Thursday Update on Young Love August 30

Thursday Update on Young Love

August 30 Episode

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv and choti maa are discussing anandi’s judgement in the panchayat regarding jagdish.While she is concerned that her descision was wrong,and that her efforts should have been directed towrds sending jagdish out of jaitsar. And that

she should have left the descision to him. shiv tries to explain that as a sarpanch she had to take a professional descision and not bring personal issues in her judgement.And therefore was right in what she did.When he leaves she doubts

anandi’s motive behind the descision being that she wants jagdish in front of her eyes all the time.

Narayan’s house
A tired jagiya asks for tea from narayan’s wife who takes him in the backyard and tells him not to enter through the main door and disturb them all the more but should come and sleep in the store house only.She also scolds the kids and

tells them not to ever interact with him.When she leaves,he sees the condition of the room,the battered and stained cot and sits on the floor instead wondering how he would manage here.but then he consols himself with the thought that he

is lucky to have atleast found a place to stay till he gets his revenge on anandi.

Jaitsar haveli
Anandi and shiv sittin in the backyard where shiv clarifies to anandi that he has no problem with anandi’s descision and that she should not bother about him feeling insecure.She then goes on to say that she cannot hide the truth any

longer.When shiv asks what truth,she tells him about dadisa being the one who badmouthed shiv in front of urmi devi and her reason behind doing this.Shiv is shocked and remembers that day’s incidents and dadisa’s urgency in proposing

shiv and anandi’s marriage.He starts smiling which boggles anandi.To satisfy hr curiosity,h tells that he doesnt feel bad because dadisa did that with a good intention and she is a very firm willed lady.When anandi insists that it was a

kind of fraud that dadisa pulled which made them lose urmi’s devi’s good proposal.He tells her that it is for the better that he lost a good proposal in lieu of the ebst one.She shyly looks upto him.She further tries to clarify saying

that she didnt want dadisa to be insulted in her inlaws’ eyes but now with the burden of truth upon her,she feels she is insulting her in laws’ by hiding the truth from them.Shiv advises her that she shouldnt bother about that as he is

sure that they would also have a good laugh over this and that they should wait for a good time to tell this to them.

Dadisa when opens her window,she sees jagiya and anandi sitting in the swing in the backyard.On clearer vision she finds shiv instead of jagiya.She is put to thinking as to why is she seeing such things when finally anandi is moving on

and accepting shiv and everybody including herself is happy for her.In fact.jagiya had he loved anandi the way shiv does,none of this would b happening and that jagiya doesnt know ewhat he has lost.She urges herself to control her

emotions.And closes the window.

Shiv leaves along with anandi to sign some official documents.

On the road
Shiv and anandi are in a jeep going towards their office casually chatting when anandi sees jagiya working in the fields.Their eyes meet but then she turns away nonchalantly.Shiv sees jagiya in the rearview mirror,he looks at anandi and

is happy to see her obliviously unnerved and unfazed.However when they pass away,jagiya comes on the road running and seeing the tyre marks of the jeep,tries to erase with his feet in frustration and anger.

In the fields
Jagiya is working in the fields when nandu comes along with another kid.When jagiya,wnting to hug him,but nandu stopping midway,questions his behaviour,nandu demands to know if he really stole from some house and that he has left his

doctory and bbecome a servant to narayan’s family.And that all his friends are teasing him for that.Jagiya comes to him,hugs him and says that he made a mistake and had come to jaitsar to apologize but nobody forgave him.When nandu is

confirmed that jagiay tried everythign yet his family didnt forgive him,he says to him that they would go home together and he would talk to everybody on his behalf.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi along with bhairo and dadisa come ot bid farewell to shiv’s family.Dadisa says that she has brought sweets made by anandi for them to remember her evrytime they eat them.Dadaji says that they dont need sweets for remembering

anandi or for that matter anybody even dadisa who he has gotten used to talking so frequently.Dadisa is as usual embarassed much to everybody’s amusement.When asked for the reason of leaving,they say that its an emotional turmoil.They

dont want to leave and yet they have to for work as well as to get the haveli ready in time for marriage.She says that anandi is lucky to have a fmily like this.Ira reciprocates the gesture by saying shiv indeed is lucky,to have anandi

and them as his new family.She confesses that she was concerned when he heard about his posting to jaitsar but having come her and seeing the love and respect that the people here have for shiv,she is tension free now.Bhairo comments

that shiv has such a good personality and nature that nobody can dislike him.Meenu cuts his statement saying that there is one person,the one who badmouthed him in front of urmi devi.Everybody exchanges nervous glances.The screen freezes

on dadisa’s tensioned bowed face.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
The episode starts with menu talking about the old lady who bad mouthed shiv.Everybody including shiv,anandi bhairo and dadisa exchange awkward glances.Dadisa tries to divert the conversation saying that she must have had some problem or hlplessness that prompted her to do somthing like that.Anyways,the whole topic is brushed aside.Then meenu puts forth another doubt about their worry now that jagiya,anandi’s husband, has returned.

In the fields
nandu is insistent on taking jagiya home with him.After great efforts,he is able to persuade nandu that he would definitely come home when its the right time.He says that nandu,can come and play with him in the fields whenever he wants.nandu gets happy.But jagiya warns him not to tell anybody at home.

Narayan’s house
A tired jagiya Looks at narayan’s wife changing his dressing in an unpofessional manner.He offers to do it himself,but is told by narayan that if he really wants to help,he should do something to reduce the pain that he has given him.He then goes on to prescribe some injections with painkillers rather than oral medicines.When narayan says that he doesnt have naybody to go and get medicine from the hospital,jagiya decides to go himself.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Dadisa explains that he is currently in jaitsar due to an inevitable situation but he doesnt have anything to do with the haveli.Meenu reluctantly agrees.Dadaji too takes a promise from anandi to take care of gardening.she agrees.Ira says that they have to go and will miss all of them badly.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Meenu is arranging shiv’s clothe and slamming his servants to get some vegetables for shiv and that they are not taking proper care of theie master.Ira sees this and tells her not to worry unnecessarily and that shiv was managing well here even without them and now that anandi is here they have nothing to worry about.Meenu doesnt pay heed to her and goes inside muttering.

On the road
Shiv and anandi talking in the jeep about how they couldnt have thought that dadisa could do something like that.Anandi thanks him for not taking her actions otherwise and also not telling his family members.Shiv comments that all that she did,he is eternally thankful as she gave him the best girl thats anandi.They share a romantic look and accidentally hit a man from behind.Anandi runs to him to find out its Jagiya.She screams out his name and he wakes after a while.Shiv is looking at them and anandi’s concern for her.They offer to take him to the office where he could get some water,rest and a first aid.They sit in a jeep throughtout,sharing an awkward silence with just shiv asking once iof he’s comfortable with jagiya replying in the affirmative.

Jaitsar collectorate office
Shiv is sitting while anandi gives water to jagiya.He comments that working in the fields,he has realised the importance of the river canal project in jaitsar to which shiv says that they both are fervently working on it.

Then he goes on to ssay that he had been wanting to meet anandi and tell her that he is sorry for the way he behaved with her even when he was askign for forgiveness and hurt her badly.He was asking for forgiveness as a favour and thought it was anandi’s duty to forgive him and that he didnt realise it then but now he’s sorry for it.He assures that it would never happen again and that he would never come in her way again.