Monday Update 4th June on Young Love Glow Tv

Monday Update  on Young Love Glow Tv

4th June

Sasuma is suspicious to see suguna in her room,suguna lies she needed ink for varuns pen..Sasuma gives her pens for varun,asks why suguna seems woried,suguna makes excuse that she is tired,so sasuma asks her sleep after dinner,..suguna feeds varun shagun and plans getting asha out of kothari..

In mumbai jagat says he has made special dish for gauri-italiano daliano chavaliaano-jokes its italian dish only available in jagatliano’s kitchen,says astrologers had predicted he would be a cook but luckily he became a docor otherwise gauri wouldnt have met him..He makes gauri eat ,keeps joking about sholay-“who had double role in it?king goerge in bachan’s coin”..He is happy seeing gauri smile,says it feels like light after many days of darkness,he wishes that god will always keep this smile on her face…

Asha is crying in her kothari,suguna opens the lock consoles asha ,says she has to leave the tears behind to start a new life.She asks asha if she wants to marry abishek.. more than life itself replies asha..

Suguna says she will help her escape ,says abhishek has made all arrangements for their marriage and ashha has to reach at that temple.As suguna takes her out of kothari they hear madansinghs voice..

He asks his wife to pack his bags for his trip to kashi..She requests him to wait till shyam returns but madan is adamant ,says he doesnt need anyone’s permision..He goes to kothari but gets angry seeing it open ..Suguna opens the backdoor and helps asha escape..

Madan singh is suspicious ,asks his wife where suguna is,she says suguna is resting in her room..Madan singh orders his men to get in jeep and goes out to search for asha..THey keep searching but asha hides behind bushes..After they leave she goes to nearby temple..

She sits in front of temple remembering abhishek..She falls asleep there,the temple pujari sees her lying there and covers her with a blanket.Madan singh and his henchmen come to the temple searching for asha but they leave mistakenly thinking its the pujari lying asleep under the blanket..

Next morning pujari asks asha why she was alone in temple at night ,asha says she will tell later as she has to go somewhere and her entire future depends on it.She asks for pujaris blessings ,just then the temple bells ring and the pujari says even god is with you..

Asha reaches the temple where abhishek is waiting for her dressed as groom,but a biker sees them together..

Asha reaches the mandir where abhishek will be waiting for her. He consoles asha that he will support her in every situation and they need to get married before the villagers separate them. A person looks both of them and informs madan about asha’s marriage. He reaches angrily to kill abhishek. Asha gets ready and both take 7 pheren. Suguna also rushes and informs her family in badi haveli. When abhishek tries to put sindoor madan comes there and stops. Madan scolds the couple. He takes asha out of the mandir and looks dadi sa’s family reach mandir.

Madan insults dadi sa’s family that they have come to support asha’s marriage. Bhairon defends that they dint come to support the marriage. But doesn’t listen to them. Bhairon tries to support abhishek saying he is a good guy and should believe in him. Abhishek says he still wants to marry asha and he wants him to marry his DIL. Madan singh slaps abhishek and yells that he will never support to get insulted. Madan tries to take away asha but abhishek stops him and tells he had taken 7 pheren with asha. Madan gets angry and tries to cut abhishek’s head but anandi stops him.

Anndi tells madan asha has suffered a lot and she will be happy after marriage. Madan doesn’t support her and says he remained clam about suguna for his son but he cant support this. He asks villagers who will support this marriage. All villagers remain calm. Bhairon also asks to support the marriage but no villager supports. Asha says no need to ask them and they can never change. They dint support when the swamy ji has tried to rape her. If anandi hasn’t support her she would have suffered more. In fact they have insulted on her character. They dint support their own daughters or DIL’s then how they will support her. Madan says look no one is supporting. But one of the villager supports and says asha should marry. All feel happy. The remaining villagers also support abhsihek that he is a good guy and she will be very happy.

Abhishek and asha gets married. But still madan looks on angry. Asha gets emotional. Dadi sa imagines anandi’s marriage.


Monday Update 4th June on Young Love Glow Tv