Wednesday Update on Strange Love 2nd June 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 2nd June 2021

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Shlok following the sound. He sees Aditi and says you were ill, what are you doing now, you should rest. She says I need water. Aditi says everyone cares about me and he did not ask me am I fine, he is strange. Astha says where is Shlok till now, its late. She switches off the lights and goes to sleep. Shlok comes to his room and holds Astha’s hand. He says don’t think you are smart, you don’t work so you are trying to scare me, OMG I m so scared. Astha says excuse me, I did not do anything. He says why were you roaming like a ghost. She says you are mad, I did not go out from this room since one hour. He says don’t try to cheat me, I hate lies. Someone is still watching them.

Its morning, Aditi greets Anjali touching her feet and acts sweet. Anjali smiles being impressed by her. Anjali asks her to rest. Aditi says I m fine now, have this tea made by me. She says I was feeling ill being in the room. Anjali says your dad did your good upbringing. Astha comes. Aditi offers her tea. Astha says you should take rest. Aditi says I want to make lunch today, I m fine. She says so its decided, I will make it, I will make everyone’s fav food. She asks Astha about Shlok’s fav food.

Anjali says Shlok likes everything. Aditi says I remember he loves Gajar Ka Halwa. Astha thinks she does not know about this. Aditi tells Astha that Shlok used to eat her share also. She says you might know everything about Shlok’s taste. Anjali says they are newly married, she will know everything soon. Anjali asks Astha to help Aditi on kitchen work. jyoti’s mum in law asks jyoti to wash clothes and give food for Abhay. She taunts jyoti and says it would have been good if Abhay has one more wife. jyoti thinks of buying pregnancy test kit and do the test.

Anjali calls Astha ans gives Shlok’s clothes to Astha asking her to keep in his cupboard. Astha says his cupboard is locked. Anjali says the keys are in the drawer. Aditi asks Astha how come you don’t know about the keys as you stay with him in his room. Astha says he looks after his cupboard. Aditi likes Astha’s bangles and says thanks for wearing my gifts. Aditi gets a call from her dad and leaves. Anjali feels Aditi is better and smart than Astha. Astha says if I arrange his cupboard in his absence, he might get angry, but Anjali asked me to keep these clothes.

She opens the door and the clothes fall. Aditi comes there and says whats all this. She says is this Shlok’s cupboard. She says I thought it would look different after marriage, I will help you in setting this. Astha says Shlok does not want anyone to touch his things. Aditi insists and helps Astha in arranging the cupboard.

Astha thinks Shlok will take her good class seeing this, be prepared. Astha gets a call from Kalindi. Aditi smiles hearing her talk. Astha says I want to eat the laddoos made by you, send it by someone. Astha happily ends the call and tells Aditi that it was her mum’s call. Aditi says I have only my mum’s memories. Astha says you can meet my mum, I m sure you will feel good. Aditi says thanks Astha and hugs her. jyoti buys the pregnancy kit and comes home tensed. jyoti’s mum in law comes after her and rings the bell. jyoti hides the pregnancy kits. Her mum in law asks why did it take so much time to open the door. jyoti lies that she took a nap.

She scolds jyoti and asks her to bring water for her. Aditi talks to her dad. She opens her bag and looks at a photo getting emotional. She says I miss you so much. She hugs the photo. Shlok and Astha are in the room. Astha tries to catch network. Shlok smiles seeing her and says its good your phone knows its owner does not have brain. He taunts her. Landline rings. Astha takes the call but no one answers. Astha says it might be Kalindi’s call. Someone does blank calls. Shlok says give the phone to me. A woman cries and makes strange sounds. Shlok asks who is it and shouts…… He throws the phone. Astha asks what happened, whose phone was it.

Shlok says leave me alone for sometime, just go. Astha goes to her side of the room. Shlok leaves. Its morning, jyoti sees Abhay sleeping and thinks of doing the pregnancy test. She comes to know that she is pregnant and is happy. She gets upset thinking about Abhay’s reaction if its a girl again. She thinks if I tell him, he will try to find out its a girl or boy. If its girl, then he will abort the child again. She says I won’t let him know, I will go to doctor and confirm myself.

Astha sees Shlok and wishes to Bappa to do anything that Shlok does not shout on her seeing the cupboard. Shlok opens his cupboard and sees it arranged. He does not react. He gets bangles from between the clothes. He looks at the bangles and gets angry.

Shlok getting angry seeing the bangles. He recalls Swati. Astha asks him what happened. Shlok asks whose bangles are these. Astha says its like mine, but I don’t know how it broke. She says Aditi gave me these bangles, I m sorry for setting your cupboard. Shlok takes his clothes and locks the cupboard. He leaves. Astha says I knew he will be angry on me. jyoti thinks how to meet the doctor. Abhay’s mum asks her to eat the left over food which Abhay left. Abhay scolds jyoti and hurts her. jyoti apologizes. Abhay says you everytime do mistakes and apologize. He says I m seeing your heart is getting diverted. He takes her with him. Abhay’s mum smiles.

Abhay asks jyoti to see straight like him. He hurts her and says I have full control on you, if you do mistake again, I won’t let you identify your face. jyoti breaks down and cries. jyoti calls Anjali but cuts the call thinking she won’t understand her. jyoti’s mum in law calls her for doing household work. She says you have to go to market today and bring the week’s vegs. jyoti thanks Bappa for giving her the chance to go to the doctor. Astha comes to Aditi and says lets have tea together. Aditi says I m sorry Astha, Shlok scolded me because of me. Astha says so you were listening to us. Aditi says no, I was passing by and heard him shouting on you. Astha says yes, you are right, I got scolded because of you, I got to see Shlok’s angry face. She asks Aditi to keep smiling.

Aditi says I want you and Shlok to be together always. Astha says don’t worry, we have much love in between us. jyoti comes to the doctor and he confirms that she is pregnant. jyoti is worried. The doctor asks what happened, why are you so tensed. jyoti says I have a request, don’t tell this to my family. He says so you want to surprise them, its fine. He gives her medicines. Kavya comes home with a trophy and shows it to Astha.

Kavya says shall I keep it with the trophies there. Anjali says no, its only for the men’s trophy, keep it with your toys. Astha argues. Anjali scolds her biasing with girls. She says girl’s limits are only till kitchen and their room. She asks Astha to cook dinner. Astha comes in the mandir and prays. Aditi comes there and says can I help. She says I will light the diya outside and leaves. Shlok is sitting on the terrace thinking about Swati. He throws the bangle pieces. Aditi comes to light the diya at the tulsi plant. But Anjali stops her saying only our bahu can do this. She calls Astha. Aditi says I m really sorry aunty.

Anjali asks Astha to light the diya. Shlok says its because of you I m surrounded by black clouds. He says In don’t regret as it became my habit now. He says I got my life’s biggest lesson that all girls are same. He says it was my mistake to love you. Aditi apologizes to Anjali and says I don’t have my mum to tell me, so I know a bit less about the rituals. Anjali says no need to apologize, I can understand. Aditi smiles and leaves. Anjali scolds Astha for not being dutiful. She says she does not have mum, but wants to know, you have parents but see where are you.

jyoti think what to do. She is tensed. She calls Anjali and cries. Anjali asks what happened. jyoti says please bring me there. Anjali cries but acts rude to her. Anjali asks her to stay in her in laws house. jyoti says if you don’t want me to come home, give me poison. Anjali makes her remember that they have married her and she can come only with Abhay. Anjali says a child makes the family complete. jyoti thinks I m pregnant, I can’t bear anything now. Anjali asks jyoti ti think about having a child. Anjali and jyoti cry.