Divya-Drishti: Tuesday 13th February 2024


Divya-Drishti: Tuesday 13th February 2024

Shekhar starts getting fits. Divya is tensed and says I dont know how it happened. Suddenly fits stop. All sigh. Drishti says Divya’s other hand has lost power, this cant happen. Divya says my other hand’s magic is not working also. Drishti says she played us, I shouldnt have left kambandal, I should have been more careful. Drishti leaves. Rakshit asks Romi to not worry, he asks him to be with Divya, he leaves.

Pisachini says that now I will play games. Shekhar says to himself that once I get all powers then I will play my game. He smirks.

Divya is crying. Romi comes to her and says you cant lose hope. Divya says I have lost all hope, I married a devil, there must be something in him to fight against Pisachini but there has to be a reason. Romi says you can be the reason, you see Drishti and Rakshit fulfilling their relation in so much storm, you can too. He offers her chocolate.

Rakshit comes to Drishti. She says this all happened because of me, we were so close to winning. Rakshit says Pisachini can kill anyone and sacrifice anything but you are a good person. Drishti says I lost everything in my life, I am losing more people, I know what to do, she starts packing and says I am going away from this house so you are in peace, our family will be fine then. Rakshit says I am going with you, its my duty to protect so I am going with you. Drishti says I can leave without telling anyone but I know it will hurt you, I am leaving.

Rakshit says you think you can fight that Pisachini alone? I have promised to protect you.. he moves closer and says if anything happens to you then I wont be able to live, I feel your presence and absence, dont talk about going away from me again, I have kept a fast for you, if you go away then I will die without eating anything. He lovingly looks at her. Drishti kisses his cheek and says I am sorry, I wont go anywhere, I promise. They move closer. Rakshit says I knew Mrs. Shergill. He caresses her face. They move in. Rakshit caresses her back. Sona sona plays.

Shekhar says to Pisachini that I am your slave. Pisachini says dont you dare talk to me, keep an eye on Drishti, she can know future so keep an eye on her, make your brain work, go and beg to them so they start trusting you, do what you have to do. Shekhar says fine. Pisachini smirks and laughs at him.

Shekhar comes back home and cries in pain. He screams for help. All rush to him. Divya tries to calm him. Shekhar is having hits but Rakshit uses his powers to make him calm. They take him to his room.

Drishti sees a future with a feather and blast. She says where will that much fire be?

Shekhar is crying and in pain. Rakshit uses his powers. Divya hugs Shekhar. Drishti comes there. Rakshit says tomorrow is a function. Drishti is tensed. Mom says we should leave and let Shekhar rest, tomorrow is Raksha bandhan. All leave. Shekhar thinks I hope tomorrow I get to know something and I get my powers back.

Divya says to Drishti that I want to help Shekhar but I dont have powers. Drishti says he needs you with him. All girls come near Rakshit. Rakshit’s sister ties rakhi to him. He gifts her. Drishti ties rakhi to Romi. Shekhar says how will you protect me? Divya ties sacred thread to Shekhar and says it will protect you. Rakshit shows cuffs. Romi says I will tie other end to myself to keep him protected. Divya asks if he is sure? Romi says it was my idea. Rakshit ties cuff to Romi and Shekhar.

Drishti comes to company’s function. Mom says we organize this every year.
Shekhar, Romi and Divya are going. Shekhar gets fits. Drishti comes there and ask him to calm down. Shekhar says I am normal now but I am worried. They bring him to a room and make Shekhar sit down. Divya asks Drishti what happened? Drishti says I feel something is going to happen but dont know where.

Rakshit calls his father Chetan on stage and announces bonus for all employees.
Pisachini stands on roof of venue and puts bombs on roof. he says all my enemies are in that building, one button will make blasts happen, today I will get powers.

Divya says to Drishti that I wont let her take maha powers. Shekhar says to Divya that Pisachini told me only Drishti would get clue about any problem, tell me if you know anything, I want to help you guys. Drishti says I will tell you if I know anything, she leaves with Divya.

Chetan announces cultural program. Divya and Drishti comes in function. Rakshit asks where was she? You were leaving yesterday too. Divya says what are you saying? Rakshit says I am always with you and never leaving you. Divya leaves. Rakshit pulls Drishti closer and says I am not leaving you anymore. He kisses her forehead. She blushes. Divya comes and takes Drishti from there.

Divya shows rakhi to Drishti and says you have been like a brother to me all this time. She ties rakhi to her and make her eat sweets. Drishti ties rakhi to her and does her aarti. They both hug each other. Divya says I will never your hand, Drishti says me too.