Wednesday Update on Unforseen Love Glow Tv


APRIL 25, 2018

The episode begins with police asking Khushi for photos and address ofArnav. Police informed her that they will come to house for inquiries. Khushi thinks that if they come, then everyone will come to know thatArnav is in danger. At home Khushi sees detective agency name and callsthem. Shyam sees newspaper in his room and Khushi gets shocked. Khushisnatches paper from Shyam.Shyam asks why she snatched the paper from him. Khushi rudely says thatshe was reading, but Shyam doesn’t return the paper. Shyam has evil talkwith Khushi while Khushi gets annoyed with Shyam’s words.Shyam finally gives the paper to Khushi and Khushi calls detectiveagencies and takes appointment. Manorama suspects at Khushi and follows her.Khushi goes to the detective’s office and tells them about Arnav’smissing. Khushi asks them not tell about Arnav’s missing to anyone. So,the detective asks Khushi to give more money, Khushi gets angry and leaves.On the other side, some unknown person follows her. Khushi returns homeand searches her phone hurriedly. Shyam enters with phone and againtries to flirt with Khushi.Khushi asks Shyam that why he is not tensed about the papers now. Shyamgets upset to hear it and says that he doesn’t need them now.Manorama comes inside Khushi’s room and asks Khushi what she was talkingwith Arnav. Khushi recalls Arnav’s love confession and says he just saidthat he is fine.
khushi watering arnav’s plants andthinking if she shud go to the detectives or not, how can i get so muchmoney from and says i cant even go to the police.. she says atleast ishud tell payal but then says no i cant say it to any1.. and says i willfind u arnav ji somehow.. this is promise to and to myself..Nani ji is talkiing to aakash on the phone and is angry as aakash hasasked payal to get a file for him and its very confidential and nanicomplains that u didnt even take payal out for dinner and now u r askingher to comeout at this time of night.. payal is at the office andhandsover the file.. aakash sarcastically says that he had the dinnerand asked payal to wait for a while.. he leaves and a presentation isbeing played on the projector where aakash is saying sorry to payal..they both have their romantic dinnerRaizada mansion:every1’s at the dinning table.. mami ji asks so where whr we yesterday..every1’s confused specially mama ji Nani ji “kal sab kahan tha? wahin the..”Part2- Mami ji continues.. aakash u were at the office, shyam u were atthe office.. payal and anjali u both were at home the whole day.. butkhushi where were u yesterday.. khushi is shocked and says i went to getvegetables.. mama ji says something.. mami ji masala brother donotinterrupt plejjj lol nani ji says yeahh khushi so wht did u bring..khushi says nothing i went to some market.. mami ji says i want to saysomething.. phati sarii aka khushi kumari gupta singh raizada went tochandni chowk.. then they show flashbacks of the person in gloves whowas following her at the detective agency.. that person was mami ji ufffshe says she went to prithvii.. mami ji says she went to prithvii detecshe doesnt complete and khushi interuppts saying i went to prithvi khadibhandar.. then khushi says sorry nani ji i wanted to give a gift toarnav ji so i went there.. and says i am sorry nani ji.. nani ji saysyes u shud be sorry in an angry voice.. then nani and anjali laughloudly.. and anjali says y did u hv to lie for that.. nani says leaveall that tell me this..Part3- Khushi says i couldnt find any gift.. anjali says its okay wewill go together next time..mami ji is in her room and says phait sarii was lieing continiously andsuddenly khushi comes in and says u caught me right mami ji..mami ji then tell me wht happened.. khushi says i wanted to tellsomething i feel like arnav ji is in some problem.. mami ji startslaughing and says hw can arnav ji be in problem when u r the problem andhe is away from u so all problems are away from him.. khushi says waitmami ji dont tell any1 please.. mami ji says i will tell every1 that uhave gone mad.. khushi says i am not mad.. mami ji says yes all mad ppltell me not mad lol then khushi says wait mami ji i hv evidence.. sheshows her phone and says that he texted me that he reached london but onthe phone said that he reached scotland, and that day there was noflight to scotland.. so mami ji thinks and seems convinced.. khushi saysok mami ji give me 24hrs and i will prove u.. and says u knw how anjalidi has reacted that day// mami ji says ok if u dont prove in 24hrs thenu will go right away to mental hospital lol khushi leaves frm there..mami ji says inorder to prove khushi wrong i hv to do myinvestigation… mami ji is talking to aakash and is also trying to callarnav.. aakash says that arnav bro has said that there wont be anyreception so it wud be hard to contact me.. and aakash says but mami jiy r u trying to contact him.. mami ji hello hi bye bye i had asked arnavto get me a branded perfume so now i wanna tell him which brand to getlol aakash gets a call and he leaves from there.. khushi in her room istrying to call some1..Part4- Khushi is talking to her herself and says i am sure arnav ji isin some kinda trouble… mama ji gives a contact number to mami ji..mami ji calls and that person asks whats the patients name? mami jithinks she’s talking to scotland hotels’ manager.. then she finds outthats mental hospital’s number duhh khushi is thinking a diff way tofind out about arnav and she thinks that she last saw him at the airportso i shd go to the airport to find out.. khushi is talking some securitymanager of the airport, and that guy says he cant show her the cctvimages as she is neither from police nor from army and she doesnt hv anylegal paper work done to view them.. and as thats 4-5days old it shud bein our main office and even though if it was here then i cudnt hv shownit becoz of security reasons..