Divya-Drishti: Monday 19th February 2024


Divya-Drishti: Monday 19th February 2024

Rakshit says but Pisachini is my wife. Drishti hugs him and says do you feel anything. He picks sindur. Everyone has grown old. They all cry. Divya looks at them. Pisachini says I made you all senior citizens. There’s a lot more you have to face. Go start your duties. Pisachini goes towards Rakshit’s room. Pisacini knocks. Drishit says she shouldn’t know I am here. SHe leaves.
Drishit gets up as Lambu. Pisachini says what is he doing? Lambu says he had to tell ma about the decorationn. Pisachini asys g now.

Divy says you took a risk. she could see you. Divya says you have to be careful. Lambu says to Rakshit why did you lie to Pisachini? He says I was helping you with decorations. He leaves. divya says how does he not remember anything? Drishit says I touched his head and they forgot. She says I think they have new powers.

Divya Drishit see Mahima. They follow her. Rakshit asks Mahima how is your hair white? She says I didn’t dye them.
the earthworm says you made my romi old too. Pisachini says they will all die except for Rakshit. Pisachini comes to Mahima and Rakshit. Rakshit says how are her hair white? She says I sent them to spa they all got their hair white. Rakshit leaves. Pisachini takes MAhima’s meds and throws them away.

Everyone comes in the house for the pooja. Everyone asks them why are their hair white. Ojaswani says this is a new trend. Pisachini welcomes everyone. Rakshit and chetan start the pooja. the earthworm says to Pisachini those two are here. Pisachini says I know how to bring them out if they are here.
Drishit sees chandelier falling. She says I have to do something. Divya comes there. Drishit tells her. Pisachini says what if she is doing it intentionally? Drishit says but we have to save everyone. Pisachini goes up to break the chandelier. Divya tells pandit. Pandit stops here.

Mahima says I feel so bad. rakshit should do pooja with his wife. drishit takes her to a side and says yes rakshit should do it with his wife. Mahima hugs her and says you are back? You shouldn’t have come here. Your life is in danger. Drishit says we are here to save our family. Mahima says Pisachini is my DIL now. please leave us. I can’t risk your life. Drishit says you lied to Pisachini that we ring idol every year. Please don’t do this. Mahima hugs her and cries. Mahim says I can’t risk your life. And mahima.. SHe made us addicted to that lassi.

Pisachini asks lambu what were you doing with my mom? Who are you? Rakshit says pisachini let’s do the arti. The chandelier falls. Divya saves Mahima. Pisachini says to earthworm they are here. Pisachini breaks the chandelier on more people. Drishit says she will make t fall. We have to do something. Pisachini makes mahima ojaswani and ash stand under the chandelier. the chandelier is falling. Divya Drishit save it. Pisachini wonders where the magic is being done from. Divya drrishti run upstairs.

Pisachini takes the entire family on roof. She shoves them. Divya Drishti come to save them.