature and nice guy, Ishita knows him well, I m ready to marry Mani, if Mani is ready. Ishita smiles and says you won’t regret on this decision, Mani is a nice guy. Raman says I m happy with your decision.

Shagun hugs Ishita and says you will regret for this marriage. She recalls Niddhi’s words. FB shows Niddhi suggesting Shagun not to leave Bhallas, you make your root strong there. Shagun says its not that simple, everyone just thinks of Raman, I won’t be needed when Raman and Ishita unite, Ishita got Mani’s proposal for me, I told Raman that I won’t do this marriage. Niddhi asks are you mad, chance came to you on its own, agree to marry Mani, you can win and stay around that house after marrying Mani, you can get everything and all rights back, say yes to marry Mani, you will be in profit, believe me. FB ends.

Mani says I want to talk to Shagun. She says yes, we will talk in my room. They go. Raman and Ishita smile. Romi pays bill. Adi says I got Aaliya here, I will pay. Romi says when I m here, why will you pay, I m elder. Mihika says we will leave now. Romi says yes, we will drop Aaliya. Adi says no, I wanted to have coffee, Aaliya makes good coffee, we will have it at our home and I will drop her home. Romi says fine, we will go home and have coffee made by her. Adi thinks to stay cool.

Mihika gets Ishita’s call and says Adi and Aaliya are with us on dinner, fine I will get Aaliya. She tells Aaliya to come. Aaliya says I need to go home, Appa is waiting. Mihika says don’t worry, he is at our home.

Mani tells Shagun that he is surprised that she agreed for marriage, I wanted to say something, maybe you will chance decision. She asks what, don’t you want to marry. He says I just loved Ishu, knowing she just regards me as good friend, I will always be her good friend, I know you also like Raman and this family, I don’t want to cheat you, I don’t think I will get such feelings for anyone, but I m ready to become a good friend and companion, if you want to say no, I totally understand. She thinks I won’t refuse as I have to stay connected with this family, I will marry and not let you refuse. He says I agreed for Ishu’s sake, I respect her feelings. She says exactly, I also agreed for Raman and Ishita, we are adults, not teenagers, we know what we are going to do. He says well done, lets start afresh, hi I m Abhimanyu. They shake hands.

Mihir thanks Ishita for fixing Shagun and Mani’s alliance, and finds them perfect. Mani and Shagun come. Mani says Shagun and I decided to marry. Everyone get glad. Romi, Mihika, Adi and Aaliya come home. Romi asks whats happening. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun and Mani decided to marry. Adi and Aaliya get shocked. Aaliya asks whats happening Appa. Mani says I was going to tell you. She says you did not tell me or ask me, I m not imp in your life. He says nothing like that. She leaves. Mihir goes after her.

Mihir stops her. She says let me go, its between me and Appa. He says I understand, just hear me out and then decide, come sit. He asks her to think, your Appa and my sister’s situation is same, Mani loves Ishita and Shagun loves Raman, they knew this can’t happen, so they decided this, they are mature adults, if they took this decision, you should support them, life is giving second chance to them, if you refuse, trust me Mani will refuse, then Mani will stay alone, everyone needs a life partner, if you want Mani’s happiness, respect his decision, believe me I have seen Shagun changing, she is a wonderful person, she has much love in her heart and you will also get her love, they are a good match, support them. She says sorry, you are saying right, I got selfish and did not think of Appa, I behaved bad, I think I should say sorry to Appa and Shagun aunty, I should welcome Shagun in our new family. He says come, lets go.

Aaliya apologizes to Mani and hugs him. He thanks her. Aaliya says sorry aunty, it will take time to call you Amma, but welcome to our family. She hugs Shagun. Shagun says I hope I become your friend. Mrs. Bhalla gives shagun coin to Mani. All of them smile happily.

Ishita and Ruhi talking about Pihu. Ruhi says when Pihu knows Shagun is marrying Mani… Ishita says how will she react. Ruhi says I know why you thought of Shagun and Mani’s marriage. Ishita says but she is young, what will happen when Mani gets married to Shagun, I m feeling guilty, I do not want Pihu’s childhood to get spoiled. Ruhi asks her not to worry and says I know you are thinking a lot of things, I understand but I m Pihu’s sister, and I think I can explain her well, give me chance to say truth to Pihu, don’t worry.

Ishita says but how. Ruhi says trust me, I will explain her well, I don’t know how to tell her, but there won’t be any problem, I m here and will explain her. Ishita says I trust you. Ruhi says thanks, till I don’t explain her,
don’t say anything to her, go and sleep well. Ishita says you became Akka, you reminded me of Vandu, elder sister becomes mother, look at yourself, you are able to handle her, it makes me proud of you. Ruhi says I have hurt you a lot, but not anymore.

Ashok talks to Niddhi and says you played well, did you call me to say this. She says yes, I had to share this, I told Shagun to agree to marry Mani, Shagun will get profits, she can play games in bhalla family and no one will doubt on her, Mani won’t think of this. Ashok says yes, let Shagun ruin Bhalla’s peace, you rest. She asks can I rest here, get me out of here. He says I m trying, it needs time, let me celebrate now. He ends call.

Shagun says I know this family is happy with this marriage, I will shake the foundation by this, Ishita thinks she did favor on me, I know what to do, if Pihu knows I m her surrogate mother, its fine, real drama will begin after that. She gets some papers out of locker and says Ishita can’t imagine whats in these papers, get ready for your destruction Ishita.

Its night, Amma and Mrs. Bhalla have a talk. Amma tells about Raman and Ishita’s marriage and Mrs. Bhalla says they are already marriage, now Shagun is marrying Mani. Amma says its 7 years ago, they have no husband and wife relation, they are just friends, when they marry again, they will get a spark in their lives, don’t know their marriage is legally existing or not, we should do something, talk to them about marriage today.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita about Shagun. Ishita says she went out for two days for NGO work. Mrs. Bhalla thinks its good, else I could have not talked this. Ishita says Ruhi said she will talk to Pihu. Raman talks to friend and passes taunts. Mrs. Bhalla thinks we have to do something, but Raman is angry, if I say anything, he will scold me, how to talk. Amma comes and asks what happened, did you talk. Mrs. Bhalla says no, look at his mood. Amma comes and says I m worried for Adi’s future. Adi coughs and asks why, my future is right. Amma says you are grown up, when we go to see girl, they will ask Adi’s parents, what will you do. Raman reacts saying I know what do they mean, let Adi make a good GF then, we will see things later. He goes.

Ishita says I also feel Adi is not prepared for marriage, so it will be better to concentrate on Shagun and Mani. She goes. Adi asks Amma what was she saying. Ruhi comes and tells Mihika that Romi is calling her to give tea to client. Romi does not check papers and signs. He goes to attend call. Mihika gives tea to Gupta and talks to him. She checks papers and shows some low percentage for manufacturer. Gupta says I forgot to change, I will make new papers.

Romi comes and asks what happened. Gupta says there is mistake, I will need two days to make new papers. Romi says how will I complete order now. She tells Tandon is a sick enterprise and they can shut anytime, I saw their reports. Romi asks Gupta is this true. Gupta says I will find out.

Raman and Ishita talk about Adi, he would have a GF now, he has grown up, you should talk to him as a friend, you should tell him what happens, relationship and…. He asks did Adi go on date. She says how would I know, will he share this with me, you must go and tell him about safety measures. He says fine, I will talk to him. She says I m serious, go now and talk like a friend. Raman goes.

Gupta apologizes to Romi. Romi asks him how could he do such big mistake. Gupta says you are lucky to get such a wife, I will be careful next time and goes. Romi argues with Mihika. She says I was just helping you, you should have checked things yourself than relying on others. He says I manage business and meet people, I know business, you don’t need to interfere. She tries to explain. Ishita comes there and looks on.

Ishita tells Romi that Mihika is your wife and knows your work. He says no need, I own a company and know work, I did mistake, It does not mean she interferes, do I interfere in her work. Mihika goes. Ishita says she was saving you from losses, she is your partner, you know you are wrong and still shouting on her, it shows you are insecure, you should correct yourself. She goes.


Monday Update on This is Love Glow Tv