Friday Update on Strange Love 13th August 2021


Friday Update on Strange Love 13th August 2021

Astha looking for the DVD. Niranjan walks towards the study. Astha moves the portrait and sees a small space in the wall hidden. She gets the DVD there. Astha says it’s the same DVD, now Baba can’t stop me from telling his truth to Shlok and smiles. She turns and is shocked to see Niranjan. Astha gets tensed. Niranjan signs her to stop. He switches on the lights and looks at her. She hides the DVD. He sees her hiding it behind her back. He acts calm and asks Astha, whats in your hand. Give it to me. Astha says nothing. He walks to her and says bring your hand forward. Astha shows the DVD. He says good.

Niranjan takes the DVD and says small kids don’t lie. She says Baba, I knew your truth, but I got the proof in this DVD, I have seen you watching this in my room, I told you truth will come out one day. He says you did not see anything. Astha says I learnt if you see bad, then stop it fast, why are you afraid, if you are living such life, why now. Why can’t you see your mistakes and hurt your family, you are Lord for your children, why are you breaking their hearts and trust, you say Shlok is your life, think what will happen when he knows this. Niranjan says a lot of lecture, I m not interested in this.

She says Shlok will know the truth one day. Niranjan takes the DVD out and breaks it. He says Shlok will never know the truth. She says when you break the proof, truth can’t hide, I will tell Shlok the truth. He says you have failed before too, why don’t you accept it. He says Shlok will listen to me, not you, why to waste time. He asks her to have good food and wear good jewels and be happy. Astha says she won’t lose, as she is strong, and will support truth. She says you are proud, you know even Ravan was proud and it broke. The day Shlok knows the truth, he won’t live with you, this is my promise to you.

Niranjan promises Astha if she tries to take away Shlok from her, he won’t be yours too. He gives her the DVD pieces. She leaves without taking it. Niranjan smiles. Astha says I lost such a big proof, atleast Shlok would have trusted me seeing that. She says it was my chance to bring his truth out, and maybe Baba would have changed thinking he would lose Shlok. But I won’t lose, I have to do something that Shlok knows Baba’s truth. She comes to Shlok and says she got some proof against him. Shlok scolds her and says he is my Lord and I can’t hear anything against her.

He packs her bag and asks her to get out of his house right now, our relation is over now. He says don’t show me your face again. He drags her out. She says leave don’t make me leave the house Shlok. She wakes up by her bad dream. Shlok comes from his morning walk and says good morning. She runs to him and hugs him. He says that’s really a good morning now, what happened, why are you afraid. She says I love you. He says I love you too. He asks did you see any bad dream. She says yes, its fine, I m with you. He kisses her forehead and hugs her.

Riya comes and is shocked seeing them hugging. She cries and leaves. Shlok and Astha look at her. Shlo asks Astha to go and explain Riya, as she felt bad. Niranjan warns Pawar to stop blackmailing him, I want the original footage, else you won’t be saved again. Astha hears this and thinks she has to get the DVD before Niranjan. She leaves. Niranjan thinks to get Pawar out of his way soon. He calls someone. Riya cries thinking about Shlok. Jyoti comes to her and asks what happened, why is she crying. Riya says nothing, I want to go home, Sid will come to take you, its Raksha bandhan, I will tie him rakhi there.

Jyoti asks what happened, you said you want to celebrate it here. Astha comes and says she is crying because of me. Astha says Riya I m very sorry, Shlok and I joked with you, we did not know things will go this far, and we have hurt you, please forgive us. Astha holds her ears and says sorry. Riya says you had fun joking with me, but I got insulted. I got hurt. Astha says we are ashamed, forgive us. Jyoti asks Riya to forgive her, as such fun and jokes happen in marriage functions. Riya wipes her tears and says fine.

Astha thanks her. Jyoti says Anjali said its 4pm mahurat for rakhi, get ready. Astha says I will go and get ready. Shlok is with some office staff. Niranjan comes and greets them. Shlok says I could not delay the meeting as Tai is here, so I called them here. Niranjan asks him to go and get the file from his study. Shlok tells to Astha. Niranjan looks on. Astha goes. Shlok asks Niranjan is he fine, as he sees him worried. Niranjan says yes, carry on. Niranjan is tensed.

Astha looks for the file and gets one. She sees his phone and thinks to take Pawar’s number, as she may talk to him and get proof against Nirranjan. Niranjan thinks Astha can take my phone, I have to do something. Astha checks his phone for Pawar’s number.

Shlok going to get the file and Niranjan’s phone while Astha Is finding Pawar’s number in it. Astha notes the number quickly. She gets the file and is shocked seeing Shlok. He asks what happened, why this sweat. She says I was finding this file since long time and just got it. He says good and takes the phone. He leaves. She says she will talk to Pawar and bring out Niranjan’s truth. She talks to Pawar by the landline in Niranjan’s study. Pawar asks why did she call him. She says she knows about the DVD he is blackmailing Pawar and says she will pay him more money than Niranjan, she wants the original footage.

He says fine, meet me tomorrow at 4pm. She says you will get the money. She turns and talks to Niranjan’s pic and says she will expose him soon, start counting now. I have to fool Pawar, he looks very smart, as if h can blackmail Baba, it will be tough to make him work, he won’t give me DVD without money, how will I get money. Sita comes and says Anjali is finding her. Astha says she will come. Renuka gives tea to her husband. Sid comes and says Jyoti will be happy, see he brought her fav sweets. Renuka is annoyed and talks about Jyoti. Her husband stops her from saying anything now. He asks what did Jyoti do to you, why are you after her, I see you are cursing her, she married your son, can’t you see Sid’s happiness, she came from big house and still adjusted in our small house, she is so good, she does all the work and makes us happy.

He says we should be happy with them, pack your bag, and lets go. Renuka tells Sid that maybe you told your dad to take me back home, as I m against her. Her husband says Sid did not tell me, but I have eyes and can see everything. Sid’s dad asks him to get Jyoti happily. Sid thanks him and leaves. His dad tells Renuka to be happy. Anjali packs gifts for Jyoti, Anaya and Sid’s family. Astha thinks she can’t tell Anjali anything, else her happiness will be gone. Anjali senses Astha is worried and asks her to tell her. Astha says nothing. Anjali asks what happened, did you fight with Shlok or did Niranjan say anything. Astha says no, and asks can Baba go to any extent to take his revenge.

Anjali asks what happened now, and yes he can do anything, he does not like anyone coming in his way. He says Varad is happy as he does not expect anything from him, and does not be around, and now Jyoti is also settled, and you and Shlok also be away from him. Astha asks why is she afraid. Anjali says I m not afraid of him, I m afraid for you and Shlok. Astha says I m sure about me and Shlok’s relation, no one can break it. Anjali asks them to be together and happy always. Astha leaves. Anjali says there is something Astha is hiding from me.

Kavya shows her clay models to Varad and he likes it. She says she made the house. He asks who is it. She names everyone. He asks where am I. She shows him very far as he stays outside the house in office all the time. He is stunned and thinks he has to get time for her, and says sorry. I will spend time with you. He gets Mansi’s call and does not take it. Sojal comes and smiles seeing Varad and Kavya. Sojal sees 5 missed calls of Mansi and tells Varad why is Mansi calling you so many times. He takes the phone being annoyed and says Sojal, she might have important work, and why are you seeing my phone. She asks him to be away from Mansi. They remind each other of Kavya. She leaves. ‘’Astha thinks how to get so much money till tomorrow.

She walks down the stairs with the oil bottle in her hand. Shlok stops her and holds her getting romantic. She asks him to leave her. Niranjan sees them and fumes. The oil from the bottle on the stairs. Shlok asks Astha to come out with him. She says yes, but its Rakhi day here. She asks him to leave her as anyone can see. He leaves her and stops her again. He romances her by stopping her many times and asking her to go. He smiles and says go like blessing. She laughs. Sojal talks to Jaya and says Mansi called Varad 5 times, don’t know why, Varad says she is calling for work. She says I m afraid if she traps Varad.

Jaya asks Sojal to control Varad. Sojals ays she tried hard to get him on her love but he does not listen. Jaya says go and take your right from him, see how he changes, lets go, I will also come. Mansi says why is Varad not taking my call and is annoyed. Varad calls her and she asks why was he not taking his call. Varad scolds her and asks whats your problem, if I m not taking call, it means I m busy. They argue. Varad says I m sorry, message me when I m at home, it can be a problem for me if you call.

He says Sojal took my phone and saw your missed calls, she questioned me and I can’t bear this. She says tell her we are good friends and we like talking. He says are you serious, you think its so easy. She says I m really sorry, I did not mean like that, I got little worried. She says she has written his name in the insurance form and what should she write in the nature of the relation. He says just say friends. She says I would if I could, but friends is not an option, they want a name for the relationship. She ends the call.

Astha gives the oil to Jyoti, which Anjali made for Anaya for her massage. Jyoti says she will tie rakhi before going. Riya says she did packing. Astha is thinking how to arrange money and bring Niranjan’s truth.