Wednesday Update on True Love August 8

Wednesday Update on True Love August 8

August 8 Episode

Jogi asking Divya why Tapasya did all this ;Jogi further tells Divya that “A person can b called wealthy only when he gives all his wealth to his kids in the form of sanskars…so this way I guess we r the poorest as we could not give the right sanskaar to our daughter..we hv no reason to live now ” Just then Veer enters the room and overhears Jogi’s words ;Veer consoles Jogi by telling him that he was never at fault on which Jogi tells Veer that “his biggest fault is that he is Tapasya’s father and he gave birth to a child like Tapasya because of which today he cannot show his face to anyone” ;Hearing this Veer tells Jogi that “Its not your fault at all…in my life I hv lost many relationships but I don’t want to loose this relationship and bonding that I share with u because I consider myself as your son and I m sure u too feel the same way about me..

so please don’t feel u r guilty here” ;Hearing these Veer’s words, Jogi feels better ;Veer then tells Jogi that he was sent by his father to get Ichha back home as she is the badi bahu of that house ;Hearing this Jogi tells Veer that “After doing Ichha’s kanyadaan,she is hving two houses now..so if she is hving no problem and if Damini too is fine with it,then she can go back to her other house” ;Damini overhears this as she was standing near the door and she gives a bit of worried look on her face (Damini should learn to make decisions for her daughter and stand up for her daughter’s rights now instead of giving those worried or confused looks …); Veer is now happy as Jogi indirectly gives the permission to take Ichha back home ;He tells Jogi that finally Mai too will feel satisfied once Ichha comes back;Veer then hands over that money’s bag to Jogi and tells him that the money was found with Sid thus indirectly indicating to Jogi that Tappu was the real thief ;Hearing this all r shocked and Divya tells Jogi that this means Masoom was innocent ;Damini all of a sudden cuts the conversation about Masoom in between for some reason and asks Veer to hv some food while Ichha gets ready to go back to her house (Mayb Damini doesn’t want Jogi or Divya to bring Masoom back in the house because she knows that Massoom is a cheater and thief too ..

Jogi’s destiny ..both her real and fake daughters r frauds ).. At Bundela house ,Mai along with Chanda enters VanCha’s room and then Mai asks Chanda whether Ichha will return back on which Chanda tells Mai that she will definitely return back to her own house ;Just then Umed enters the room and asks Mai whether its right for Ichha to stay in this room as this room is filled with Vansh’s memories which might haunt her and give her more pain ;Umed suggests that they should give some other room to Ichha where she can stay peacefully;Hearing this Mai tells Umed that till now whatever decision we took on our children’s behalf were proved wrong by destiny..so this time I leave it on Ichha to decide which room she wants to stay (Finally Mai is talking sensibly )

At Jogi’s house Damini is doing the packing for Ichha;She is putting all white sarees in the suitcase for Ichha and getting emotional about it ;She asks Ichha whether she will b able to stay there without her husband’s presense ;Hearing this Ichha consoles her mother by telling her that “U only asked me to start a fresh life and thats what I will b doing from today onwards by gonig back to my sasural where Mai,Baba and Daddaji needs my love and support..so don’t worry I will b fine” … Ichha then comes downstairs with Damini,goes towards Jogi-Divya to take their blessings and finally leaves the house with Veer After Ichha and Veer leaves,Nani comes towards Divya and starts her brainwashing act again ;Nani tells Divya that “I wish the amount of love and tears u showered over Ichha..u would hv done the same for Tappu as well when she needed you” ;Hearing this Divya in emotional tone tells Nani that “I hv always showerd the same love for Tappu that I m showering for Ichha today…

I always cared for Tappu ..gave her all the love and support..but neither she cared for my love nor my preachings..she always crossed her limits to fulfill her own ego..she never cared for me or my emotions” ;Hearing this Nani tells Divya that “Tappu was a kid..not able to understand whats right and wrong for her..but u being her mother,did u ever try to understand your daughter’s sentiments and why she used to cry when u bestowed your love for a servant’s daughter” ;Hearing this Divya has no answer when Nani goes on to tell Divya that “Today Ichhha left the house with blessings and full respect but your own daughter Tappu was kicked out of the house at night..tell me Divya r u not worried about her ..where has she gone or in which conidtion she might b right now ??”;So then Divya is devastated with this thought of Tappu’s whereabouts when the episode ends (Nani should get some reality check now..her Tappu madam is busy enjoying life in night clubs and shopping and 7-star hotels ..and if Nani is so worried about Tappu..why din’t she leave the house with her the other day when Jogi gave her that open offer ??