Season Finale Update on Unforseen Love Glow Tv

Season Finale Update on Unforseen Love Glow Tv

Judges asking Khushi, how many times in a week does Anjali fast? When does Aarav laugh most? Khushi gets all answers right. Judges then ask Anjali about Khushi and she also gets right. Judges then asks Aarav if Khushi has any complain with him. Aarav says, yes.. one complain. I never called her mum. And then he calls mum to Khushi and says, I love you mum. Khushi gets emotional and hugs Aarav. Arnav is sitting there and having a smile on his face. Judges announce Khushi as a winner of this round and they declare that finale will be tomorrow.

Khushi is standing alone. Arnav comes there and says, I bothered you a lot right? Khushi says, yes. Arnav then kisses her cheek. Khushi asks him, what are you doing? Someone will see us. Arnav says, I don’t care. One of the contestants see them and says to herself, Khushi made ASR her own to win this competition. Contestant goes away. Khushi also runs away from Arnav. Khushi is on the phone with Nk and tells him that she’s leaving. Arnav says, let’s go together. Khushi refuses and tells him, you only taught me how to say No. Arnav says, you don’t have any other beside saying yes to me. Suddenly lights go off and Khushi gets scared. Arnav says, don’t worry I am here. The contestant that saw Arnav and Khushi together is on the stage and says, before final I would like to show you something.

She then shows everyone Arnav and Khushi’s photos when they were together. All other contestants and judges are shocked. Contestant says, I came with a fake husband in the morning because my husband is not here. And I accept that I did a mistake and I apologized to everyone as well, and I was asked to leave this competition. She asks, does she (Khushi) deserve to stay in this competition after doing all this? She says, Khushi was not going to win this competition and that is why she attracted ASR towards her. Arnav gets furious and says, stop it.. that’s enough. He says, she (Khushi) has all rights to take advantage of me. She is Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raziada. She is my wife. Contestant then asks, how can she participate in this competition when you’re the sponsor. Arnav says, I am sorry that I never said this to anyone because I wanted her to do something on her own. And in fact, Khushi wanted me to do this so she doesn’t win because of my name. Khushi gets emotional and has tears in her eyes. She tells Arnav, I just want you to be with me.. I don’t want anything else. She says, if you want me to disqualify from this contest, then you can. Khushi starts walking from there, but judges stop her and they say Khushi, you will remain in this contest. Arnav then says, I am not part of this contest anymore and he says that he won’t come in front of Khushi until the contest is over which is fair to everyone.

Khushi is back to Raizada house. She is sad and wondering where did Arnav go. Arnav comes there and closes her eyes. He says, I said that you can’t see me.. but you can always feel me. Khushi says, I know you very well and I feel you on every moment. Arnav asks, then why are you sad? He says, I am not coming with you today for the contest. But I am with you.. forever. Khushi also says, forever.

Natasha says that she can’t wear this Indian traditional dresses.. she doesn’t feel comfortable.

Final round starts now and all the contestants are in Indian dresses. Judges ask everyone one final question.

It’s Natasha’s turn now and she comes out in regular clothes. Judges ask her, what happened to your dress? Natasha says, I just want to tell everyone that I am like this only. I don’t want to be like anyone or pretend to be. Judges say, leave this and ask her question. They ask her, what is your biggest dream? Natasha says, do something in which I feel happy. Judges ask and what makes you happy? Natasha says, by getting my real identity back.. to become like how I am. She says, Khushi taught me that it is best to be simple and now I want to live a normal life. She has tears in her eyes and walks away from there. Khushi has a smile on her face.

Next is Amrita. Judges ask her, what do you think who can be an ideal woman? Amrita answers it nicely. Judges then ask, according to you how should an ideal country be like? Amrita answers about ideal relationship. Judges say, we asked for ideal country, not ideal relationship. Amrita is confused. Judges say, we caught you doing cheating and disqualify her. Amrita leaves from there in anger.

Now it’s Khushi’s turn. When Khushi goes on the stage. She recalls her moments (first moments I think) with Arnav and how they met. Her heartbeat starts beating fast. She says, Arnav ji? We see Arnav now and he says to Khushi, I am here only Khushi. I said you, not being there doesn’t meant I am not with you. Khushi says, I know you’re right here.. for forever.

Judges ask Khushi so what is more important for you? family or win? Khushi says, family. They then ask, religion or love? Khushi says, love is my religion. Last question.. if this was your last day, and you had only 24 hours, then what would you do?

Khushi says, I would run to my house and eat food made by my mother. I would bother buaji a lot, take blessings from my father and return to my house (Raizada). Then go to temple with Anjali Di. Come back and sleep in Nani’s lap. Wake up and learn how to play basketball from Aarav. Teach hindi to Nk and get make up tips from Manorama mami. Then call Payal and Aakash and gossip with them. I would send Salman’s poster to him to get his autograph. I would make jalebis whole night. She tells judges, 24 hours is a lot especially when you have family like the one I have. Khushi then says, I would not talk with Devi ma (God) at all.. because I would be going to her anyhow. And she is separating me from my family. Everyone gets emotional now.

Judges now ask Khushi, you didn’t say anything about your husband? Khushi says, because there is no need. He will be with me in all those 24 hours and after that too. Everyone claps for Khushi.

Judges announce that Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is winner of this contest. Everyone is overjoyed. Khushi has a smile.

Arnav is shown very emotional. Judges put Mrs. India tag on Khushi and gives her a crown.

Arnav and Khushi are together now and back to Raizada house. Khushi tells Arnav that she loves him a lot. Arnav asks her to say it openly. Khushi screams, I love you Arnav ji. Other Raizada family members are also there and they also say, we love you too. Khushi feels shy. She asks Arnav, why didn’t you tell me? She runs to other Raizada family and hugs everyone. Then there is a cake which has “Congratulation Khushi” written on it. She cuts the cake and gives it to everyone.

Khushi tells Arnav, I never told you but you have been my strength since always. You gave me strength to do all this. I was thinking all time that if you weren’t there then I would never get all this happiness. If you weren’t there, then how would I face this world? How would I know what is love? You’re a very important part of my life. Khushi gets very very emotional. Rabba ve plays in the background and they are thinking about their past moments, how they met, their marriage and all of their lovely moments.