Wednesday Update on Love or Poison 2nd June 2021


Wednesday Update on Love or Poison 2nd June 2021

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Sitara comes to Vrinda’s room. Vrinda picks a baby doll and tells Sitara she must be wishing how Sitara throws the baby away. Forget your dream. I have understood what you are plotting and why you have come here. Flashback shows Mahamata keeping a condition before the Vishkanya’s in return of sending them to the royal palace. You have to extend our lineage. Surili asks Mahamata how they can snatch Sitara’s love (VIraj). Vrinda retorts that Sitara is not their daughter but the protector of royal family.

If she can forget her relations then so can we. She accepts Mahamata’s condition. Sitara tells Vrinda that as per the condition, she will leave the palace now. Vrinda asks her if she can hear the sound of conch. The aarti began long ago which means you lost the bet. Sitara reasons she came earlier. Vrinda complains that she was only blabbering. You dint speak about the main point. She picks the baby doll again and speaks lovingly to her. I feel pity for you (Sitara). You worked so hard, found out about our motive but everything will go down the drain. I love you from all my heart and promise that I will fulfil my vow right in front of your eyes.

All four of us will make relations with whichever male member of royal family we like. You will just look on helplessly. You wont be able to do anything. Viraj will be our first target. I am sure you will hear the sound of kids very soon. Viraj will give you the first good news. She kisses the baby doll. You will get a new baby brother or baby sister soon.

Sitara comes to house temple. I am in a big dilemma. I don’t know what to do. I cannot let Vishkanya’s succeed but I don’t know how to stop them. Please help me. Tell me how to save Viraj from their trap. If they succeed then the royal family will be finished! Please help me Ma. She cries. The box of vermilion falls down. Sitara understands her point. I will sacrifice my happiness if I have to but I will not let Vishkanya’s succeed. Maybe this is the only way to stop them now.

Surili brings milk for Viraj. He says Sitara would have brought it. Surili tells him to sometimes give her a chance to take care of him too. She leans closer seductively. He tries to object but she insists. Sitara pulls her holding her hand thereby breaking the glass. How dare you misbehave with Viraj like this? It might be okay in abroad but not here. Don’t dare to behave like this with him ever again or you will see the worst of me! She closes the door on Surili’s face. Viraj tries to say something when Sitara tells him to go and tell his parents he will marry Nethra only. He asks her if she is fine. You very well know I wont do it. She picks up the knife kept nearby and keeps it over her wrist. This isn’t my request but order. You will have to marry Nethra or I will kill myself. He calls it madness but she does not care. You will marry Nethra tomorrow itself. He requests her to drop the knife. She refuses to budge till he accepts her condition. You will say yes if you love me honestly. I will otherwise sacrifice my life right away. My life is in your hands now.

Viraj looks at her stunned. She tells him to only say yes or no. You have very less time. He gives in. I am ready to marry Nethra. I dint know that you will stoop so low to separate yourself from me. You called me selfish. What will you call yourself now? You have given me pain for lifetime by doing whatever you did. You know I wont be happy after marrying Nethra and wont be able to keep her happy too but you dint leave me with any choice. People die for their love. I only have to marry Nethra. I will do it for you if you get happy seeing my suffocated. I will do it as I love you dearly. He walks out of the room.

Sitara breaks down. Please forgive me. I love you too but I cannot marry you even if I want to. If you don’t marry Nethra then Surili Massi will use you for her mission. I cannot let it happen so I ended up forcing you to marry Nethra. Please forgive me.

Ratan asks Vrinda why she is crying. Everything will be fine. Please tell me. He notices something in her hand and asks her to show it. She shows him a photo. My brother wants me to marry him. Ratan compliments the guy. Why don’t you marry him then? She replies that she does not want to marry him or anyone. Ratan says it means you are looking for someone special. Tell me about it. Maybe I can help you find him. She says you can help me. She sits next to him. I told you that I am looking for a good looking, caring guy like you. I have observed you from day one. The way you look at me and look after me and my sisters! If you feel just the way I do! Their conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door.

Viraj tells his father he wants to marry Nethra tomorrow itself. Please make preps. Ratan is pleasantly surprised whereas Vrinda is stunned. How will Surili make a relation with him if he marries Nethra tomorrow itself. Viraj says the wedding has to happen whatever be the day it is. Just make arrangements. Vrinda excuses herself. Ratan hugs his son happily.

Sitara tells Nethra she has fulfilled her promise. You and Viraj will marry tomorrow. Nethra looks at her in disbelief. Sitara tells her to believe it. Viraj is a very nice guy. Just keep him happy always. He has been through a lot. Don’t let him be unhappy. Nethra tells her not to worry about him. I know how to keep my husband happy. I love him. Sitara leaves. Nethra gets excited. I don’t have time. Nothing is done yet!

Vrinda reprimands her sisters for being careless. You forgot your mission completely after coming here! She scolds Surili for losing her chance with Viraj. Sitara broke his heart but he will marry Nethra tomorrow right in front of your eyes! You should dance in the front of his Baraat tomorrow. Sitara claps. You are so angry seeing your first plan foil. This is just the beginning. You might kill your sisters out of your anger later when your other plans will fail. Vrinda denies. Sitara tells Vrinda and her Massi’s that they are their guests. Stay here for as long as you want to. We will take care of you but don’t mistake our kindness for our weakness.

Remember your first defeat well. You will face me at every step in future. This is my promise to you. She shows the coin to Vrinda. Congratulations on your first defeat Ma! She throws the coin back at Vrinda. Sitara thinks she might have lost her love over her duty. She might have lost Viraj but saving lives in return of losing her love.

Rani Sa cries that Viraj must be very unhappy right now. Don’t know why Mata Rani is doing this. She excuses herself. Ratan stands near the balcony. Why is everything getting worse? I don’t understand anything. He looks at the moon. Vrinda comes there. I can understand your pain. This day has brought many bitter many memories for me too. my engagement broke today only. I can understand Viraj’s pain. I know how it feels when someone breaks your heart. I cannot tell you how difficult it is to live your life when the one you love breaks your heart! You feel helpless. She cries resting her head on his shoulder. He tells her to take care of herself.

You cannot change what’s in your fate. Have faith on God. He will bring a better person in place of the one that is being taken away. She parts from him. He assures her he will meet a great guy soon. Everything will be fine then. He leaves to meet his wife and Viraj. Vrinda says you are right Ratan. A very nice person is destined in my life. I have found him. His son’s alliance broke today. I will break his marriage very soon so our lineage can grow. Our poison will eventually destroy the entire royal family!

Viraj is drinking. He screams loudly. Sitara’s threat and Nethra withdrawing from their wedding flashes in his mind. Surili is passing from there. She notices him sitting on the edge of the balcony and smiles. She tells him not to hurt himself. I know Sitara has hurt you a lot. You wont hurt yourself. Take out your anger on Sitara and not on these bottles. She feeds him herself. I understand everything. Call Sitara and ask her why she did this to you. Viraj also blames Sitara. Surili nods. I know everything. How can girls do this? You are so nice. She touches his chest while talking to him. Don’t worry. I am here with you. I wont leave you ever but you must not spare that Sitara. You have to talk to her to know why she did this to you! She looks so innocent but she is a cheap woman! She has used you and has played with your emotions. She insulted you in front of everyone.

Everyone was laughing at you today. I would have disrespected Sitara and taught her a lesson if I was in your place. He stands up on the edge while she is instigating him. Sitara happens to pass from there and panics seeing him thus. Surili holds Viraj’s hand asking him to step down. Vrinda holds Sitara’s hand right then. Can you not see that Surili is holding Viraj’s hand? If you try to meddle between them then Surili might let go of Viraj’s hand. Surili gives her swear to Viraj. Vrinda tells Sitara that Surili can do anything with Viraj today as he wont be able to stop her today. I am sure she will fulfil her mission. She wont disappoint me at all! Surili lets go of Viraj’s hand. He inches closer to the edge shocking Sitara.

Sitara frees her hand from Vrinda’s clutches. I wont let you succeed in your plan ever. She runs and holds Viraj’s hand and pulls him down. Surili and Vrinda are irked. Sitara again scolds Surili for trying to get closer to Viraj. She raises her hand but stops mid air. My hand stopped today recalling the relation we share but I wont be mindful of it the next time. Remember it well. Surili walks away.

Sitara asks Viraj to come but he tells her not to touch him. You were the one who left me. Why are you back now? She tells him not to be stubborn. Come with me. She brings him to his room. He again tells her not to touch him. I am fine. He asks her why she is acting. I am in this condition today because of you! You are responsible for my condition! You only blackmailed to marry Nethra even though I was against it. Are you happy now? Sitara is in tears. Viraj says I know you are satisfied. What you wanted has happened.

Sitara recalls her mother’s threat and proposes him for marriage. I really want to marry you. I did all that to protect you. Trust me I love you very much and want to marry you. I beg you. Please marry me. Please say something. Will you marry me? He shouts in denial. Stop this drama. She tries to explain but he does not let her. You are disgusting! You think my feelings are some joke? Am I a toy who you can throw away at any time? You were blackmailing me to marry Nethra earlier and are now begging me to marry you? He claps and stumbles but does not let her help him. You think this is circus? Am I your personal clown who will do whatever you will tell me to? She tells him it isn’t so and caresses his face. You know how truly I love you. There must be a reason behind what I said.

Viraj replies that no reason can be bigger than their relation. You have played many games and it is my turn now. You have seen my love till date. Now you will see my anger and hatred. Trust me Sitara I will hate you worst than how much I love you! He walks away ignoring all her pleas.

Vrinda tells her sisters they have hit bull’s eye. You (Surili) need to implement your plan right now. We cannot lose this chance. Sitara will be completely focused on Viraj. You have to find your chance and win him! Surili nods. Vrinda tells Albeli to trap Arjun. She turns to Chabeeli. Samrat is already falling for you. You know what you have to do. Chabeeli nods. Vrinda says I am here for Ratan ji. They speak of their plan in unison. We have to succeed at any cost!