Wednesday Update on This is Love August 29

Wednesday Update on This is Love

August 29 Episode

Raman and Ishita’s flight landing in Delhi. Raman asks Pihu to wait, and goes to book a cab. Pihu asks why are you not talking to me mumma. Shagun asks do you really want to go with Papa, don’t you love me. Pihu says I love you, but I promised Ishi maa that I will give her a chance. Shagun goes. Ishita tells Pihu that she can meet Shagun anytime. She says I don’t want to make Shagun out of your heart, I want to make my own place. Raman says lets go home. Ishita says what will they think of us. Raman says I also think so, but when they see Pihu, other things will not matter. A lady takes selfie with Ishita. Ishita says I don’t know what happened, maybe I did her smile correction. They leave.

Mani asks Aaliya what did you drop now, you have to do
all things well, else your mum in law will scold you. Aaliya says my Saas is my Amma, so chill. He says everything is fine now. She says we are back after many years, your work tour is finally over. He says don’t know why Shagun did not ask me to come airport. She says Shagun will come, see this teddy, I got this for Pihu. He asks about pasta for Pihu. He says I missed you a lot in this one year. Shagun comes. Mani welcomes her and they ask about Pihu. Mani says Aaliya got gift for her and I ordered her fav pasta, where is she. Aaliya says she would have hidden, I will find her. Shagun says she is not with me, she is with Raman and Ishita, you always wanted this, happy now? She goes to room.

Raman and Ishita come home with Pihu. Raman says why is that uncle staring at me. Ishita says leave it. Pihu says I want to meet everyone. Ishita asks them to come later, and surprise everyone, when she messages Raman. Pihu asks are you doing this for me. Ishita says yes, you are most special for me. Mani goes to Shagun and tries to cheer her up.

He gives her a rose. She says I know you are trying to cheer me up, but I m in stress and upset, leave me alone. He says leave it, sit here. He asks how did Pihu go to Raman and Ishu, tell me, I m seeing you are not talking well, you were upset, so I came here to talk to you. Shagun cries and says what to say, I met Raman and Ishita in Australia, they asked Pihu’s custody again, Ishita begged and convinced me, I decided to give Pihu to them, I can’t see them wanting Pihu so much, but I m disturbed without Pihu. He says I m proud of you, you did big sacrifice, I know you are feeling bad, guess what, I will cancel my business trips, I will be with you and I promise I will not let you feel alone, relax, have this juice, I will warm up food and come. She thanks him. He says you don’t have to thank me and goes.

She gets shocked reading newspaper and smiles. She says Ishita you deserve this. Ishita comes home and surprises Adi. Adi looks on sad. Ishita says what happened, I m back. He says we all know truth. She thinks Ruhi told him everything. She says its good if you know, I will talk to everyone, come. He says what happened to her, why is she so excited. Amma and Mihika are worried by the news. Amma says what will people say. Mihika asks her not to worry, Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla are understanding, they said they are happy for Ishita. Amma says Ishita took such step, I m worried. Appa comes and says Ishita has come back, I have seen her entering bhalla house. Neelu goes to tell Mrs. Bhalla Mrs. Bhalla asks her to ask Simmi about food dishes.

Neelu says its good news and asks her to come. Pihu says why did Ishi Maa not call us till now. Driver asks how long will it take. Raman jokes on notes and asks Pihu to come. Romi comes and sees them. Pihu hugs him and goes to meet Mrs. Bhalla. Romi says you here. Raman says what happened, I m not ghost, I m your brother. He hugs him and asks how are you, why is everyone staring me, its been one year, now everything will be fine. Romi asks about Ishita. Raman says she went upstairs. Romi says don’t you think whatever is happening is wrong and shows newspaper. Raman says its happening right and gets shocked seeing newspaper. Romi thinks why is Raman behaving like what Ishita is doing is not wrong.

Ishita apologizes to everyone as she did not call home. She says I had some surprise, I wanted to tell you all personally. Pihu comes and everyone gets glad. Pihu hugs Mrs. Bhalla and Amma. Ishita says this is first surprise, Pihu will stay with us. She sends Pihu with Neela. She asks what happened, are you all not happy with Pihu coming, I think you know my second surprise, I hope you all will like it and understand why I did this, we will make a new start.READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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