Wednesday Update on This is Love August 8

Wednesday Update on This is Love August 8

August 8 Episode

Raman getting surprised seeing Pihu. Pihu says I will come along for Adi and Aaliya’s engagement. Raman and Ishita get glad. Raman says yes, we will take you. He holds Ishita’s hand. She moves his hand away from Ishita and leaves with him. Ishita cries. Ishita gets a call and says I m coming. Raman and Pihu are on the way. He says we are very annoyed with Papa right. Pihu says no, I don’t want any explanation. He says Ishita is your real mum. She says no, Shagun is my real mum. Raman says Ruhi told you about Kanha having two mummas, one who gave birth and one who raised, you have two mums too. Pihu says no, Ishita is no one, Shagun is my mumma, I was in her tummy. he thinks how to explain her. She says we have to be there before mahurat.

asks where are Raman and Ishita, mahurat is close. Mihika thinks to tell everything to Romi. Lawyer Kunal calls her and looks at her from far. He says you look pretty in these clothes. She looks around and asks who are you. He says I know you were in resort room with ex fiance. She says shut up. He says if I tell this to your husband, all your attitude will go. She worries. Simmi asks her to come, ring ceremony is happening. Dadi says its just 5mins for mahurat. Raman comes with Pihu. Shagun gets shocked and says how did Raman get Pihu without my permission. Ruhi asks Raman where is Ishi Maa. He says she would be coming, Dadi we should not delay, its mahurat time. Dadi asks where is Ishita, when will she come. Raman says don’t know. Ishita comes. Ruhi asks her to come for ceremony.

Ishita says you go and be with Adi, Pihu is here. Ruhi nods and goes. Dadi says first Adi will make Aaliya wear the ring. Adi says I don’t have ring. Amma says I gave you ring, did you forget at home. Adi asks when did you give me ring. Dadi says find ring fast, its just 5mins left. The flowers shower on Adi and Aaliya. Everyone smile. Romi brings the surrpise. The ring descends in a heart shaped with a dancing couple fixed box. Aaliya smiles. Amma says Adi, I was so scared, you did not tell me. Adi makes Aaliya wear the ring. Raman sees Ishita and looks upset. Adi says I want to take my mum’s blessings before stepping in my new life. Shagun smiles. Adi takes Aaliya and goes to Ishita. Ishita congratulates them and blesses. Simmi tells Mihika that her phone is ringing.

Mihika attends the call. Kunal says your sister in laws trusts you and has good relation, will she trust you when she knows truth, check the pic I m sending you. Mihika goes. She sees the pic of her and Mihir, which police clicked. She says before this man does wrong, I have to tell everything to Romi, is this some policeman, what does he want. He calls her again. He says you look very beautiful. She asks who are you, don’t think I m scared, what do you want. He says you got angry, you are brave. He ends call. She says matter is getting worse, I think I should tell Mihir.

Ruhi tells everyone that engagement went on well, but its Punjabi function and can’t complete without dance. She asks Adi and Aaliya to perform. Adi says I won’t dance. She says Ishita and Raman look upset, that’s why I announced this. Aaliya asks Adi to come. Mihir sees pics and says I told you Mihika to tell everything to Romi, why did you hide. She says I did not get chance. He says calm down, give me his number, I will call back. She says no, don’t call, we will wait for his call and know what does he want. He says why is he blackmailing. She says he is here and keeping an eye on me. Romi looks on. Mihir asks her to calm down. They see Romi and stop. Mihir says actually Mihika was saying… Romi says whatever, can I take my beautiful wife along. Mihir says so sorry, go ahead. Mihika and Romi leave. Mihir says who is this man blackmailing Mihika.

Adi and Aaliya dance in Zehnaseeb………. Everyone smile. Ishita tells Raman that she just went to meet Pihu, she did not tell everything to Pihu. He asks her not to talk and goes annoyedly. Romi tells Mihika that finally Adi and Aaliya got engaged. She says I want to tell you something. He says say it, I love you too. She says actually….. Kunal walks in. Romi asks her to come and meet his friend.

Romi introduces Mihika to Kunal. Kunal says sorry, I got late. Mihika says you guys talk, I will just come. Kunal says you invited me and I had to come. Romi says I heard you became lawyer. Raman hears them. Kunal says yes, I see custody cases, I fight custody cases for those parents who should get custody. Raman goes to Ishita and acts good, saying don’t think I have forgiven you, see that big lawyer Kunal Sethi, he fights custody cases for parents who should get custody of children, I think he can fight Pihu’s custody case, we should look perfect parents. She says anything for Pihu and smiles.

Mihika telling Mihir that Kunal is Romi’s friend too, its strange Kunal acted like he did not met me before. Mihir says why will he do this. She says thank God, he did not tell Romi about yesterday night, i did not tell Romi. He says don’t panic, I will manage, did the caller call again. She says no. He says I will manage, just tell everything to Romi, its unnecessary complication. She says fine, i will tell him. He goes.

He sees Romi with Kunal and gives them drinks. Romi asks do you know each other. Mihir says he was with me since 10th class. Romi says he was with me till 10th. Mihir says really, such a small world. Romi goes. Mihir asks Kunal why did you not say you know Mihika. Kunal says if I said that, I would have had to say how I know her,
I did not want her to fall in awkward situation. Mihir says thanks, Mihika came for me that day and it was unfortunate. Kunal says Romi loves his wife a lot, I will try to get those pics. Mihir says relations can spoil, pics are imp, I m counting on you. Kunal says don’t worry and goes with someone. Mihir tells Mihika that Kunal os helping us, he will get the pics. She asks what about blackmailer.

Ruhi tells Ananya about engagement surprise and checks CDs. She says I thought to gift all memories to Adi, I have combined all pics in the Cds, we will not waste time and give CDs to DJ to play. Kunal calls Mihika and says Ruhi planned surprise for Adi. Mihika asks where are you. Kunal says I get emotional seeing memories, think if your and Mihir’s memories of that night play, then? When you and Mihir were alone in resort room, think how your family will get emotional, you were in news for a video before and now another video is going to come infront of your family. Mihika worries and says I have to stop Ruhi, where did ruhi go.

Ruhi announces the surprise for everyone, its childhood memories and its gift for Adi from their side. She says you are world’s best brother, I hope you like this. Mihika rushes to DJ to show the CD. The DJ shows her CDs. Mihika asks Shravan where is CD number 3. Shravan says don’t know, she just gave this CD. Everyone clap as the CD plays. Mihika worries. Ruhi and Adi’s pic CD plays. Kunal calls Mihika and asks what happened, did you get scared, what to do, I had pity on you and left you, remember it can be my CD next time. Everyone smile seeing the pics. Shagun tells Pihu that its just me with you, I m your mumma, you are no one for Ishita, you can trust me completely, mumma really loves you. Everyone clap.

Pihu says mumma… and something falls on Shagun’s saree. Shagun goes to clean it. Ishita and Raman see Pihu coughing and go to help her. Raman says where did Shagun go leaving Pihu alone. Ishita cares for Pihu. Mani asks where is Shagun. Raman says don’t know. Mani thinks Shagun went to clean her saree and left Pihu alone, how irresponsible. Shagun comes and asks what happened. Mani says nothing, we will leave, Ishu take care of Aaliya. Ishita says don’t worry, we will drop them. Mani thanks her and leaves.

Ishita says it happened so much with Pihu. Raman says sorry, I said that for Pihu. She says no need to explain and say sorry, I wanted to explain Pihu made me say truth, she heard Mani and Shagun say truth, I did not wish her to know this way. He says we will together manage her, whatever happens is for good, Pihu will know you care for her. Shagun went to clean her saree when she was coughing and you helped her, maybe she will love you, we won’t let Pihu stay with Shagun, we will talk to Kunal and find solution, come.

Mihika is on call and says enough, who are you and what do you want. Kunal says I want to meet you, come near the water stall. She says fine. He asks her to come alone. She says okay, I will come alone. She goes to meet him. She sees the shadow in darkness. She asks who are you and what do you want, whatever happened that day was unfortunate incident. She sees Ishita coming out from the curtains and gets shocked.

Ishita says I m sorry, I m shocked, what are you saying. Mihika cries and hugs her. She says I m stuck in bad situation. Raman asks Romi about his friend Kunal. Romi says he is sitting there. Romi introduces Raman to Kunal. Ishita asks what, you kept this hidden till now, we have to tell Romi. Mihika says not now, anything can happen in function, don’t tell now. Raman calls Ishita and asks her to come near stage, I m sitting with Kunal. Ishita says I m coming. Ishita asks Mihika to call her if she needs help and goes. Mihika says who is this man….

Kunal says sorry, I can’t take this case now. Raman introduces Ishita. Kunal says Raman told me about Pihu, she is your daughter, you will get her custody, I have few cases on hand and have to attend conferences, I have to travel, you can meet me after Diwali. Juice falls over Ishita’s saree. She keeps her phone. She says I will come in 2mins, and takes Kunal’s phone by mistake. She calls Mihika and wonders why iss she not answering. Mihika says who is this man, why is he calling me again and again, what does he want. Kunal tells Ishita that their phones changed. Ishita says its my phone. He says its identical handsets, you took wrong phone when juice fell. She says sorry. She asks do you know Mihika. He says yes, I just met her, any problem. She says no, have a good night. He goes. She calls Mihika from her phone and asks where are you, I m finding you. Mihika says I m in lawn.

Raman asks everyone whats going on. Ruhi and Adi say nothing. Raman says come, I have to drop Aaliya and Dadi. Adi says Dadi went. Simmi says I will call Ishita, you both have to go together, its ritual. Raman asks what. Ruhi says nothing, we will get Ishita, you go. Raman asks Adi to call everyone. Ishita asks Mihika did he call again. Mihika says yes, I did not answer. Simmi and Ruhi ask Ishita to come. Ishita says I will come with Mihika. Mihika asks her to go. Kunal meets Ashok. Ashok says we would have got caught today. Kunal says I m not a weak player, you are doing big favor on me and my brother, I can do this for you. Ashok smiles.