Tuesday Update on Strange Love 1st June 2021


Tuesday Update on Strange Love 1st June 2021

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Astha showing the room to Aditi. Astha asks her to freshen up. Aditi says there is a problem, I don’t have the lock keys. Astha says I will send clothes for you. Astha thinks how can I make the pickle again. Anjali asks Astha to make the pickle. Astha says I should tell Anjali that the jar broke. Anjali says the pickle should be good. Astha says I have seen it, its good. I was thinking to make its recipe and give them. Anjali scolds her. Astha says Aditi should know it when anyone asks her. Anjali asks Astha to write it. Astha asks again the recipe. Anjali writes the recipe and gives it to her. Astha asks the maid to bring lemons and thinks she has to keep Anjali’s respect this time infront of Ajinkya. Shlok gets angry on Aditi thinking she is Astha. She turns and looks at him. Astha looks at them.

Shlok asks who are you. Astha says she is Niranjan’s friend Ajinkya’s daughter Aditi. She came today from Bangalore. He says I did not know its you. Aditi reminds him of his childhood and the fun they used to have. She says I will make you remember everything. Astha says you are looking good in this saree. Aditi thanks Astha and leaves. Astha says it was Aditi, not me. She smiles and leaves. Shlok looks at Aditi while she is leaving. Ajinkya and Niranjan are having a talk about their college days. Anjali says I will make Bhajias for you. Aditi says I will make it. Niranjan is happy to know that she knows cooking. Astha says you might be tired, I will make. Ajinkya says let her make else she will regret later. Aditi insists. Anjali looks at Niranjan and he signs yes. Ajinkya praises Astha.

Niranjan praises Aditi. Ajinkya says I m proud that Aditi is my daughter. Anjali goes to Aditi to tell her to make Aloo bhajia. Astha comes to Aditi and asks can I help you. Aditi says no thanks, please let me make. Anjali says you are already making Aloo bhajia. Aditi says yes, we make this at out home. Anjali says your house is similar to our house. Astha thinks of making the pickle. jaya reminds Sojal to go and help Aditi. She asks her to win Niranjan’s heart through Aditi. Sojal offers her help. Aditi says I will manage. Sojal smiles.

Aditi compliments jaya saying you look Sojal’s elder sister. She says Sojal, your skin is really skin and you are very beautiful. Sojal is happy. Aditi asks them go as she will also make the tea. Sojal says call me if you need any help. jyoti is doing the puja. Her mum in law looks at her and asks about any good news. jyoti says its nothing like that. jyoti thinks she might be pregnant. Aditi impresses Ninrajan and Anjali. Sojal is annoyed seeing the praise Aditi is getting. jaya says we will go from here for some days. We will come later and ask Anjali about the pickle. She will scold Astha again. Sojal is happy. Sojal asks I will take the permission from Anjali.

Astha is making the pickle again. Shlok meets Ajinkya and greets him. Aditi asks him to have bhajias. She reminds him of Swati. She asks him to try it. Shlok says I don’t want to eat and leaves. Everyone looks on. Anjali says I m happy seeing you Aditi. Aditi smiles and says I want to become like you, as dad always praises you. Niranjan talks to Ajinkya and asks him to join as professor in his institute. Ajinkya agrees. Aditi brings green tea for them. Niranjan says I wish you both can stay for some more days. Aditi says good night and leaves.

Astha comes to her room with the pickle. The jar again slips and Shlok holds it. She says thanks. Shlok says are you mad, why so much pickle, the room has its smell. You don’t know the difference between store room and bedroom, every time you prove it that you don’t deserve to be with me. Astha says its court’s orders and leaves. Shlok thinks what happened to Astha that she is not getting angry.

Ajinkya and Aditi leaving from Agnihotri house. Niranjan says, I wish you people would have stay here for longer. Ajinkya says, I would have stay here for 1 month, but have to attend the Dubai seminar. Anjali asks Aditi to stay longer, but Aditi thanks her and promises to stay for longer period next time. Aditi thanks everyone for showering love on her. Astha comes and gives the pickles. Ajinkya thanks her. Aditi asks Astha to be in touch with her. As they are leaving Aditi faints making everyone worry. Astha and Shlok try to wake her up. Niranjan asks Shlok to take Aditi to the room. Varad calls the doctor. Ajinkya gets worried. Niranjan assures him nothing will happen.

Shlok lifts her and takes to the room. Doctor checks Aditi and tells that she has a high blood pressure. He gives the injection and asks them to make her rest for 3-4 days. He says, she can’t travel now. Ajinkya tells Aditi that your BP is high and doctor asked you to rest. He says, I will postpone my seminar. Aditi asks him not to postpone the seminar and says I will come with you. Ajinkya says, i can’t go alone and can’t leave you alone here. Niranjan tells him to go and says we will take care of Aditi. Anjali also says we will take care of Aditi.

Anjali asks Aditi to accept her saying if she respects her truly. Ajinkya leaves. Astha asks Aditi to take rest. Jyoti is about to do puja but then thinks to keep her pregnancy under wraps from her mum in law. She apologizes to God for not doing the puja. She tells her mum in law that she can’t do puja for 5 days. Her mum in law taunts her for not giving the good news. She asks her to go and does the puja herself.

Ajinkya asks Niranjan to take care of Aditi as she is his beloved daughter. Niranjan assures him. Niranjan tells Anjali that I hope you will fulfill the promise made to my friend. Anjali promises to take care of Aditi.

Jyoti feels she is really pregnant. She thinks to do her pregnancy test and thinks to buy the pregnancy kit, but she doesn’t have money. She asks Bappa to show the way.

Anjali tells Astha to take care of Aditi as Ajinkya left her responsibility on them. She asks her to take care of her food and add low salt. She praises the pickles made by her.

Jyoti apologizes to the Bappa for stealing the money from the sacred place. She says, you know everything naa. I need your help. I want to know if I am pregnant and then I have to try my best to save my baby. She is about to take the money but is stopped by her mum in law. She shouts at jyoti and asks how you can do a sin? She asks, are you hiding something with us.

Astha brings soup for Aditi. She asks Astha to sit with her. Astha sits and asks how are you feeling? Aditi says better. Astha asks her to take care of herself. Aditi asks, you sounded like a medical student. Astha says, I went event management course from here. They reminiscence about the college days. Aditi says, I hope you don’t mind as I call you by your name. Astha says, not at all. You are like my younger sister. I am more experienced than you as I am married. Aditi says, I am missing my sister. Astha asks her to share with her everything. Aditi says, I feel that I have a special relation with you.

Jyoti gets scared. Her mum in law asks, what are you hiding? Jyoti says, I was praying from far and saw a dust near Bappa that’s why cleaning it. She asks her to clean the veggies and keep it in fridge.

Aditi says, I know I am asking too many questions and asks whether your marriage is love or arranged marriage? Astha says, love marriage. Aditi says wow. And asks, when did the love happened between them. Astha says, it started with a small fight and we didn’t know when that fight turned into love. Aditi smiles. Astha says, this is our simple love story. Aditi says, you both looked like a romantic type. Astha asks her to sleep. Aditi says, I had a nice chat.

Astha comes in the hall and sees Shlok looking angrily at her. Shlok tells her that you are interested to tell about our relation to others. What did you tell? Astha says, Don’t worry I told only the half truth. I didn’t tell her the complete truth else she would have lost trust from love. Shlok asks, how you can you pretend to be sacrificing? Stop fooling me. Truth is that liar girls like you can never change. Saiyaa Ve Plays……..

Jyoti thinks, how can I steal the money from the puja ghar. How I can stoop so low. She takes out the saree brought by Astha and thinks if you want to do something for me then take me home. She sees a envelope and opens it. She is happy to find the 500 Rs notes and thinks Astha has helped me unknowingly. Shlok sees some girl’s shadow and hears the payal noise.