Wednesday Update on True Love August 29

Wednesday Update on True Love

August 29 Episode

Tapasya is upset that she is now forced to wear Ichcha’s uttaran and remembers their old childhood days. She breaks the mirror, realizing the tables have now turned. She ultimately wears the saree.

Damini looks at Tapasya-Ichcha childhood pix when Nani comes there. Nani expresses her concern abt Masoom and how they should come up with a way to get rid of her.

Wearing the saree, Tapasya is waiting at the bus stop when Ichcha drives by. Ichcha stops the car, but by that time Tapasya is already in an auto and Ichcha thinks that it must not have been Tapu. Ichcha reaches Jogi’s house and Ammo is very happy to meet her. Divya watches from afar in jealousy. Ichcha expresses abt how she felt she saw Tapu, but she thinks it couldn’t be her since Veer recently saw her at a car showroom. Divya comes down clapping. She tells Ichcha that she understands Veer’s anger and why he didnt mention this. But she mocks Ichcha that she kept this from them. Divya leaves from there. Ammo pacifies Ichcha. Jogi overhears Damini-Ichcha’s plan to search for Ichcha. Jogi warns them not to.

Tapasya doing some lady’s haircut and looking at herself in the mirror and thinking that these days she looks so lost in her life, that she has no time to even take care of her face ;While thinking about herself, Tapasya accidentally cuts the lady’s hair in a OTT manner ;As soon as the lady sees that Tapasya is putting her scissors all over her hair ,she gets up from the chair and shouts at Tapasya for giving her a weird hair cut ;So then Tapasya too shows her attitude and asks her not to shout as that weird haircut really suits her face (I agree with Tappu here );That lady and Tapasya then gets into a heated argument (So another job gone from Tappu madam’s hand )..

At Jogi’s house, Pushkar’s Wife mixes some bhaang in Masoom’s pan and feeds her those pans to get the truth out of her mouth while Damini is standing outside Masoom’s room to overhear the actual truth; So then Masoom in her subconscious state slips out from her mouth to Pushkar’s wife that Jogi is not her father and that Pushkar brought her to the house to trap Jogi so that he can get Jogi’s money ;Damini is shocked to hear this and fortunately Jogi too comes around that time only and overhears the entire truth from Masoom’s mouth at one go ..

In the drawing hall, Jogi then asks everyone to kick Masoom out of the house when Nani tries to say in Pushkar’s defence that Pushkar is innocent ;So then Jogi gives one last chance to Masoom and asks her to spit out the truth if she doesn’t want to go to jail ;So then Masoom finally blurts out the truth by telling Jogi that she is Roshni’s daughter only but he is not her father ;Masoom also tells Jogi that Pushkar brought her to this house and told her that they r going to steal away all the money of this house one day ;Hearing this Pushkar in his defence says that Masoom is lying but Jogi asks both Pushkar and Masoom to get out of the house ;Nani’s mouth is sealed now (I wonder where was Divya when such important climax was going on )..READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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