Wednesday Update on True Love Glow Tv


Wednesday Update on True Love Glow Tv


August 1, 2018

Tapasya reaches a under-construction building’s roof-top area with the money for Sid where Sid welcomes her sarcastically ;Tappu reminds her that she is no more in relationship with him on which he sarcastically tells Tappu that before getting married to Veer,there were in a relationship to which Tappu gives him a angry look ;Sid then asks her about the money on which Tappu gives him 2crore 80lakh rupees in cash and rest of the stolen jewelleries ;Sid takes the money’s bag and tells Tappu that “I m fine even if few thousand rupess were less as I m not that low in character..I only wanted to settle down in life and so went to this level for which u r responsible…I hv seen many disgusting people in life and today I m also one of them..but I hv to confess that I hv never seen anyone as disgusting as u” (Woww Sid almost spoke those words);Hearing this Tappu warns Sid to keep a check on his language and never return back here;’Tappu then asks for that proof on which Sid gives her the mobile ;Tappu sees the video with her own eyes and then leaves from there.

Just after Tappu leaves, Veer comes there and asks Sid to hand over the proof to him (Finally Veer became Sherlock Holmes after 2yrs of unsuccessful Uttaran journey );Sid then gives the CD to Veer and was about to leave from there when Inspector Avinash comes there with his police force to arrest Sid ;Sid is shocked to see that Veer trapped him too (Now why Veer didn’t bring the police at that moment when both Tappu and Sid were present there ?/ ) Police grabs Sid’s arms when Sid looks back at Veer and tells him that “U betrayed my trust when u had promised me to save from the police” ;Veer then goes into flashback mode and its shown that yesterday in the restaurant when Veer meets Sid they had a long interaction ;Veer recognizes Sid as the person who tried to shoot Ichha and so he grabs his collar and was about to take him to the police when Sid does a deal with Veer by telling him that “U save me from this police case and I will tell u the truth about Vansh’s death mystry” ;Hearing this Veer refuses to believe him when Sid tells Veer the entire truth about how Tapasya only planned Ichha’s murder and how she is responsible for Vansh’s death as well which he saw with his own eyes and recorded it in his mobile ;Veer is shocked now when Sid tells Veer that “u can believe me more than your wife Tapasya with whom u r dining right now and living your life as well because I m sure u have no idea how much money this woman is giving me to hide all her sins..if u don’t believe me then come to the place where I will ask u to come and see with your own eyes how much money she is giving to me to take the proof away from me” ;Finally Veer is convinced and agrees to save Sid from the police case that was against him regarding Ichha’s matter ; Veer then comes out of the flashback mode when Sid again tells Veer that he promised to save him from police on which Veer tells Sid that “How can u even think that I will let u go scotfree after I came to know what u did to Ichha” (So Veer is still very possessive about Ichha in a good way );Police then takes away Sid; Avinash thanks Veer for helping him out in tracking a criminal like Sid(yeah the police department was sleeping na );Avinash then asks Veer whats there in that CD which Sid gave him on which Veer lies to Avinash that its some past related to their family (It seems Veer indirectly saves Tappu from police here because he knew that the CD contains proof against Tappu…why ?? ,..maybe because he doesn’t want to see Jogi’s reputation getting ruined here ..thats the only explanation I can give regarding why Veer don’t

tell the truth about that CD to Avinash );Avinash then informs Veer that Vansh’s case is shut now because there is no solid proof which can prove anyone guilty here ; After Avinash leaves from there, Veer calls up Jogi and requests him to come to their place with his entire family as they have some rituals to perform in memory of Vansh ;Jogi agrees; After putting down the phone, Veer tells to himself that “I wish this day had never come in Jogi’s life” (So Veer calls Jogi to expose Tappu here ) Tappu stops her car in the middle of the road..gets out from her car..and throws away that Sid’s mobile and also destroys the Sim card which had Vansh’s video in it ;Tappu in emotional tone tells to herself that “I never thought all this will happen to Vansh..I never wanted this..all I wanted was my Veer to b with sorry Vansh bhaiyya. END