Destined by Fate Update: Thursday 15th February 2024


Destined by Fate Update: Thursday 15th February 2024

Tingu warns Bahar not to invest lakhs of money in film production without any experience or else she will lose everything. Bahar says she will earn crores if she invests lakhs, soon she will become a heroine. Tingu walks behind her, continuing to warn her. Saroj asks what is happening, why is he helping Bahar instead of getting her out of the house. Kanha says Chaman will be out of the house and even will have to pay for her sins. Sayuri asks her to go and rest and tells Kanha that they started creating differences between Chaman and Tingu, but need to be careful as Tingu looks very intelligent and shrewd.

Nakul walks in and gives grocery to Sayuri. He walks away without saying anything. Sayuri says she informed him over phone that they would be discussing their next plan, but he didn’t even ask about it. Kanha notices Nakul’s changed behavior and recalls Rashmi’s request. Bhanu sees Rashmi asleep and feels worried for her. Rashmi opens her eyes once she leaves and gives an evil grin. Nakul repeatedly calls Ammu. Ammu rejects his calls, but then picks his call and asks him not to call her as she doesn’t want him to fall into trouble because of her. Nakul asks why shouldn’t he call his friend. Ammu says her boss is a greedy fellow and will demand huge money whenever he visits her. Nakul asks her not to worry about that.

Kanha walks in and asks whom she is talking with. Nakul says no one. Kanha asks whom did he give 1 lakh rs. Nakul gets angry. Kanha asks him to calm down as family will listen to them. Nakul says he is asking wrong questions. Kanha says Rashmi informed him that he is meeting a pr*stitute, what is happening. Nakul says there is nothing like that.

Kanha and Sayuri start their plan. Kanha acts as speaking to a film producer and trying to convince him to hire Chaman as his film’s heroine. Chaman feels excited hearing that. Kanha acts as surprised seeing her and convinces her to producer her own movie. Sayuri calls Kanha and plays a morphed recorded voice recording where Tingu determines to not let Chaman fulfill her dream. Later, Sayuri plays Chaman’s audio in front of Tingu and provokes him against her. Chaman angrily walks towards Tingu to question him. Kanha gets tensed and tries to stop her.