Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 11th August 2021


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 11th August 2021

Scene 1
Acharaya says truth is that injustice happened with Ashok, it was not punishment but cruelty, Samrat Bindu ask Sushim why did you hide this thing from me? sushim says he insulted me, Bindu says so you beat him like this? why you didnt tell me about it, he ask Sushim to say sorry to Ashok, all are shocked, Noor smirks, Sushim says what? Ashok looks at him, Charu says what are you saying Samrat, Bindu says your son hided the truth from me and its like cheating me, if Acharaya didnt tell me about it then i would have done injustice,

Bindu says Sushim’s attitude has embarrassed me, if he doesnt ask forgiveness from Ashok then i will ask forgiveness myself, he says to Sushim that i am asking you last time to say sorry to him, Sushim fumes in anger, Sushim looks at Charu, she nods to say sorry, Sushim folds his hands infront of Ashok and says forgive me, Bindu says one more thing that now i should not listen about your cruelty again, you may leave, Sushim glances at Ashok and leaves the court, Ashok smiles at Acharaya.
in stable, all kids chants for Samrat Vanraj, Bal says to Ashok that you took all blame on yourself to save us all, you are true gentleman, now Sushim wont torture any kid, soldier comes and says Ashok have been called by Bindu.

Scene 2
Bindu says to Ashok that you could have complained to me about Sushim but you didnt, why? Ashok says how could i complain about son to father? Bindu says i am king first, why you didnt speak up in court? Ashok says you have always been nice to me, when i saw trust in your eyes for Sushim, i couldnt break your trust by telling you truth, Bindu says i will say sorry to you, AShok says please dont, Bindu says its one Samrat saying sorry to another Smarat, Ashok as Samrat we are equal, so we are friends and there is no sorry in it, Bindu says so will you be my friend? he extend his hand, aShok says i will follow my friendship and wont disappoint you, he shakes hand with Bindu, Acharaya witnesses all this.


A soldier comes in stable, he shows a lion’s showpiece to another soldier, other soldier gets up and leaves with him.
both the soldiers comes to nicator and gives Helena’s message to him.
Charu says to sushim that save your future, i told you earlier that your father never loved me, never favored me, today he proved that justice is more important to him than his son, if you dont become Samrat, then you have to snatch it, you have to beceom deserving for Samrat, about Ashok, i will throw him out soon, Sushim hugs him.

Scene 3
Dharma says Bindu that i am sorry, i talked in high tone, bindu says because of you, i was able to do justice, i got angry on you so i should say sorry to you, Dharma says king saying sorry to Dasi doesnt look good, Bindu says Ashok was saying same, Dharma says you said sorry to him? Bindu says yes, i have seen many talents in Ashok in these days, he has spark, i want him to learn things, i will enroll him in royal school, Dharma thinks it means more problems for Ashok.
soldiers who work for Helena comes back in stable, a dasi spy on them.
Acharaya gets to know that Helena sent letter to Nicator, he says this means she is upto to something, he ask Dasi to keep an eye Ashok, no problem should come on him.

Helena gets the letter back, she says to Justin that we will use code language as Acharaya must be spying on us, she says nicator want to meet us.
Dharma comes to Acharaya, she tells him that Bindu want to send Ashok to royal school. Acharaya says this is great decision, Ashok will learn many things, she says i am happy but there Ashok will learn warrior acts, i wanted Ashok to work for peace, not for violence, Acharaya says what you mean by peace? that people plot against him and he keep silent, what you mean that Ashok should remain silent on all this injustice, in school, he will elarn how to stop injustice, this is Ashok’s right, let him go there.

Bindu says to prime minister that i have taken decision to enroll Ashok in royal school, magdh will get a great warrior, prime minister says that we dont even know AShok’s family, his back ground, his caliber, how can we enroll him in royal school? Acharaya says how family background is related to gain knowledge, any kid have right to learn and it has nothing to do with his upbringing, bindu says you are right Acharaya, i give you responsibility to send Ashok there, you will see everything about Ashok, Acharaya says i have done preparations. Helena comes there, she ask what topic is in discussion, Bindu tells her that he want to send Ashok in royal school, Helena says but ashok works in stable,

Acharaya says i got an idea, why dont give Ashok a new name, all call him worker of stable, in school too kids will tease him then Ashok will feel sad that he is not from royal family, why dont make Ashok look like royal kids, give him royal dress and make him live in palace, so that he becomes equal to other kids in school, Bindu says this idea is great, Helena says soon he will make Ashok sit on throne but i wont let it happen.

Helena comes to justin, she says we are going to meet nicator. they wear over coats so nobody can recognize them, they go out of palace through a secret passage. they come to meet Nicator, Nicator says to Helena that if you doub Acharaya about Ashok then it is going to be problem, Helena says i want to make Acharaya and Ashok go away from palace, i have a plan that make Bindu believe that Acharaya is planning to make Ashok next Samrat, then Bindu will think him as cheater and will give him death sentence alongwith Ashok, Justin says but Acharaya is very clever, he wont let us get successful, Nicator says you will not play this game, he says you cant to do it alone, i have someone who will do this task, he is someone who hates Acharaya’s name,he was deceived by Acharaya chanakya years back, he was defeated by Acharaya and now he will get a chance to take revenge from Acharaya. A new entry is shown. Nicator says i will make Acharaya lose and i have called specialist for that, he is here, new entry comes there, Nicator says he is bhutprov Mahamatre Rakshasa.

he knows Acharaya very well, Justin says i didnt listen about him, Guru says this is because of Acharaya’s politics, he used to be minister in Dhana Nand’s dynasty but when Maurya dynasty came into existence by chandragupt maurya with help of Acharaya, then Rakshasa was to be made prime minister but Acharaya deceived him, Acharaya announced him as court men only, Rakshasa couldnt take the insult, so he left the place and started to gather his own force, now he has chance to take revenge, Rakshasa says that i will make Acharaya lose, first we have to send some soldiers in Patliputra,


Justin says but security is tight, Rakshasa says that Guru will do that, then soldiers will put some herbal roots in lake, that lake is used by people to drink water, all will get ill drinking that water, they will not die but a chaos will be created, Acharaya will go to see what happened to lake, he will fidn that herbal roots in lake and will try to find the conspiracy, then a soldier will inform him about getting a letter, in that letter it will be written that Unanis(Greece people) are planning to attack him, Nicator says Acharaya will inform Bindu, then Bindu who has good relations with Unanis will get angry on them, then a internal war will be created in city, then Acharaya will suggest him to send someone to talk to Unani.

He will send his prime minister to Nicator (Greece force head), nicator will say that i have no plans to attack Patliputra, i came to meet my daughter only, then Helena will fill Bindu ears against Acharaya that he want to make Bindu fight with her family, Helena says i will do that as Bindu is a fool, he takes me as Yashoda. Justin says Bindu has started trusting Ashok alot, what about him. Rakshasa says that when he will find that herbal roots with Ashok then he will be convinced that Ashok is betrayer, Justin will put that herbal roots in Ashok’s things, then we will send our killer, he will attack Bindu, Bindu will catch him, our soldier will say that Acharaya had sent him to kill Bindu so that he can make Ashok Samrat, helena says i would fill Bindu’s mind against Acharaya in process,

Rakshasa says that then Bindu will send his soldier to find proofs against Acahraya, we will put fake letters in his room in which it will be written that Kalinga’s people are with Acharaya in making Ashok next Samrat and throwing Bindu out. Justin says then Acharaya and AShok will get death sentence for trying to kill Bindu. Rakshasa says that we have to follow our plan word by word, a small mistake can destroy whole plan.