Wednesday Update on Strange Love 11th August 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 11th August 2021

Someone saying baraat came and Astha and Shlok getting up. She says lets go Shlok, baraat came. He says don’t be a stranger to me and don’t play such games, else I can’t be away from you. She says never, come lets go now. Anjali is happy as the baraat comes. She asks Sita about Astha. Shlok holds Astha and stops her from opening the door. She says everyone is waiting for us. He touches her hair and makes the Tika right on her hairline. He holds her face. Niranjan blesses Sid. Sita knocks the door and asks her to come. Astha says coming, Shlok leave me, we are late. She bites his hand and runs. Khuda……………….plays………………………… Shlok sucks his hand as its aches and smiles.

They come downstairs and smile seeing each other. Anjali does the tilak to Sid and his family. Niranjan too does so. Riya sees Shlok smiling. Anjali asks Astha and Mansi to go and bring Jyoti. Mansi asks Astha to turn. Astha asks why. Mansi makes her hair pin right and says you got late because of this right. Astha smiles. Sojal tells Varad why did Astha be friendly with Mansi. Varad asks Sojal not to create any issue. Riya asks Kalindi where is her son in law. Kalindi says did you not meet Shlok. She shows Shlok but some guy comes in between, and Riya says so this is Astha’s husband. Astha and Mansi bring Jyoti. Jyoti looks stunning in a blue and pink outfit. Riya says she is looking so beautiful.

Anjali kisses Jyoti’s forehead. Shlok’s eyes are on Astha. The pandit starts the mantras as Jyoti and Sid exchange the Varmala (garlands). Everyone smile except Renuka. Renuka sees Anjali with Anaya and thinks she wanted an unmarried girl for Sid, and Jyoti is bringing this Anaya with her. Shlok and Astha’s romance continues silently.


Riya does the ghatbandhan and bumps into Jaya and Jaya asks her to go and wash the stain on her clothes. Riya leaves and does not see Astha and Shlok doing the Kanyadaan together. Sid and Jyoti smile. The pandit says its completed. Sid makes Jyoti wear the mangalsutra. Sojal smiles seeing this and holds Varad. Mansi looks at them. The pandit tells the importance off mangalsutra. As it has a woman’s identiy and pride. Niranjan looks at Anjali. Sid fills the sindoor in Jyoti’s hairline. The pandit asks five suhaagaan to do haldi kumkum ritual.

Kalindi asks Mansi to come. Sojal says she is not married. Anjali asks Kalindi to come. Mansi gets upset. Anjali, Kalindi, Astha, Sojal and Renuka does this riual. Sid and Jyoti take the wedding rounds. The pandit says wedding is completed and ask the couple to take elder’s blessings. Sid and Jyoti take Renuka, Sid’s dad, Niranjan and Anjali’s blessings. Mansi gifts Jyoti and Varad asks her to take it. Jyoti thanks her. Renuka talks to Anjali. She says I was against this marriage, but agreed for Sid’s sake, we have guests at home, who will be for few days, if you keep Anaya with you till then. Astha comes and hears this.

Anjali says but she is very small. Renuka insists. Astha says how will Anaya stay without her mum. Renuka says I m saying for two days, you know what relatives do. Sid comes and asks Renuka to come. He says give Anaya to me, what happened. Astha says what Renuka said. Sid says relatives will go soon, I want to be with my complete family, give me Anaya. He takes Anaya and says let them say anything, but I did not care before marriage, then why now, my family matters to me, let them talk, I don’t care. The relatives have seen Jyoti’s daughter, she is my daughter, Anaya Siddharth Lokhande. Anjali and Astha smile.

Niranjan blesses Jyoti and asks Sid to always keep her happy. Sid takes care of crying Anaya while Jyoti is hugging her family, crying in her bidaai. Shlok apologizes to Sid and Sid says he does nit remember any past, I promise I will always keep Jyoti happy, and my daughter too. Varad asks Jyoti to be happy. Jyoti hugs Kaka. Sid and Jyoti leave with Sid’s family. Mansi greets everyone and leaves. Everyone go inside. Anjali cries at the door. Astha hugs her. Anjali says I m very happy Astha, my daughter’s house blossomed again, all this because of you, a lot of thanks.

Renuka saying her husband that if three people does Grahpravesh together, its not auspicious. He asks Riya to take Anaya, but Sid stops her as Anaya is his daughter now. He says Jyoti and I will do GrahPravesh with Anaya. Riya does the tilak to them and aarrti. Jyoti smiles and looks at Renuka who looks upset. Riya welcomes Jyoti. She hits the Kalash and enters. Sid welcomes Jyoti as Mrs Lokhande. Jyoti prays to the Lord. At the Agnihotri house, Niranjan thinks about Pawar and his warning. He thinks Pawar will really do something, the proof he collected should not reach Shlok, maybe any DVD, no I will not let him succeed in his motives, never.

Anjali comes to the room and closes the door. Niranjan says all couriers should reach only me from tomorrow. She says sure. She goes to sleep behind Kavya on the floor. Astha comes to her room and sees its all messed up. Shlok comes and holds her. They fall on the bed and they laugh. They have a talk. They say they missed each other a lot. She hugs him and says she tried to sleep seeing his pics, she was restless without him. He says same with me Astha. He says Astha….. and sees she slept. He kisses her and sleeps by her side.

Jyoti and Sid have an eyelock lying far from each other, as Anaya is between them. He says sorry, as I could not arrange the room. He says he got something for her and she asks what. His family is too sleeping alongside in the living room. He gives her a ring and makes her wear it. Jyoti looks at him. He kisses her hand and she closes her eyes. Its morning, a courier guy comes and Sita informs Anjali. Niranjan is at the dining table and signs Anjali to collect it. Shlok receives it and checks the letters. Niranjan looks on tensed.

Anjali asks Shlok to give him the couriers. Shlok asks whats your problem, mind your business, this couriers are mine. He comes on the dining table and sits checking the letters. Niranjan looks on as Shlok gets a DVD in one courier. He gets tensed and thinks did Pawar send this. Niranjan asks Shlok to give him, as its maybe his. Shlok says all of them are mine, you got just a letter. He gives all couriers to Sita asking her to keep it in his room. Niranjan says he has some work and leaves from the table.


Shlok asks where is Kaka. Varad says he went out with his friend. Niranjan comes to Shlok’s room to get the DVD and looks for it. He gets the DVD. Shlok comes and says Baba you here and sees DVD in Niranjan’s hand. Even Astha comes and looks on. Niranjan says yes, I was going to my room and I got a call from office and came to know my urgent courier was coming, so I came to see. Shlok says but I said its all of my name. Niranjan says maybe they can send mine on your name. Shlok says I will check and give. Niranjan says its fine. Shlok says give me tracking ID, I will let you know. Niranjan says its ok, it will come by evening. He leaves. Astha thinks Baba looked worried, what is the matter that he is worrying.

Jyoti cooks food and everyone like it. Anaya starts crying. Jyoti asks Anaya to stay quiet for some time, as she is ending her work, Riya tries to calm down Anaya and Jyoti takes her. Renuka is unmoved by Anaya’s cry. Jyoti takes Anaya in her arms and makes the roti with one hand. Sid comes and sees this. He sees Renuka, Riya and his dad busy eating. He supports Jyoti and takes Anaya. Anaya cries and Sid tries to give her to Renuka. He asks Renuka to take Anaya.

Renuka calms down Anaya talking to her. Jyoti smiles. Sid helps Jyoti in cooking. Niranjan thinks I wish that DVD does not have any proof against me, how can this happen, if Pawar threatened me, it will have something, what if Shlok sees it. He says my Shlok can get away from me forever, no I can’t let this happen. He says he has to stop Pawar. He gets Pawar’s call and asks about the courier. Pawar says you did not say before, so I have sent it on Shlok’s name, and the courier guy told me Shlok received it, see I told you I m not juts threatening, but its not your mistake, this is the problem with smart people who feels others are fools, see the DVD if it reached, it has full video of our talk, if you don’t see, Shlok will see it. He ends the call. Niranjan gets angry on Pawar. He says if Shlok has the DVD which Pawar sent, then how to stop him from seeing DVD.