Divya-Drishti – Starlife Teasers February 2024


Divya-Drishti – Starlife Teasers February 2024

Coming up this February on Divya-Drishti Teasers 2024;

Divya and Drishti struggle with Betaal’s riddles while Romi reveals Shekhar’s evil intentions to them.

Divya-Drishti February 2024 Teasers Starlife

Thursday 1 February 2024

Episode 40

Mahima tries to assault an elderly man while under the influence of Pishachini. Subsequently, Pishachini surprises the family with unexpected revelations.

Friday 2 February 2024

Episode 41

Rakshit is trying to heal his father Chetan, while Divya and Drishti carry out their elaborate scheme against Pishachini. Afterwards, Lavanya snatches the gem undetected.

Saturday 3 February 2024

Episode 42

Simran transforms into a human bomb during the masquerade, while Divya and Romi have plans to reveal Lavanya. Lavanya makes a scene at the party later on when she is drunk.

Sunday 4 February 2024

Episode 43

Simran is saved by Divya and Drishti. Later, Lavanya poisons the Shergills, and Divya assaults Pishachini.

Monday 5 February 2024

Episode 44

While Divya tricks Pishachini into believing her lie, Drishti kills Lavanya. Later, the Shergills execute their master plan to trap Pishachini.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Episode 45

Drishti foresees a mass murder while the Shergills plan to torture Pishachini on an ice slab. Later, a devastated Drishti makes a shocking request to Rakshit.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Episode 46

Pishachini seeks Kanch Rani’s help when the Shergills try to trap her. As Kanch Rani takes Drishti’s form, will they realize the ruse before it’s too late?

Thursday 8 February 2024

Episode 47

Rakshit, Divya, and Romi attack Pishachini while she tortures Drishti. Later, Kaanch Rani traps the Shergills in the mirror as Pishachini’s ploy troubles Rakshit.

Friday 9 February 2024

Episode 48

Drishti struggles to save the Shergills from Pishachini’s magical trap. Later, Pishachini acquires the Kaalvijay Ratna and attacks them with her immense power.

Saturday 10 February 2024

Episode 49

Rakshit and Drishti get intimate while Rahasyatara reveals a startling fact about the ratnas. Later, the sisters are given a deadly ultimatum by a temple guardian.

Sunday 11 February 2024

Episode 50

While Pishachini goes to brutal lengths to acquire the gem, Kaal Devta presents her with a gift. Later, Divya struggles to save the Shergills from Daitya Vanar.

Monday 12 February 2024

Episode 51

Betaal puts forth a tough challenge in front of Drishti for the magical Kamandal. Later, the Shergills are bewildered when they identify the real Daitya Vaanar.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Episode 52

Pishachini plans to incinerate the Shergills during the Independence Day function while Rakshit confesses his love to Drishti. Later, Divya and Drishti celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Read Full Episode

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Episode 53

Betaal agrees to free the kids, provided Divya and Drishti answer his riddles. Elsewhere, Daitya Vaanar wreaks chaos at the party. Read Full Episode

Thursday 15 February 2024

Episode 54

Divya and Drishti struggle with Betaal’s riddles while Romi reveals Shekhar’s evil intentions to them. Later, Divya gets into a fierce battle with the Daitya Vanar. Read Full Episode

Friday 16 February 2024

Episode 55

Divya and Drishti sacrifice their lives to stop Pishachini from acquiring the powers of the gem. Later, a creature from hell meets Pishachini while she tortures the Shergills. Full Episode

Saturday 17 February 2024

Episode 56

Divya and Drishti attain new powers and vow to destroy Pishachini while Rakshit regains consciousness. How will things unfold now? Full Episode

Sunday 18 February 2024

Episode 57

Pishachini enters the Shergill Mansion claiming to be Rakshit’s wife. However, Divya and Drishti, disguised as locals, manage to learn about her plan. Full Episode

Monday 19 February 2024

Episode 58

A disguised Divya and Drishti trick Pishachini when she takes a dangerous step to find them. Later, an infuriated Pishachini wreaks havoc on the Shergills. Full Episode

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Episode 59

Divya and Drishti save the Shergills from Pishachini’s fatal trap while the latter is clueless. Unable to accept defeat, Pishachini brews a poisonous lassi. Full Episode

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Episode 60

After learning a shocking secret about Pishachini, Divya and Drishti set out to find a magical tree. Later, Kal Devta attacks Rakshit. Full Episode

Thursday 22 February 2024

Episode 61

While the Shergills perform Ganesh Visarjan, Pishachini plans to drown Divya and Drishti as well. Later, Kaal Devta assigns Pishachini a strange task.

Friday 23 February 2024

Episode 62

Rakshit struggles to regain his memory. Later, Narayan and Mahadev are concerned about Divya and Drishti after the sisters get into a heated argument.

Saturday 24 February 2024

Episode 63

The Shergills are stunned by Rakshit’s strange behavior as he strangles Romi. Later, Divya and Drishti get into a sword fight at the mall.

Sunday 25 February 2024

Episode 64

Pishachini stuns Divya and Drishti by revealing her pregnancy after an epic battle. Later, the sisters get a dire prophecy while a magical army approaches.

Monday 26 February 2024

Episode 65

Pishachini brings her newborn baby Patali home with her. Afterwards, the wicked pair terrorises the Shergills.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Episode 66

As Patali issues a severe warning to the family, Rakshit is devastated by Chetak’s passing. Later, Romi’s meeting with Patali presents difficulties for her.

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Episode 67

After recovering his memories, Rakshit and Drishti enjoy a beautiful moment. Divya and Drishti plan a smart distraction on the eve of their birthdays.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Episode 68

Divya battles the demons fiercely to get Patali’s heart back from hell. Later, when Divya and Drishti plan to destroy the heart, Pishachini and Patali are scared.


Divya kills Shekhar

Pisachini says the floor number is on the remote. Each button would blast each floor. Keep an eye on your house. He says I will fool her with my love. Pisachini says do whatever you want.
Divya Drishti come to Methal. He says solve the third riddle. Three more kids appear. He says there are 10 seconds to solve the riddle. Three riddles for three kids.
Shekhar is pulling Romi upstairs. Romi says you won’t be able to harm anyone.
Methal says who drinks water and eats soil? Get up and gets down. Divya says shadow? Time is running out. Drishti says seed. Methal resleases on the kids. Methal says it has three hand changes every second. Drishti says clock. Methal laugh. He says well done. He releases another kid.

A girl sees a remote. Her dad says give it to me. She says there are numbers on it, it is my toy. He hears bomb ticking. He says this means this is bomb remote. Methal says third riddle, this girl will ask you. A floor blasts. Rakshit saves sardar ji.
Rakshit says where is remote? He says it fell there. Please save people in hall. He says nothing would happen to them. The kid asks the riddle. She says I come out when it’s 12. Drishit says the sparrow in the close. Mehtal says well done.
Saradar asks the the girl to give her the remote. Methal says you have all the three things but you have to unite them and make one thing that would give you great power, then you will get third ratan. He says your time starts now. Divya Drishit take the kids to a safe place.

Pisachini stops Mehtal. She tries him. He says what are you doing. She says I will kill you. He says those girls are winning from you. They got all three things. They will have it and then you will be over. Pisachini says shut up. He says they’re gone. Pisachini leaves. Methal gos from there.
Divya and Drishit see Romi and shekhar. Shekhar says don’t come near. I will blast the floor. Romi says he is monkey. Divya says posachini is making him do this. Romi says no. He is this way himself. diya says I trust shekhar. He isn’t like that. He is under Pisacini’s magic. Divy says he is a nice man. Romi says no he isn’t even human. Divya says shut up.

Rakshit saves people. Drishit says what are you saying Romi. I know Divya’s heart can’t be wrong. She trusts Shekhar. Divya says shekhar won’t harm anyone intentionally. A floor blasts Dristi falls down. shekhar says this is what I am. I want powers. Divya says you lied to me? He says yes I did. Because I want to be powerful.

Simran and Rashi play with the kids. THey help injured people. shekhar says now you know who I am. Pisachini says why did you blast? It could burn the three things. You are so stupid. Shekhr says shut up I can do what I want. Pisachin says I can kill you in a second. Divya asks Drishit to run. She stops Pisachini says you stop these two, I will run after Drishti.
Pisahcini says no one can save ou from me. Divya says you can’t harm anyone. Shekhar says what will you do You can’t fight me. Romi says you should be ashamed. Shekhar says you were always after her right? Romi says only you can stoop this low. Divya asks Romi to run.
Drishri puts the seeds on the florr. Roots come out. They break the floor. Pisacini says what did you.

Shekhar pulls Divya upstairs. They hear someone screaming. Everyone gets scared. Romi comes there. Rakshit says what happened.. Ash says SHekhar.. Romi says he took Divya with him. Please save him. Romi says take care of everyone here.
Drishti runs. Pisaciini runs after her. She says she thinks she can hit me? I made her run. I will be after her. Go till the end of the mission. Get the thing so I can take it from you. I will wait here.

Shekhar brings Divya upstairs. He says oh poor girl. No one can save you now. You are such an idiot. He throttles her. He says Pisachini is right. You two have to be killed. rakshit comes there. He says you can’t harm her. Rakshit shoves him. Divya falls down. Rakshit says I can kill you right now. shekar says you’re my brother. You can’t trust me. Divya says Rakshit don’t trust him. Shekhar says you thought you had powers? I have more powers now. Shekhar pulls a kid. He hangs him. The kid cries. divya says please leave him. Don’t harm the kids. Rakshit says let the kid go. The kid says please save me. Shekhar leaves the kid. Rakshit runs to save the child. Rakshit saves the baby. Shekhar says to Divya you’re alone now. Who will save you now?
Drishti sees the roots. She sees shivling there. Drishti says please show me the way God. She sees something lightening. She says is it a flower? Drishti sees a flower.
Shekhar says you think I am still your husband? Divya shoves him. She says I was an idiot that I trusted yoou. You fooled the entire family. He shoves her and says you’re easy to fool. Divya hits him. Divya hits him. She picks the remote. Divya says you thought I can’t fight you? Now see where your powers are. I can kill you. But we are not evil like you. He says you were an idiot. Divya says you won’t understand that trusting someone isn’t stupid. He says I have powers. Shekhar hits her on head. She is fainting. Shekhar says how did you fall for an animal like me? What can you do. You will only die now. divya walks towards him. she recalls her moments with SHekhar. Divya stabs Shekhar. He falls down and dies. Divya sits there.

drishti sees the remote. She says it will help me blackmail them.
Divya takes the flower. Divya says I have to bring ratan in front of this flower but pisachini has it.
Pisachini says I have the ratan and I will have its powers.
Rakshit takes kids and women out of the building. Romi says where is dirshit? Raskhti says I don’t know. Divya comes there. raskhti says where is shekhar? Are you okay? Divya says I kiled him.