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Hotstar Tv Shows Colors  April 16, 2018.

Rudra is reading book, rohit sits on bed and says I put everything near myself, my everything is one hand away, rohit says I read on net that’s its hot here but I am feeling cold, rudra says weather has become cold, rohit lies down on bed and says to rudra that he and maayra will go to see palaces here and will go on walk beside lake, rudra feels uncomfortable and looks at rohit and maayra’s pic.
other side, maayra is not getting sleep either, she opens rudra’s cupboard and finds paro’s dress in it, she sees paro’s painting and recalls how rudra said that she is paro, his wife, she is in tears, maayra says rudra still loves his wife a lot, parvati. she sits on bed and cant sleep, she recalls how rohit said that love and all are only fantasy in real world, it looks good only in films, maayra says rohit is right, I should marry rohit.
its morning, dhruv wakes up, koyal comes to him, they find maayra sleeping beside dhruv, dhruv calls maayra as mother and maayra does hmm in sleep, dhruv says to koyal, look she is becoming my mother slowly.
maayra gets call from U.S agency, she says I am sorry I didn’t call you, agent says, I called you to inform you that papers are ready for you to leave the india, just come out of house and take it. maayra goes out and takes papers from him.
koyal, dhruv and rudra are on dinning table, koyal ask where are all, Maithili says they will come, you finish your breakfast, maayra comes there, rudra looks at her, koyal says her good morning, Maithili says I will bring breakfast for you, she leaves, maayra says to rudra that I will breakfast for dhruv, rudra says no need, rudra says sorry, I disturbed your sleep, you wanted to sleep with rohit, maayra says how can you even think like that, rudra says did I say anything wrong, maayra says rudra.. maayra stops rudra and ask whats his problem? he says nothing, she says you really think that i wanted to sleep with rohit, rudra says then why you didn’t get sleep in night, maayra says i didn’t get it so what, rudra says why? maayra says i didn’t sleep as i was on your bed, i was in your room. rohit comes there and ask why are you fighting guys, all family members come there, maayra introduces rohit as her fiancé. shtabdi says there was no vacant room in house so where did rohit sleep? did he sleep in maayra’s only, mohini says you are from foreign that doesn’t mean we will allow everything, maayra clears that rudra slept with rohit, maayra makes rohit meet samrat, mohini says to rohit that understand relations after sometime, 1st have breakfast, sumer whispers in mohini’s ear where did this monkey come from, maayra and rohit sit to have breakfast, mohini ask what serial do you want to watch, the one in which mother in law beats daughter in law, rohit says I cant eat such oily food, maayra says common rohit, leave this diet thing, rohit eats breakfast, rudra is jealous of them, rohit says we will have grand wedding, maayra says you want our relation to be strong, you want that we both shuld understand each other, I don’t like loud and grand wedding, I just want family and all this is not not important, important is that we both are content with each other, rudra cant take it anymore, maayra looks at him being angry. rohit has got flu, he says I should go and take rest, maayra says to all that yesterday, it was late so I couldn’t make you meet all with rohit. maayra says I have decided that when I have to marry then why not marry rohit.

maayra is with Maithili, Maithili says you told me that you said truth to rohit, maayra says rohit didn’t get my video message, Maithili says ok he doesn’t know anything but just for his sake, you will marry him, maayra says yes, Maithili says what about rudra? will you be able forget rudra? maayra says maybe not, but this marriage is right for me, Maithili says you are thinking from mind and saying what your mind is saying, maayra says my heart is broken in pieces but its okay, I will be fine, maayra says you didn’t tell me did you ever thought about adoption of child, Maithili says leave it, maybe fate doesn’t want me to become mother and mohini wont allow me to adopt someone else’s child, they listen to dhruv screaming and goes to see.

maayra, rudra and Maithili comes to dhruv, rudra ask maayra where was she? maayra says I was with Maithili, dhruv cries and says you are going to leave me maayra? maayra sits beside him, dhruv says how can you leave me, you are my mother, I was about to win the game but you made me lose, maayra gets tensed.

koyal says dhruv thought that you are becoming his mother, rudra says i told you many times dhruv that don’t.. maayra says please let me handle it rudra, rudra leaves from there, koyal and Maithili too, dhruv is crying, dhruv says i am angry with you, maayra says try and understand, i am not your mother and i cant be, she shows dhruv his family picture and says she is your mother who used to love your father and your father loves her a lot so you came in this world so how can i be your mother, dhruv says then why look like my mother, my mother is gone and she sent you to me, rudra listens their conversation, dhruv says i love you a lot and you too love me and rudra will also start loving you, rudra listens this, maayra says no, maayra says i love you and i don’t have to take your mother’s place for this, dhruv says i will be alone after you leave, maayra says no you have many people here, Maithili, koyal, shtabdi and dhruv says papa to, maayra says exactly you have many people, dhruv says i want mother, maayra says you don’t need mother as you have great father and when moon come, the brightest star will be your mother, dhruv says i want mother in daylight too, maayra says stars are there in sky in daylight but they are hidden by sun, you can talk to your mother too, she wipes his tears, dhruv says i can talk only in night, maayra says no you can talk at anytime, dhruv says but stars are far away, how will mummy listen to me? rudra is witnessing all this, maayra says mother knows everything, if you want to share your naughty things then share it with me on video message, dhruv says that means you will be touch with me, you wont forget me after leaving from here? maayra says how can i forget my dhruv, dhruv ask promise, maayra says promise, they share a hug, rudra tensely looks at them.

mohini comes to shtabdi’s room, shtabdi ask what are you finding here, mohini says my fate, strange people are coming in our house, 1st that foreign girl and now that coughing boy, rohit, shtabdi says he is cute, sumer angrily looks at her, shtabdi changes her statement and says he is not good, mohini ask them to think about maayra’ money, shtabdi is thinking, mohini finds recipe book of pickle and steals it, she says we will think after sometime and tries to leave from there with book, shtabdi stops her and takes book from her, shtabdi says only i will win this pickle competition, mohini says i will see to it.
maayra is in backyard, rudra comes there and says you are marrying in 10 days, maayra says you wanted this, that i marry soon and go from here so i am doing this only, rudra says you are revenge from me? he is about to leave but maayra holds his hand, she finds wound on his hand, she says blood is coming out, how can you be soo careless, rudra says what does it matter to you, maayra says shut up, she ties handkerchief on his hand, rudra looks at her, maayra says i am not taking revenge from anyone. maayra says to rudra that I am marrying rohit as its the right thing, rudra says I don’t think so, maayra says what you think then? tell me what you think I should do? answer me. they both feel awkward and could not see in each others eyes, maayra leaves from there. rudra thinks i wish i could answer you maayra, i wish i had the answer.
maayra comesback to her room, rohit ask where were you, i was finding you but this house is big, maayra says i was with dhruv, rohit says he is son of rudra, right, maayr says yes, he was upset, rohit ask why?maayra says because i am marrying you, rogit says so what, he wants to marry you? maayra says please don’t joke, dhruv thinks that i am his mother, rohit ask why? maayra says its long story, i will tell you some other time, i just pacified him, rh=ohit says why you, his father is there for him, maayra says i am also emotionally connected to him, rohit says really i thought you find kids irritating, maayra says yes right but its dhruv, rohit says yeah, the kid whose father is angry man and is devil like.. maayra says excuse me, rudra is not bad, he just had bear a lot in life, rohit says what about me, i have bore a lot too in life, this flu, this allergy, what about my sad story, maayra says everything is not joke in life, rohti says you are saying this, maayr leaves from there, rohit thinks.
samrat stops rudra, he says to rudra that he leaving for pushkar and wants rudra to accompany him, he says work load is much so i want you to come with me, we will comeback after somedays, rudra says Maithili told me to say this to me, she want me to go from here, samrat says yes, rudra angrily leaves from there.
rudra comes to Maithili, Maithili says samrat needed help in work so i suggested your name, its about just somedays, rudra says some days or weeks? i know why are you sending me, you think that i and maayra… don’t you trust me, Maithili says its nothing like that but the days coming ahead are difficult so i thought that you go from here, rudra says nothing is difficult, i will handle myself, i mean.. Maithili says i was talking about dhruv, i thought to send dhruv with you, rudra says nothing will happen to him, he has understood, maayra has made him understand, what i couldn’t do, maayra done it, me and my son will not run from here, we will see maayra marrying, not me neither my son know running from problems, we will leave in this house only like before, we will live happily after maayra leaves from here, he leaves, Maithili is tensed.

mohini is sleeping, sumer comes to her and ask for some money, sumer says rudra is not allowing me to take money from maayra as she has comeback for dhruv, mohini says your wife doesn’t give you food when you don’t have money, tell me how much you want, sumer thinks what has happened to mom? how can she be so sweet, mohini gives him money and says i have one condition, she takes money back, she says shtabdi is making pickle from recipe book, i want to win this competition and you will help me, just bring that book here and i will give you money, sumer goes to bring it.
maayra comes to Maithili and samrat, she says i know you are in hurry samrat but i want some time, she says i want your signature on these papers, they ask whats this? maayra says when i met rohit’s father, he blessed me that i give him his grandchild, i was freaked out that me and child, never, i cant be a good mother, Maithili says but you handle dhruv and koyal very well and god has given motherly thing in every women, maayra says then why you didn’t become mother, i have seen that seeing you all the problems of this house finishes, when you are around everything is fine, samrat says she cant be mother, why are you saying this, maayra says you both can be parents, just adopt the kid, samrat says mohini wont allow us, maayra says just for that you both wont get this happiness, Maithili says i have made myself understood that i cant be mother, i don’t want drama now, maayra says think about it, these are adoption papers, just sign on it, i will handle everything, Maithili says once paro tried to do this but.. maayra says you didn’t do what paro was saying to you but you can do what i am saying as we both call you jija, she says to samrat that i don’t know about past but you are now independent businessman so think about it, she says to Maithili that you take care of dhruv and koyal like mother, life is giving you chance to complete your family so take this chance, samrat says where i have to sign, maayra gets happy.


Hotstar Tv Shows Colors  April 16, 2018.