Divya-Drishti: Wednesday 14th February 2024


Divya-Drishti: Wednesday 14th February 2024

Pisachini says today I will solve the third clue.
The performances at talent show starts. Divya is there. Rakshit is there too. Drishti sees the kids playing. She sees Pisachini amongst the performers. She says I am here. How will you save everyone? Drishti tells Rakshit. He can’t move. She has tied his hands. Divya says she has tied everyone. Divya says to use your anjaan powers. Dristi says we can’t risk kids. They see the joker taking the kids somewhere. Rakshit and no one can move. Mahima says release us.

Pisachini plays the drum. Chachi says shekahr..
Shekhar is turning into monkey. Romi tries to calm him down. He tries to stop Shekhar. Shekhar turns into monkey and throttles him. He says you thought you can stop me. I have the powers. You can never who I am. I am wit Pisachini. Romi says you fooled us? He says you had to be fooled. Shekhar runs out.

Shekhr says sorry Romi. I am not doing this. Pisachini is making me do this.
Methal says to kids you will all get a surprise. The kids are scared. Shekhar pulls Romi on the stairs.
Divya and Drishit come there. Methak says I have hid all this kids. This is the clue. Divya says what this this. He says go save the kids. He tells them a riddle.
Pisacini says to Rakshit I have more powers than you. You will all stay tied here.

Divya says what does this riddle. The kids are disappearing. Divya says please try solving this riddle. Drishti says it is in water. Methal says get it to me and you will get the kids. They look for water everywhere. Drishti sees fish tank. The kids come back.
Rakshit releases himself. Divya says asks kids to run.
Rakshit releases himself. all the kids come. Rakshit says thank God Divya Drishti saved them. But where are they? Ojaswani says they can fight Pisachini. Chachi says SHekhar.. My son. Where is he. Rkashit says we have to get everyone out of here. Ojaswani asks everyone to go out.

Methall tells Divya drishti the second riddle to find more kids. The kids are disappearing. Time is running. Divya solves it. They get the kids. Rakshti looks for Shekhar and Romi.
Shekhar says to Romi come with me. He starts hitting people. Everyone screams. Ojaswani says what are you doing. Romi says he is a devil. This isn’t due to pisachini. He is this way because that’s who he is. Shekhar syas yes this is who I am. You are not my mom. Your son was taken by Pisachini. She replaced him with me. No one knew who is real shekhar. You will all die at her hands. Chachi faints.

Divya drishti run with kids. They hear someone. Rakshti comes there. He says where are you going. Divya says we have to save the kids. Rakshit says Pisachini placed a bomb on every floor. Divya asks him to take the kids. Rakshit asks them to sit. He announces on mic about the bombs. He says come to hall everyone. Please help everyone. Shekhar tries harming people. They fight and protect each other.
Divya Drishti see Methal taking more kids. Monkey comes to Pisachini with romi. She says keep an eye on this divya. No one should come between our mission. She gives him remote of the bombs.